REPORT: JAPAN'S BIG BANG - A Critical Review

Table of Contents

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1. Executive Summary

2. Environmental Scan
2.1          Japan: Culture and Institutions
2.2          Principal Economic and Demographic Indicators
2.3          Current Structure of Financial Institutions
2.4          Big Bang: Who?/Why?/What?

3. Big Bang Details
3.1          Legal and Regulatory
3.2          Liberalisation Measures by Product Areas
3.3          Big Bang Detailed Timetable
3.4          Problem Areas

4. Perceptions re Big Bang
               (Opinion Survey and Interview Material in precis form)
4.1          Public Opinion Survey
4.2          Domestic Corporate Treasurers
4.3          Domestic Institution Senior Management
4.4          Foreign Institution Senior Management

5. Interviews: in order of interview date
               (in verbatim summary form)
               Foreign and Japanese
               Academia and Government
               Institutions and Corporations
               Consultants and Observers

6. Supplementary Information
6.1          Selected and Summary-translated Newspaper Articles
6.2          Inheritance and Gift Tax
6.3          Tax Rates
6.4          Information Sources

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