a first vowel in aiueo order pure vowel as in Italian not diphthong as in English cf Hepburn, gojuon
a kstnhmyrw permitted combinations ka sa ta na ha ma ya ra wa lengthened as aa, ah, a- etc cf Hepburn, gojuon
abode of devils fukumaden term applied to MoFA by Tanaka Makiko re excessive monkey business
ACCJ American Chamber of Commerce in Japan representing US business interests in Japan with haphazard gaiatsu vs EBC
ACS First regional bank ATM network approximately 35,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
Acu Asian currency unit East Asian single currency excluding investment etc forex risk cf Euro, Ecu
adobaiza advisor M&A advisor retained by one party to the M&A transaction only vs arenja
AFLAC American Family Life Assurance of Columbus pioneered third sector cancer insurance has been immensely successful
Agency Natural Resources shigenenerugicho, Agency of operating the oil etc stockpile etc on demise of JNOC etc in FILP Reform
AGMs Annual General Meetings for directors reporting to shareholders were much disturbed by sokaiya
AIDS AIDS infection in Japan saga MoHW denial of unsafe blood fractions route cf BSE, O-157, press clubs
AIG American Insurance Group active in Japan since War with very solidly established market position
aikensai love prefecture bonds, mini-PO LGBs classic ad hoc measure from MoPM a "beautiful" idea cf jumin sankagata
ainu aboriginal inhabitants of Northern Japan were subjugated in Honshu historically in Hokkaido during early Meiji
aisatsu greetings formal process of round of visiting in person to inform of some event
ajia Asia first kanji a frequently used compound element as hana Pan-Asia cf nichia
ajinomoto flavour origin less picturesquely known as monosodium glutamate the flavour enhancer
akaji red figures, losses as mattaku akaji darake no shobai a total dead loss of a business vs kuroji
Akasaka red slope quality entertainment now also a popular office location area in Tokyo
Akihabara Autumn leaf field centre for discounted electrical products and components area in Tokyo
akusaku bad policy (MoF's) roll-forward of NPLs the uneasy BoJ/Establishment compromise
alienation estrangement, Entfremdung, sogai Sartrian non-praxis in inert field of action cf seriality, impotence, paralysis
Allfinanz universal banking post-War German banking model adopted by Japan as-was in mid-1980s
altaic of the Altai (meaning gold) Mountains widely dispersed family of agglutinative languages Japanese a member
Alteuropa old Europe (regime perpetuation) society as family economy as government enterprise cf Cameralism, Meiji
amae being spoilt presuming on someone else and so not taking full adult responsibility
amakudari descent from heaven provision of padded post-retirement jobs to bureaucrats etc cf seido hiro
Amaterasu Omikami Sun Goddess origin myth of Japan maintained in Shinto with Emperor as high priest
Analects Lun Yu, logic discourses, rongo series of sayings gathered by followers Confucian Secular (not Holy) Writ
anata you considered abrupt/familiar generally avoided by keigo directionality
anju suru to live in peace as anju no chi a safe haven/a comfortable slot (away from stress) (jocular)
anteika stabilisation measures to prevent market forces causing unwanted confusion vs konran
anteika taisaku (share register) stabilisation measures reduce free float of equity so avoiding the confusion of M&A activity
anzen daiichi safety first large sign to be seen on all construction sites in green on white lettering
aoru to fan (a fire), ramp (a share price) as meigara o aotte urinigeta (they) ramped the stock and sold out
Aoyama blue hill attractive and quiet quality residential, fashion and shopping area in Tokyo
Aozora Bank blue skies bank improbable name given to NCB (originally Bank of Korea) after bail-out
apato apartment very cheap and nasty prefab accommodation built for the letting market
arenja arranger conflicted M&A deal go-between ill-prepared to close the deal vs adobaiza
aristocrats peerage created in Meiji bankrupted by GHQ + bureaucrats in alliance using fuyuzei now sozokuzei
arrested Listianism Japanese exceptional economic state Listian process arrested and sink industries remain protected cf Listianism
Article IV IMF regular financial overview consultation has decided FSAP audit of FSA deadline cf FSAP Japan, maladministration
arubaito Arbeit, hourly paid casual work university student jargon for their common part time job(s) cf jikankyu
asahi morning sun, rising sun name associated with Japan in a variety of kanji spelling combinations
ashikaga foot profit family name of Muromachi hereditary shogunate 14th cent to 16th cent
Ashikaga Bank Tochigi Prefecture First regional bank conduit of pachinko funds to North Korea now a sadly suspended business
ashikase leg irons restraint of somebody's scope of decision-making to one's advantage
assen good offices traditional settlement of a matter as a go-between origin of M&A arenja
ATM Automated Teller Machine sophisticated cash dispenser with remittance and other added functions
atomisation (of responsibility) tendency to creation of an anarchic mess of bureaucrat fiefs cf factionalism
Ausgleich (corporate) re-organisation, kaisha kosei Austria-Hungary 19th creditor protection composition cf Konkursordnung
Austria-Hungary the Dual Monarchy its authoritarianism found favour but its defeat (1866) by Prussia did not
autonomous management (asset) management independent of MoF bureaucratic infighting obscuring fiduciary duty and transparency issues
ayamachi fault, error as oki na ayamachi a gross blunder ayamachi o okosu to make a mistake
ayamaru to apologise as ayamatta to have made an apology ayamari nasai please say you're sorry
ayamaru to make a mistake as ayamatta to have made a mistake ayamari no nai infallible
aya no aru hidden complications, doubtful bona fides as aya no aru yo na kaisha a company probably best given a wide berth
ayashii doubtful, complicated as ayashii kankei an exotic relationship/a dangerous liaison
ayumi path, progress as chiho zaisei no ayumi an account of local government finances
Azabu linen cloth now with Oedo and Nanboku lines quality central residential area in Tokyo
b fifth consonant in kstnhmyrw order h voiced b cf Hepburn, gojuon
b aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ba bi bu be bo biya (bya) biyu (byu) biyo (byo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
baai conjuncture, circumstance as baai ni yotte as the occasion demands anata no baai dewa in your case
baibai gemu double double game struggling to manage as sales double each year in a growing new business
baishu acquisition, corruption A of M&A also a well developed political activity negative connotations
baizo doubling as shotoku baizo income doubling rieki baizo profit up 100 per cent
bakufu tent government, shogunate shogunates: Kamakura + Muromachi + Tokugawa 12th cent to 19th cent
bakumatsu tent end, Bakumatsu label for Tokugawa Shogunate's slow implosion in 1850s and 1860s
bakuto professional gamblers Edo low life with tekiya street vendors becoming the modern yakuza
bakuzen toshita vague, not clear as bakuzen toshita imi a meaning that is all concept and no detail
bancassurance banking + assurance European Continental pattern of universal banking cf Allfinanz
BANCS megabank ATM network approximately 32,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
bank card bank cash card card used to operate ATMs also now useable as point of sale debit card
Banking Crisis resolution cost 5 GDP per cent or more much MoF study of classic Nordic Two cf Finland, Sweden, sakinobashi
baramaku to throw (money) around as kokyotoshi o baramaku to spread the PWE budget around generously
basuketto joko basket provision, cover-all clause Anglo-Saxon financial regulation trend example vs rekkyoshugi
bencha bijinesu venture business katakana clumsy abbreviated bencha or VB parallelling JV, 401(k) etc
bengoshi lawyer generally supporters of status quo but occasionally radical firebrands
benren bar associations active in protecting bengoshi privileges against all comers cf nichibenren
benrishi patent agent, patent attorney facilitator of patent applications in bureaucrat interest cf professionals
besuto best (Japlish element) as mai besuto kado my best card besuto o eranda (I) made the right choice
betsu separate known to all Occidentals as betsu betsu going Dutch (on the bill)
Big Bang in UK financial services deregulation in Japan financial services regulation adjustment cf seido hiro, reform
binbo kuji o hiku to draw the short straw as kare binbo kuji da he's just a loser/out of luck (discriminatory)
biru building , tatemono origin of building/bldg/bld in postal addresses cf defure, infure, pasokon
Bismarck Prince Otto von Bismarck (1815 - 1898) author of late 19th cent Prussian socio-politics strongly influencing Japan
BMI Body Mass Index weight (kilos)/height (metres) squared a simple health indicator
bn billion, 1,000,000,000 as juokuen JPY1bn (EUR8m GBP5m USD8m approx at typical rates)
Board of Audit kaikeikensain direct translation accounts inspection bureau toothless auditor cf kakaekomi
boeicho Defence Agency brand new office accommodation in Yotsuya but still not yet a ministry
boeishisetsucho JDFAA Japan Defence Facilities Administration Agency amakudari slots galore
bogai outside the accounts, off-balance sheet (items) as bogai saimu unstated liabilities bogai son an unstated loss cf ofubara
BoJ Bank of Japan along with Emperor the two unimpugned sources of legitimacy in Japan
bonasu bonus semi-annual non-discretionary bonus for salaried employees cf sarariman
bonasu barai bonus settlement consumer credit balance outstanding settled at time of semi-annual bonus
bonsai trees dwarfed by pruning roots as ume no bonsai a potted plum tree bonsai o ijiru to tend bonsai
boomlet small boom mid-1990s freak growth under PM Hashimoto killed by a tax increase
Boone Pickens US oil-related entrepreneur mid-1980s Koito stock cornering fall guy for Watanabe Kitaro cf aya no aru
boru to overcharge as hidoku borareta to have been badly ripped off cf bottakuri, Kabukicho
BoTM Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (also BTM) megabank under MTFG umbrella cf Mizuho, R(e/i)sona, (SM/MS)BC, UFJ
bottakuri boru + takuru (to rip off + to snatch) practice in Kakukicho of gathering in customers only to rip them off
Breitspurbahn (German 3m) super broad gauge railway 1940s diesel electric network plan for the new Europe cf dangan ressha
Bridgestone reverse of family name Ishibashi modelled on Firestone later acquired at excessive cost a disaster catalogue
BSE BSE infection in Japan saga MoAFF denial of unsafe animal feed route cf AIDS, O-157, press clubs
BTM Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (also BoTM) megabank under MTFG umbrella cf Mizuho, R(e/i)sona, (SM/MS)BC, UFJ
BTO Build Transfer Operate not BOT but BTO reflecting strong principle of LAME public ownership
bucho general manager if line powerful most senior title before director in many companies cf staff
Buddhism founded by Siddharta Gotama (563 - 483BC) intellectual philosophy seeking individual enlightenment vs State Shinto
bukken a thing in civil code jurisdiction also estate agent jargon for a piece of property vs shizenjin cf hojin
bumon section, division, classification as sangyo bumonbetsu risuto list organised by industrial division
bun division, portion as kimi no bun your share bun o wakimaeru to know one's station in life
bunka letterisation, culture as sekai bunka isan toroku designated world cultural heritage cf bunmei, ka
bunkatsu divide into parts re-organising a single company into separate Group units cf bunsha
bunken subsidiarity as chiho bunken empowerment of local authorities cf sanmi ittai
bunkiten diverging point, forking point as soneki bunkiten break-even point tetsudo bunkiten railway junction
bunmei civilisation as bunmei kaika civilised enlightenment bunmei kigen civilisation origins
bunri separate, set apart from as doiso bunri isotopic separation kasu bunri dross separation vs kakuri
bunri kazei separately tax assessable concessionary tax regime avoiding highly progressive income tax rates
bunrishugi separation principle compartmentalised financial institution policy now reversed cf Allfinanz
bunsha branch company, separate operation restructuring of parent company business into a consolidated group
bunya area as senmon bunya area of specialisation kenkyu bunya research area/topic
burakumin hamlet people, unclean trades workers Edo outcastes still subject to social and employment discrimination
bureaucracy government by functionaries per Weber desirable rule bound form but per Sartre nearly paralysed form
bureaucrat inertia alienation, classic Sartrian paralysis non-praxis in inert field of action hence impotence and seriality cf Weber
Burke Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797) British political sceptic opposing Enlightenment rationalism vs Helvetius
butsuno settlement in kind settlement of inheritance tax by transfer of the assets at tax valuation
c third consonant in kstnhmyrw order t in combination with i ti (chi) cf Hepburn, gojuon
c aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations chiya (cha) chiyu (chu) chiyo (cho) cf Hepburn, gojuon
Cabinet Legislation Bureau naikaku hosei kyoku legal drafting body for the newly empowered PM cf Hashimoto Reform
Cabinet Office naikakufu policy etc support staff for the newly empowered PM cf Hashimoto Reform
Cabinet Secretariat naikaku kanbo as naikaku kanbochokan Chief Cabinet Secretary (Official Spokesman)
CAFIS Card and Financial Information System settlement clearing house for bank cash cards when used as debit cards
CALI Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance vehicle insurance accounts for approx 50 per cent of casualty premiums
Cameralism so-called German Mercantilism objective is state enterprise profits for Prince cf Alteuropa, Mercantilism
capex capital expenditure as setsubi toshi capex often literally translated equipment investment
cartelisation anti-free market tendency much developed in Japan via Edo period Cameralism cf arrested Listianism
CBOs Collateralised Bond Offers financial engineering expression for 18th cent German Pfandbrief concept
CGT Capital Gains Tax (on securities) bunri kazei concession now subject to revision transitional provisions
Chiba prefecture East of Tokyo socially fairly mixed residential and industrial area with Narita Airport
chigin (First, Second) regional banks kanji abbreviation for second tier provincial banking system members
chiginkyo First regional banker trade association works actively to restrict megabank encroachment on provincial banking
chiho provinces, country without the impact of the romantic movement somewhat derogatory
chiho koeikigyo Local Authority Municipal Enterprises, LAMEs drinking + industrial water, hospitals, sewerage, underground railways etc
chiho kosha Local Authority Public Corporations, LAPCs problematic housing provision, land development, toll roads cf seido hiro
chihosai Local Government Bonds, LGBs as chihosai ryudoka taisaku measures for improving LGB liquidity
chii position, standing as shakaiteki chii social standing chii o shimeru to hold a position
chiiki region as chiikinai soseisan GRP chiiki fukkosaku regional renaissance policy
chika underground as chikasui groundwater koei chikatetsu municipal underground railway
chikaku hendo crustal (tectonic) movement fundamental change/business revolution/paradigm shift (figurative)
chikara kankei power relationships term much used in analysis of Establishment vested interest politics
cho town, township standard demarcation in postal addresses as chonaikai town association
cho trillion, 1,000,000,000,000 as itchoen JPY1tr (EUR8bn GBP5bn USD8bn approx at typical rates)
chochiku (small) savings having a positive image as chochiku chosa savings survey cf Ninomiya
chokan morning edition major newspapers all appear in morning and evening editions vs yukan
chokkan hiritsu direct/indirect (tax) ratio much debated ratio currently heavily tilted to direct tax burden cf tax policy
choku direct as chokuryu direct current chokuhan direct sales chokkan intuition
chokusetsu direct as chokusetsu kinyu direct financing/disintermediation cf Big Bang
chokusetsu kinyu direct financing/disintermediation as chokusetsu kinyu izon securities issue dependence vs kansetsu kinyu
chosa study awkward decisions can often be usefully delayed by a lengthy study
chosahi study costs small budget to launch and establish bureaucrat momentum for pet project
chosakai study group one of many types of governmental consultative committee cf amakudari
chosei adjustment as seisaku no bichosei fine tuning of policy (often of major significance)
chosei infure adjustment inflation Establishment coded language for inflationary solution to NPL problem
chosetsu regulation, intervention as beika chosetsu rice price support chosetsuki governor vs konran
choson towns and villages lowest tier of municipalities targeted by MoPM consolidation policy
Chubu central region home territory of Toyota and the area around Nagoya also termed Tokai
chugakko middle school schoolchildren are ages 13 to 15 compulsory education cf shogakko, koko
chugoku central country confusingly PRC and region around Hiroshima (historical name Bingo)
chuki kokusai medium term JGBs medium term to maturity JGBs constituting bulk of MMF portfolios
chuo centre much used in titles as chuo kyoiku shingikai Central Education Council
chusho kigyo Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs political capital made out of their ineffectual protection cf Mittelstand
chushokigyocho Small and Medium Enterprises Agency, SMEA for the ineffectual but politically necessary protection of SMEs cf kanban
chuto saiyo midway hire (non-mainstream employee) ineligible for promotion ladder downside of shushin koyosei vs puropa
civil code systematic collection of law imposed by Napoleon adopted by Japan via Germany vs common law
civil society liberal citizen-based societal ordering somewhat inimical to Yamato/China/Prussia traditions cf ko, shi
CLOs Collateralised Loan Offers JFCfME significantly but unsuccessfully attempted a CLO issue (2002)
clunky big and clumsy view of foreign products/foreign usages from the Japanese perspective
collateralised of loans (secured on land) cash flow credit evaluation weak at banks key to tochi honisei and NPLs
collectivity realised social solidarity holistic oriental emphasis not reductionist occidental cf counter intuitive
Commercial Code eiri hojin provisions codified for partnerships/companies gomei/goshi/kabushiki gaisha vs hieiri hojin
common law customary law of England from 13th cent adopted by English speaking countries unsystematised vs civil code
Confucianism founded by Kong Fu Zi (551 - 479BC) ethical system of societal ordering for the People's welfare cf Familialism
confusion konran as shijo no konran o kitashita to have created market confusion vs anteika
contingent NPLs NPLs contingently crystallisable Establishment in denial of the process cf niji sonshitsu, form over substance
contrarian (of investment style) gyakubari as epitomised by Scottish + Dutch pension asset managers vs momentum
counter intuitive gap exists in understanding of the "other" the many such gaps between occidental reductionism and oriental holism
CPA Certified Public Accountant term applied to the somewhat different konin kaikeishi cf professionals
CPI Consumer Price Index, shohisha bukka shisu bureaucrat inertia means constituents lag on actual consumption behaviour
cr creditor as kashikata kanjo creditor account kashikata hyo credit note
crystallised NPLs prior contingent NPLs crystallised Establishment in denial of the process cf niji sonshitsu, form over substance
d third consonant in kstnhmyrw order t voiced d cf Hepburn, gojuon
d aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations da de do cf Hepburn, gojuon
dai big (o/kun) classic ideographic kanji man standing with arms outstretched cf sakura
dai number as daiichi number one daini number two daisan number three
daigaku university ranked 1. todai/kyodai/hitotsudai, 2. keidai/sodai and 3. the others
daiko civil code jurisdiction vicarious execution as daikosha an agent/proxy daiko gyomu agency business
daimyo feudal lord as daimyo gyoretsu with a retinue daimyo ryoko travelling in style
daini chigin Second regional banks mujinko then mutuals now banks management left hopelessly behind
dainippon Great Japan name modelled on Great Britain as in Meiji/Taisho/Showa imperialism
daisan sekuta jigyo Third Sector Projects, TSPs frequently failing local government/private sector joint ventures cf TSPs
daisansha third party as daisansha songai hoken third party casualty insurance vs tojisha
dai wa sho o kaneru the greater serves for the lesser the larger object/classification includes the corresponding smaller cf kaneru
damu dams quintessential examples of useless-to-damaging PWE cf datsu damu sengen
dangan ressha (standard gauge 4ft 8.5) bullet train 1930s steam network plan for the new Empire cf Breitspurbahn, shinkansen
dango consultation, contract fixing as dango ga atta there was bid fixing dangoya a professional contract fixer
danketsu ryoku solidarity power cohesiveness of social/vested interest group so leading to its greater benefit
dantai group, party as dantai seishin esprit de corps dantai seimeihoken group assurance
darashi no nai unkempt, ill-disciplined as nani o yarashitemo darashi ga nai all work done in a slipshod way
datsu getting out of, exiting, removing as datsuen desalination datsumo depilation datsuzei tax evasion
datsu damu sengen No more dams! revolutionary pronouncement of political policy by Tanaka Yasuo
datsuzei tax evasion NTAA pressures taxpayers by incorrect use of term in media vs setsuzei
debittokado debit card bank cash cards used as point of sale debit cards as promoted by JDCPA
debt deflation the Fisher Thesis, fusai defure that this cripples debtors, their lending banks and demand cf Fisher, NPL
declining balance conservative depreciation computation tax allowable however useful life period determined per Tax Code
deconstruction interpreting the meaning of a discourse re-interpreting what is said tatemae to what is intended honne cf paralysis
Defence Agency boeicho moved from Roppongi to Yotsuya with brand new office accommodation
defure deflation gairaigo condensation into two/three syllables vs biru, infure, pasokon
dekiru to be ready, be made, be able as kosokudoro ga dekita a motorway was built dekidaka turnover
dema wild rumour as naninani to iu dema a wild rumour that such-and-such cf denbun
denbun rumour as saikin no denbun ni yoru to according to recent rumours cf dema
denro electric arc furnace as kuzutetsu yo denro electric furnace for scrap iron/so-called mini-mills
densen contagion as densenbyo an infectious disease nekuzure densen general price collapse
denshi electron, electronic as denshi meru/meru e-mail denshi kenbikyo electron microscope
depatoka department store-isation offering full catalogue service so avoiding specialisation decisions cf ka
DePfa Deutsche Pfandbrief public sector bank in German covered bonds now privatised cf Pfandbriefe
desugichatta overly prominent not showing proper restraint in personal public behaviour etc (derogatory)
detchiboko apprenticeship Edo period on-the-job training rewarded by norenwake a so-called MBO
dewa then, so, in that case (I will go) a postposition combination in Tokyo dialect spoken ja goodbye (familiar)
DEXIA DEXIA Credit Local de France French public sector vehicle with parallels to JFCfME now privatised
Diet Parliament Imperial Diet of (Prussian) Meiji Constitution (1889) Ito defeating Okuma
directionality avoidance of pronouns as too abrupt expressing personal pronouns via keigo status marker directionality etc
DKB Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Dai-Ichi + Kangyo = DKB and DKB + Fuji + IBJ = Mizuho cf megabank
Docomo/dokomo NTT mobile service company/anywhere weak play on words impermissible romanisation service challenged etc etc
doi agreed as doi fudoi agreed and non-agreed (LGB issues under MoPM reform)
DOI Direct Outbound Investment off-shore inheritance tax avoidance loophole blocked off (2000) cf jusho
doitsuha Deutsche Schule German-faction members seeing something of a welcome renaissance
dokkenya construction boys construction interests around MoLIT + LDP (derogatory) cf dango, zoku
dokudan to henken opinion and prejudice in my honest and unvarnished opinion (self-deprecatingly jocular)
dokuritsu gyosei hojin Independent Administrative Institute modelled on UK public agencies deus ex machina of FILP Reform cf IAI
don boss, leader, strongman as dongame Kamei Shizuka populist LDP politician (derogatory) cf Sogo
donburi kanjo back-of-the-envelope business accounts as asoko wa donburi kanjo desu they don't keep proper accounts at all
donyu introduction, application (a new system) being introduced (with attendant problems) cf xenografting
doritsu founded (ritsu) by prefecture (do) as doritsu koko prefectural (Hokkaido) high school cf furitsu, kenritsu
Doshisha leading Kansai private university Doshisha and Ritsumeikan corresponding to Keio and Waseda in Kanto
doshu (German) Laender, provinces, regions positioned between municipalities and central government cf doshusei
doshusei Laender System, regional government PHP Research's proposal: 47 prefectures consolidated into 12 doshu
doublespeak as in Orwell's 1984 Establishment's strangely consistent misuse of language cf deconstruction
dowa mondai harmonisation problem press club approved euphemism for the acute social issue of burakumin
DPoJ Democratic Party of Japan originally funded by Hatoyama family money etc now led by Kan Naoto
dr debtor as karikata kanjo debtor account karikata hyo debit note
dSITs domestic SITs Securities Investment Trusts out of Japanese licensed SITMCs vs fSITs
e fourth vowel in aiueo order pure vowel as in Italian not diphthong as in English cf Hepburn, gojuon
e kstnhmyrw permitted combinations ke se te ne he me re lengthened as ei, ee, eh, e- etc cf Hepburn, gojuon
EBC European Business Council representing EU business interests in Japan focussed gaiatsu vs ACCJ
Ebisu God of Plenty newly developed office complex on an old brewery site area in Tokyo
e-commerce internet-based commercial activities Establishment concerns are loss of informational control and tax evasion
Ecu European currency unit the basket the snake convergence EMU etc as an Acu model cf Acu, Euro
Edo shogunate capital of Japan renamed Tokyo third shogunate location period and name for 17th cent to 19th cent
EGM Extra-ordinary General Meeting shareholders voting under materiality provisions of the Commercial Code
EIE Bubble era company run by Takahashi funded by LTCB failed spectacularly cf shinsei ginko
eigyo enterprise activities actual business operations "do" particularly marketing and sales related
eigyo hokokusho (Japanese style) annual report thin preparation by the directors without comparatives or auditors' opinion
eigyo joto civil code jurisdiction transfer of business sale of eigyoken under Commercial Code provisions parallelling goodwill
eigyoken goodwill in civil code jurisdiction concept of transferable and established rights to a business cf eigyo joto
eigyo tokkin (securities) salesman account notorious system of unlicensed illegal fund management during Bubble
eiri hojin profit making legal person civil code concept of dividend declaring incorporated body cf hojin
Emperor tenno still the High Priest of Shinto now doubling as constitutional monarch
enarques ENA graduates French structure closely parallelling todai law department graduates
enkosai private placement LGBs LGBs subscribed by leading locally based financial institutions cf goyokin
enman smoothly as enman taisha resignation from company (without friction) cf puropa
enno delayed settlement inheritance tax liability settled over extended period given asset illiquidity
entrepot trade chukan boeki historical function of Okinawa killed by Meiji annexation cf yamatonchu
EPFs Employee Pension Funds, kosei nenkin kikin main corporate sector schemes sponsor MoHLW cf kakutei kyufu
EPI Employee Pension Insurance, kosei nenkin main public sector scheme sponsor MoHLW confusingly linked to EPFs
erabikata selection method often untransparent re hidden agenda much post facto argument cf jinsen
Erhardian of Ludwig Erhard (1897 - 1977) Chancellor impact on Japan as proponent of Sozialmarkt cf Ordoliberalism
Establishment nexus of vested interests resisting change bureaucracy, business and politicians generally robbing Peter to pay Paul
eto Chinese animal name 60 year cycle as kotoshi wa eto ga warui this year is a bad year (for me) cf yaku doshi
Euro EU single currency, EUR, yuro high profile as alternative to USD major impact on Japan cf Acu, Ecu
expat expatriate foreign staff with tax protection impossibly expensive and unacculturated
expensed otoshita booked as cost of doing business and fully allowable for tax purposes
f fifth consonant in kstnhmyrw order h in combination with u hu (fu) cf Hepburn, gojuon
f aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations for gairaigo fua (fa) fui (fi) fu fue (fe) fuo (fo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
factionalism solidarity splintering into factional groups tendency of LDP etc splitting into interest groups vs fusion cf atomisation
Fair Trade Commission kosei torihiki iinkai, FTC occasionally slaps wrists for yet another price fixing performance cf dango
fakutobukku fact book compilation of basic company details as a pamphlet etc cf handobukku
Familialism (societal ordering) likening to a family pre-capitalist social analysis cf Confucianism, Cameralism, State Shinto
fando fund popular financial gairaigo euphemism with ura implications cf aya no aru
Farben IG Farben pre-War German "Mother of all Cartels" post-War BASF, Bayer, Hoechst
FBs Financing Bills short term government paper one of many forms of government debt cf JGB
FHC Financial Holding Company revolutionary umbrella vehicle for universalising megabanks cf Allfinanz
FILP Fiscal Investment and Loans Programme, zaito second budget under MoF the Establishment honeypot cf system fatigue
FILPABs FILP Agency Bonds, zaito kikansai substantially FILPBs formally FILP Agency straight bonds cf FILP Reform
FILP Agencies public sector entities receiving FILP funds variously termed eidan jigyodan kikin kiko kinko kodan koko kosha etc
FILPBs FILP Bonds substantially JGBs for refinancing FILP Fund formally not cf FILP Reform
FILP Fund new-FILPF (old-TFB), zaito shikin assets illiquid but demographic asset realisation need hence FILP Reform
FILP Reform MoF organised programme 2001/08 important rationalisation refinancing refocusing of much of public sector
Financial Planner AFP/CFP int'l qualification FP domestic AFP/CFP granted by private JAFP FP by MoF-related Kinzai cf kakaekomi
Financial Services Agency kinyucho, FSA has gained much notoriety for its unstinted support for NPL roll-forward
Finanzplatz Deutschland German Big Bang (now in 5th programme) extending Pfandbrief cover to Canada, Japan, US public sector debt etc
Finland classic banking crisis of early 1990s crystallised NPLs 15 GDP per cent and 20 loan book per cent cf Sweden
Fire-Defence Agency shobocho fire, ambulance and disaster response under the one original fire roof
firewall Chinese Wall division of banking and securities operations etc re Article 65 etc etc
Fisher Irving Fisher (1867 - 1947) debt - deflation - demand spiralling down described in Econometrica (1933)
Fisheries Agency suisancho firmly in favour of whaling cf Institute of Cetacean Research, MoAFF
fission solidarity splitting into interest groups amplified petty distinctions always leading to social entropy vs fusion
FoF Flow of Funds statements, shikin junkanhyo BoJ statements showing key flow + balance sheet items cf SNA, PFA
Food Agency shokuryocho left operating the rice price support system with declining final demand
Forestry Agency rinnocho left operating forestry roads, forestry projects and other hopeless cases
forex foreign exchange nicely parallelling Japanese jubako abbreviation gaitame cf gaitameshin
form over substance civil code pattern of legal interpretation narrow interpretation of legal form vs practical substance cf urisenba
FRC Financial Revitalisation Commission now-FSA was an early interim provision of smokescreen cover for MoF
FSA Financial Services Agency, kinyucho to upgrade supervision and provide long term cover for MoF cf tatemae
FSAP Japan IMF Financial System Assessment Programme highly unwelcome FSA competency audit cf Article IV, maladministration
fSITs foreign SITs SITs out of foreign licensed SITMCs recognisable as dSIT equivalents
fuan unease, anxiety as kinyu fuan financial crisis fuantei unstable seishin fuan mental unease
fudoi non-agreed as doi fudoi agreed and non-agreed (LGB issues under MoPM reform)
fuji unequalled, wisteria, wealthy man etc popular homophonic name in variant kanji variant meanings cf huzi
Fujiwara family of hereditary regents (Heiankyo) Yoshifusa first installed (858) succession ended by Taira clan (1160)
fujuri non-acceptance bureaucrat refusal by non-acceptance of a nevertheless valid application
fuka koryoku force majeure, Act of God as fuka koryoku no songai damages through an Act of God cf yamu o enai
fukoku kyohei wealthy country strong army Meiji policy adopted by Ito Hirobumi from Bismarck's Blut und Eisen
fukumaden abode of devils Tanaka Makiko's name for MoFA re the excessive monkey business there
fukumi shisan unrealised profits (of Credit Bubble era) unrealised asset appreciation held as a reserve tax efficiently vs fukumi son
fukumi son unrealised losses (of post-Credit Bubble era) unrecognised losses rolled forward vs fukumi shisan cf sonkin kaikei
Fukuoka leading city in Kyushu classically Hakata Kyushu terminal shinkansen station confusingly also named Hakata
fukushi welfare Meiji policy of Bismarckian worker welfare also to pre-empt Socialism
fukushiki boki double entry (accruals basis) bookkeeping JGAAP etc and basis of all modern corporate accounting vs tanshiki boki
Fukuzawa Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835 - 1901) on JPY10,000 notes, founder of Keio and an important Meiji intellectual
fukyo depression as kozo fukyo gyoshu taisaku structurally depressed industry measures
fuman bunshi dissatisfied particles social/organisational elements with grievances disturbing group solidarity
fu no shakai minus points society Japan's politicised personnel evaluation system by negative points only
funshoku decoration, embellishment as funshoku kessan fraudulent set of financial accounts cf Sogo, NPL
furi no profit, disadvantage as chotto furi na kaishaku a slightly unfavourable interpretation
furitsu founded (ritsu) by prefecture (fu) as furitsu koko prefectural (Kyoto, Osaka) high school cf doritsu, kenritsu
fusai borrowing, liabilities (in general) as beidoru fusai USD liabilities yurishi fusai interest bearing debt
fusai defure debt deflation, Fisherian thesis a process crippling debtors, their lending banks and demand cf Fisher, NPL
fusion atomised interests fusing into solidarity achieving familial harmony under external threat vs fission cf gaiatsu
futokutei tasu unspecified large number (of persons) for securities issue purposes public defined as 50 or more subscribers
fuyo lotus ex-Yasuda then becoming Fuji Bank the ragbag keiretsu now Mizuho
fuyuzei (confiscatory) wealth tax of late 1940s GHQ + bureaucrats used to bankrupt pre-War aristocracy cf sozokuzei
g first consonant in kstnhmyrw order k voiced g cf Hepburn, gojuon
g aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ga gi gu ge go giya (gya) giyu (gyu) giyo (gyo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
gai outside, they/them/theirs, foreign, alien on/kun readings of key conceptualisation antithesis gai/soto vs nai/uchi
gaiatsu foreign pressure foreign pressure applied or exploited to break decisional paralysis cf Sartre
gaiben foreign lawyer nichibenren made regulatory authority by MoJ cf nigemichi, kakaekomi
gaigin foreign bank not playing by the kakaekomi rules essentially unreliable/unpredictable
gaijin foreigner generally non-Asian foreigner with heavy emphasis on the nationality held
gaikadate foreign currency denominated often problem holding with forex risk/forex settlement complications
gaikoku kawase foreign exchange as jubako abbreviation gaitame forex gaitame soba forex market cf kawase
gaimusho Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MoFA disturbed by Tanaka/Suzuki battle revealing monkey business cf fukumaden
gairaigo foreign origin word from European languages katakana spelling and frequently euphemisms
gaishikei foreign capital firm foreign companies have had poor reputation as employers now improving
gaitameho Foreign Exchange and Trade Act maintained informational control for tax policy and emergency purposes
gaitame shijo forex market under Big Bang largely shifted to money centre foreign banks cf gaigin
gaitameshin Forex Consultative Committee MoF advisory committee responsible for deep long term policy cf Acu
gaito pertinent, relevant as naninani jo ni gaito suru to be governed by clause such-and-such
gakkai study meeting agreeable opportunity (for doctors) to get away from the daily humdrum
gakko school High School koko Middle School chugakko Primary School shogakko
gakubatsu company factions by university origin bizarrely important consideration in major company personnel decisions
gakumen bairitsu Price/Par multiple financial indicator P/P below 2 failing syndrome below 1 failed syndrome
gakumen kingaku par value (of a share) considered fundamental so P/P an indicator in failure of quoted companies
gannen Year One, the start of media hyping of new product/service often occurring more than once
gappei merger, amalgamation merger of equals presentation always made but sonzoku/shometsu gaisha
gauge controversy a railway to every rice paddy! (satirical) 2ft 6/3ft 6 vs 4ft 8.5 rural vs urban + military budget interests cf motorways
gekkanshi monthly magazine tendency to lengthy and quality essay articles with by-lines vs shukanshi
genbutsu shusshi subscription of capital in kind special provision under Commercial Code subject to valuation by Court
gendai modern, contemporary as gendai gaka contemporary painter gendaigo living language vs kindai
gendo manner of speech as ihaku gendo threatening language (forbidden in sarakin collecting)
gengai ni kataru to speak outside the words, allude to to give an adverse opinion/adverse decision indirectly cf oburato, gyokan
genkin cash heavily used as black economy is estimated at 12.5 to 25 GDP per cent
genko existing, in operation as hanzai no genkochu ni taiho sareta arrested in flagrante delicto
gennama hard cash hard cash paid a solid reliable business with no sales debtor problems
genri gensoku fundamentals and principles implying the actuality of the hidden agenda of the situation cf honne, ura
gensaki repo repo market active before the word repo had even been invented
genshi capital reduction as shisan asshuku de genshi capital reduction on an asset slimming
gensho phenomenon as shizen gensho natural phenomena seiri gensho bodily functions
gensokuteki in principle implying consequent and more significant exceptions cf genri gensoku
genzai now, present as naninani genzai as at such-and-such (balance sheet) date
geppo monthly report as kinyu keizai tokei geppo Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly
GGBs Govern't Guaranteed Bonds, seifu hoshosai class of bonds issued by FILP agencies frequently the forex tranches
GGLs Govern't Guaranteed Loans, seifu hoshokariire essentially as for GGBs with funding in form of a loan borrowing
GHQ (MacArthur's) General Head Quarters generally used label for Occupation Administration era (1945 - 1952)
giin council members, Diet members title of both social status and target of money politics criticism cf zokugiin
gikaisei representative government system as naikaku gikaisei Westminster democracy (PM + Cabinet in parliament)
gimu duty as seigen nozei gimusha limited tax payer (for inheritance tax purposes)
Ginza silver market central entertainment area in Tokyo (and other historical conurbations)
giri justice, duty, obligation doing the right thing and thereby generating in the recipient of the action on
Girozentralen umbrella banks of the German third tier the norinchukin zenshinkumi zenshinren etc function cf Schulze-Delitzsch
go keigo prefix indicating second person as gokatei your family gokeikaku your plan goyosan your budget
godo combination, joint as godo jigyo joint undertaking godo unyo keiyaku joint operating contract
gojuon kstnhmyrw + final n/aiueo combinations fifty sounds (the kana syllabary) in matrix (9 + 1) x 5 basis of kunrei shiki
gorika rationalisation as gorika sankanen keikaku three year rationalisation plan cf risutora
goshido (your) guidance intrusive alegal control by the bureaucrats (critical) cf maladministration
gososendan convoy (one-size-fits-all maladministration) for weak banks break-even for strong money fountain cf hozei shonin ginko
gote ni naru to make the second move as gotegote de makegumi ni natta on defensive and becoming a straggler
goyokin (your) funding forced loans on merchants by daimyo/shogun term for enkosai (ironical)
goyotatsu by (Imperial) appointment as goyotatsu shinbun an Establishment and stakeholder-friendly newspaper
GPIF Government Pension Insurance Fund previously nenpuku now-nenun subject to FILP Reform cf maneita
guhatsu contingent as guhatsu saimu contingent liability guhatsu furyo saiken contingent NPL
guidance bureaucrat control unwanted guidance given verbally so avoiding responsibility cf goshido
gurai approximately voiced kurai suffix indicating approximation juchoengurai around JPY10tr
gurezon grey zone imprecision exists in exact legalities/illegalities involved cf setsuzei, NTAA
gurobaruka globalisation not a good thing and increasingly strong reservations vs kokusaika cf ka
gutaiteki concretely as gutaiteki ni ieba damme speaking quite brutally no vs bakuzen toshita
gyakubari straining against (the trend) contrarian (investing) generality of foreign investor behaviour vs junbari
gyokaishi trade journal (banking, pharmaceuticals, securities etc) industry newspaper (derogatory)
gyokan (reading) between the lines deconstruction of honne content of tatemae message cf gengai ni kataru
gyoku shares as temochigyoku shares being held (securities jargon) cf kabuya, meigara
gyokyo fishery co-operatives managing a low profile type of financial institution extremely marginal
gyomu operations, the actual "do" of a business as gyomuhonbu Operations Division gyomu kanri operations control
gyosai gyosei compartmentalised administration system of rigidified bureaucratic regulation cf paralysis, maladministration
gyosei (government) administration regulation by mandarinate achieving its benefit avoiding its responsibility
gyosei kaikaku administrative reform perennial topic much apparent action virtually nil movement achieved
gyosei shido administrative guidance alegal pressure by bureaucracy towards certain policy goals cf guidance
gyosha those in the (particular) business as gyoshakan torihiki dealing between those in the trade (derogatory)
gyoshu type of industry as gyoshubetsu tokei bunseki analysis of statistics by type of industry
h fifth consonant in kstnhmyrw order h cf Hepburn, gojuon
h aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ha (postposition ha (wa)) hi he ho hiya (hya) hiyu (hyu) hiyo (hyo)
haigyo suru to close a business as jishu haigyo voluntary closure re Yamaichi at its request cf nigemichi
haihan chiken abolish han establish prefectures launch of local government modelled on French prefecture lines (1871)
hairyo consideration (thus being forced to do) as shijo kankyo ni hairyo considering market conditions cf yamu o enai
hakai destruction, vandalism as kakaku hakai price (cutting) competition (causing disorder) cf konran
Hakodate port city of South Hokkaido pre-War entrepot for the Russian trade extremely attractive townscape
Hakone town 100km West of Tokyo location of Edo period internal travel passport control barrier cf sekisho
hakuraihin goods arrived by boat foreign goods Meiji parlance foreign therefore better (anachronistic)
hakusho white paper no policy document but lengthy self-justification in evasive bureaucratese
han fief, domain, principality atomised division of Edo Japan into close to 300 tiny feudal principalities
hanabi taikai fireworks party 10,000 plus go off paid by ticket sales/subsidised by local government
hanami taikai cherry blossom party cherry blossom viewing party downside inevitably extremely alcoholic
hanbai sales final result of eigyo sales and marketing supported by operations cf gyomu
handobukku handbook gairaigo fact book not as kanji direct translation tehon cf fakuto bukku
hangen suru to reduce by half as hanbaihi o hangen suru to cut sales expenses by 50 per cent
hanko seal, chop superior puts his hanko to the document and approves cf mekura hanko
hannichiha anti-Japan faction as gentaisei no hannichiha the regime's anti-Japan group vs shinnichiha
hansei reflection (on a mistake) show of regret for error parodied by performing monkey routine on TV
hanshuryuha anti-mainstream faction distinctions by origins/specialities etc create factionalisation vs shuryuha
hantai opposed, against Socialist Party was nandemo hantai opposed to everything and anything
Harajuku Spring inn trendy high fashion boutiques popular among the young area of Tokyo
hasan bankruptcy where large an inevitable suspicion of a long history of financial foul play
Hashimoto Reform ministries and agencies consolidated producing clumsy and gargantuan MoEXT, MoHLW, MoLIT, MoPM etc
hashi no agesage o iu to tell to raise and lower chopsticks to direct in minute detail cf microregulation, gososendan, maladministration
hatten development as hattentojokoku LDCs keizai hatten economic development
hattenteki kaisho constructive dissolution description of closing something down/a tactical retreat (ironical)
HBG Hypothekenbankgesetz German Mortgage Bank Act (2002) extending Pfandbrief cover to Japan
hebon shiki Hepburn system (of romanising kanamajiri) vowels as Italian consonants as English leading system not for MoEXT
hei keigo prefix indicating the first person as heiko my/our bank heisha my/our company heiten my/our shop vs on
Heiankyo Kyoto of the Heian Period (794 - 1185) Heian period name for Emperor's capital as modelled on China's Seiankyo
heisei attaining peace current era name (1989 - ) classical kanji combination cf nengo
heiwa level harmony, peace second kanji wa irregularly read to in classical name for Japan Yamato
Helvetius Claude Adrien Helvetius (1715 - 1771) French philosopher promoting socio-economic progressivism vs Burke
henka change (as in transition) as sangyo henka industrial change (of rising and falling industries)
henko change (as in modification) as kaigai ryoko yotei ni henko nashi no change in the overseas itinerary
Hepburn JC Hepburn (1815 - 1911) hebon shiki romanisation scheme for dictionary (1886) vs kunrei shiki
hi not, non- as hijoji crisis hijoguchi emergency exit hiningenteki inhuman
hi receiving, being exposed to, sustaining as higaisha victims hisozokunin the deceased hibakusha the bombed
hiaringu chosa study of informed opinion bureaucrats ask for industry opinion by phone at a major policy juncture
Hibiya sun compare valley known for Hibiya Park and its amorous activities area of Tokyo
hidaika ballooning, bloating (of organisations) as dorokodan no ichijirushii hidaika the spectacular spread of JHPC
hieiri hojin non-profit legal person civil code concept of non-dividend declaring public interest incorporation
higashi East to/on higashi/kun as tozai nanboku North, South, East and West
hikaku comparison as mattaku konkyo no nai hikaku an utterly baseless comparison
hikaku no taisho o tou to question the basis of comparison comparing apples and oranges claim as a standard blocking argument
hikappu non-instalment (payment) credit purchase settled by lump sum and not by instalments vs kappu
hikiatekin provision (incorrectly translated reserve) against a quantifiably doubtful asset/accruing liability vs junbikin
hikizan subtraction something subject to a minus points problem (figurative) vs kakezan
himawari sunflower innocent and uncomplicated childhood imagery with nursery rhymes etc
hinin denial (of claimed tax allowability etc) NTAA disallowance of tax avoidance scheme (as abusive of Tax Code etc)
hiragana cursive kana syllabary written as overall shape of a homophonic kanji vs katakana
Hiroo wide tail embassies and quality housing popular with expatriates area of Tokyo
hisshi desperate as kare ga hisshi ni natte oyoide ita he was swimming for his life
hisshi inevitable as beidoru boraku ga hisshi no yo desu a USD collapse seems inevitable
hisshi brush and paper as hisshi ni tsukusenai kokei a scene beyond pen and ink expression
hitekiho non-statutory as hitekiho josuido jigyo a non-statutory drinking water LAME vs tekiho
hitekikaku nenkin Non-Tax Qualified Retirement Pension TQRP/NTQRP if/if not approved by NTAA proposed to abolish system
hitotsudai Hitotsubashi University specialising in economics and business studies small select top-quality
HNWIs high net worth individuals objectionable acronym for private banking target market individuals
ho Japan as hoka Japanese currency hogin Japanese banks (in legal terminology)
hoan bill as hoan o teishutsu tabling a bill hoan o kaketsu approving a bill
hodo limit, bounds as kenko no tame hodohodo ni avoiding extremes/excess for health reasons
hofu abundance, plenty, riches as shigen ga hofu rich in resources rodoryoku ga hofu plenty of labour
hogai exorbitant, unreasonable as hogai ni takai excessively expensive hogai ni yasui absurdly cheap
hojin legal person in civil code jurisdiction an incorporated entity at law a corporation vs shizenjin cf bukken
hojo subsidy, support, extra as hojokin grant hojo jinko shinzo sochi adjunct artificial heart device
hoken insurance as seimei hoken life assurance songai hoken casualty insurance cf seisonpo
Hokkaido Northernmost major island abutting on Tsarist Russia/USSR/RFR site Northern Territories problem
hoko direction as hoko onchi having no sense of direction hoko chigai mistaken direction
hokokusho report as yukashoken hokokusho long form securities report (filed at FSA) cf yuho
holism the whole is more than the sum of its parts Oriental social solidarity priority over economic rationality vs reductionism
homan keiei reckless management general reason given for any well-anticipated business failure cf Sogo
homu peji home page, website website not adopted as homu peji comprises established Japlish elements
homusho Ministry of Justice direct translation the more realistically termed legal affairs ministry
honbu main department as naninani honbu Such-and-Such Division (in a large company)
honcho big boss exceptionally surviving in financial English from GHQ era pidgin
Honda Honda Toshiaki (1744 - 1821) Edo period economist advisor to Shogun advance outlining of Meiji policy
honkakuteki (to be adopted) on a full-scale, in earnest new corporate etc strategy reported with ura implication of past delay
honma main truth Osaka dialect usage really? do you mean that? cf honto
honne real intention, hidden agenda as honne ga kitokuken iji the aim is protecting vested interests vs tatemae
Honshu main island of Japanese archipelago key population axis was Osaka to Tokyo is now Hiroshima to Sendai
honto really Tokyo dialect usage really? do you mean that? cf honma
horenso spinach, hokoku-renraku-sodan also kanji abbreviation report-liaise-consult sarariman action paradigm
hoshiki formula, format, form as keitai denwa no hoshiki mobile phone format, hoshikidori per the form
hosho guarantee, surety as hoshokin guarantee deposit hosho dekinai cannot guarantee
hoteishiki formula, equation as renritsu daisu hoteishiki simultaneous algebraic equations
hoyu suru to own, possess as hoyu shoken securities holdings hoyu zandaka balances held
hozei shonin ginko corporation tax approved banks maladministration of banks for smooth budgetary conditions cf gososendan
hozen preservation, conservation as shizen kankyo hozen protection of the natural environment vs hozon
hozon preservation, maintenance as dotai hozon jokikikansha preserved working steam locomotive vs hozen
huzi fuji per kunrei shiki romanisation leading example of maladministration and decisional paralysis cf seido hiro
hyogikai council, conference advisory body suitably chosen and guided to support bureaucrat policy
Hyogo prefecture West of Osaka international, sophisticated and better class portion of the Kansai
hyoji indication, expression as hyojiki (traffic) indicator ishi hyoji an expression of intention/thinking
hyoka appraisal, valuation as hyoka wa zero dokoro ka mainasu not even zero but a negative score
i second vowel in aiueo order pure vowel as in Italian not diphthong as in English cf Hepburn, gojuon
i kstnhmyrw permitted combinations ki si (shi) ti (chi) ni hi mi ri lengthened as ii, ih, i- etc cf Hepburn, gojuon
IAC Investment Advisory Company investment manager status divided Class I ichinin kanjo and Class II jogen
IAI Independent Administrative Institute UK public agency model for FILP Reform process cf dokuritsu gyosei hojin
IAS International Accounting Standards rigorous IAS standards being introduced cf gensokuteki, honkakuteki
IBJ Industrial Bank of Japan, kogin then-leading bank heavily protected a money fountain cf gososendan, Sogo
ichi one as ichiban number one ichiban warui worst ichiban yoi best
ichibatsu hyakkai one punished one hundred warned Chinese system of exemplary punishment much used in Japan cf NTAA
ichikan one encouragement indifferent DKB keiretsu now bundled into Mizuho with fuyo + kogin
ichinin kanjo discretionary (investment management) the serious player Class I IAC licence some 130 licence holders vs jogen
ichinin suru to leave to a person's discretion avoid responsibility by giving a third party a free hand in a decision cf Sogo
ichiranhyo summary sheet everything shown in summary form in the one table/figure much required
Ichitaro word processing software early 1980s kanamajiri word processing software then quite revolutionary
Ichiwakai yakuza group strong in financial services then-boss Ishii Susumu re-oriented to white collar crime in 1980s cf ramp
idotai tsushin mobile communications covers gamut of PHS and ubiquitous mobile phone cf keitai denwa, PDC
ihaku threaten, menace as ihaku gendo intimidating language employed in sarakin recovery cf omae
iinkai committee as shoiinkai subcommittee iinkai shoshu committee meeting called
iji nature, disposition as iji ga warui to be malicious iji o haru to be obstinate/difficult
Ijuin family name from Kyushu name written with three select classical kanji classier than the usual two
ikagawashii unreliable, indecent as ikagawashii shobai shady business ikagawashii banashi blue joke
Ikebukuro pond bag terminal station for somewhat rough unfavoured suburbs area of Tokyo
ikedakyo Ikeda religion Soka Gakkai, pre-War Buddhist sect, Ikeda Daisaku re-organised post-War
Imperial Household Agency kunaicho intrusive but competent agency for the minders of the Imperial Family
Imperial System tennosei along with BoJ the two largely unimpugned sources of legitimacy in Japan
inaka country, rural areas as inakappe country bumpkin inakappoi countrified (derogatory)
infure inflation gairaigo condensation into two/three syllables vs defure cf biru, pasokon
ingo hidden speech, jargon, back slang negative even criminal connotations of concealment cf moho, shoba, yob
inkyoku cathode as hatchaku inkyoku sputtered cathode inkyokusenkan CRT vs yokyoku
insei negative as insei no kanen kensa kekka a negative hepatitis test result vs yosei
insei temple government hidden political power centre Heian period Emperor's retirement to temple
Institute Cetacean Research nihon keirui kenkyujo, Institute for MoAFF sponsored scientific whaling research cover for sale of whale meat
intanetto internet as-is and has not been gairaigo three syllable condensed for some reason
IPO Initial Public Offering sole narrow exit for domestic private equity investors cf mikokaikabu toshi
ippan general, run of as ippan kokai open to the public ippan gakusei generality of students
IPSAS Int'l Public Sector Accounting Standards viewed with some considerable MoPM incomprehension and unease
irikae change (of items) as bare senshu no irikae change in the members of a volley ball team
iryo clothing as iryo sangyo the rag trade iryohin articles of clothing cf iryo
iryo medical treatment as iryo sangyo medical industry iryohin medical supplies cf iryo
iryubun legitime civil code jurisdiction doctrine forced rules of succession restricting wills
isha doctor as nihon isha kai Japan Medical Association cf JMA, koseizoku
ishiki consciousness as ishiki o takameru to raise profile kanzen muishiki totally unconscious
isoro hanger-on, parasite, dependent as isoro suru to feed (off someone)/borrow (office space) (ironical)
isshiki complete set (of documents) as ninka shinsei shorui isshiki complete set of approval application forms
issun saki wa yami one inch ahead is pitch black the future is unknowable famously used about political developments
itamiwake drawn sumo match on injury dividing up the pain of restructuring between the participants (figurative)
itanji black sheep, loose canon as naninani gyokai no itanji the wild man of the so-and-so industry
iten move, change of address as iten no tame denwabango ga kawatta phone number changed on moving
Ito Ito Hirobumi (1841 - 1909) Meiji disciplinarian promoted Prussian model against the British vs Okuma
itsuwari misrepresentation, lie as kanban ni itsuwari ga ari advertisements always contain a falsehood
ittei one (fixed) measure as ittei no ritsu a fixed rate ittei no kikan a specified period
Iwate prefecture in NE Honshu somewhat deprived, isolated and poor also subject to discrimination
iyao nashi ni liking it or lumping it as iyao nashi ni chihosaiboshu ni obo suru obliged to subscribe to LGBs
izoku no kai War Bereaved Association pension benefits and political support for Yasukuni against votes for LDP
Izumo site of Izumo Taisha shrine in Shimane where the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami alighted to found Japan
j second consonant in kstnhmyrw order s in combination with i si (shi) voiced ji cf Hepburn, gojuon
j aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations jiya (ja) jiyu (ju) jiyo (jo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
JA Japan Agriculture positive branding for negative image nokyo widely used with trendy logo
JAFCO Japan Associated Finance Company Nomura related venture capital/private equity firm domestic leader
JAFP Japan Association for Financial Planners association founded 1987 granting international qualification cf kakaekomi
JAIC Japan Asia Investment Company major venture capital/private equity fund company acting internationally
Japan Coast Guard kaijohoancho Chinese immigrants and North Korean intruders a budget godsend
Japan Def'ce Facilities Ag'y boeishisetsucho, Defence Facilities Agency defence facilities amakudari slots etc organisational behaviour cf hidaika
Japlish Japanese English, wasei eigo established elements in katakana parallelling kanji compounding use cf mai
JAS Japan Agricultural Standard well used pattern of non-tariff trade barriers for barrier sake cf JIS, PDC
JBIC Japan Bank for International Co-operation then-Exim Bank and OECF merged consolidating FILP activity overseas
JCB Japan Credit Bureau Sanwa Bank now-UFJ related credit card issuer domestic industry leader
JCIA Japan Credit Industry Association MoETI sponsored body producing the definitive credit statistics etc
JCR Japan Credit Rating Agency founded 1985 reasonably professionally principled vs R&I cf Mikuni
JDCPA Japan Debit Card Promotion Association classic MoPM + NTT amakudari slot organisation cf kanmin
JDFA Japan Defence Facilities Agency boeishisetsucho providing amakudari slots throughout Japan cf hidaika
JETRO Japan External Trade Organisation overseas cover for NTAA study of private banking Zurich/New York
JFCfME Japan Finance Corp for Municipal Enterprises to be privatised in FILP Reform and tantalisingly close to DEXIA
JGAAP Japanese GAAP known for their flexibility now something of an accounting embarrassment
JGBs Japanese Government Bonds broadly also FBs, GGBs, GGLs, FILPBs, FILPABs, LGBs, LAMEBs etc
JHLC Japan Housing Loan Corporation massive public sector lender in competition with private sector cf maneita
jibun I, me slightly dated middle-aged male familiar word for first person singular
JICA Japan International Co-operation Agency MoFA-related aid organisation with a blemished track record cf fukumaden
jichi self government as jichitai local authorities (being 3,200 prefectures cities towns villages)
jicho assistant general manager somewhat indifferent title between kacho and bucho in many companies
JICPA Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants 13,226 CPAs and 149 auditing firms (2000) cf kakaekomi, professionals
jidai period, era, time as jidai sakugo anachronism/out of date thinking jidai geki period drama
jieigyo (enterprise) owner-manager benefiting from favourable tax regime concessions voting for LDP
jigen dimension as jigen ga chigau to have missed the point tajigen multidimensional
jigyo business, venture as jigyo keikakusho business plan documents jigyo yosan business budget
jigyodan FILP-related enterprise groups heavily/entirely subsidised public sector businesses cf FILP Reform
jigyo shokei enterprise succession introducing management and inheritance tax problems source of M&A
jikankyu hourly paid (arubaito) current wage terms for arubaito typically JPY650 - JPY850/hr
jika sogaku (equity) market capitalisation as jika sogaku ga daibu meberi shita market capitalisation is down heavily
jiko accident (in financial services) as jiko ga atta there was some slight confusion between mine and thine
jiko self, personal as jiko unyo management oneself jiko sekinin at one's own risk
jiminto Liberal Democratic Party LDP as has so often been said neither liberal nor democratic nor a party
jinchi encampment strategic vested territory of the interest group (figurative) cf jintori gassen
jingi benevolence and integrity as nusubito nimo jingi ga aru there is also honour among thieves
jingi o kiru to observe thieves' niceties to inform the other party of a (negative) business development (ironical)
jinjibu personnel department liaison function clearing house for sarariman good, middling and bad
jinjiin National Personnel Authority Government personnel department establishing civil service pay scale
jinmin people (Marxist terminology) as chuka jinmin kyowakoku central flowery people's republic (PRC)
jinsen personnel selection as jinsen no ayamari ga atta yo desu it seems the wrong man was hired
jinshu kakuri apartheid neatly demonstrating precision possible with kanji compounding cf kakuri
jintori gassen struggle for advantage, game of musical chairs disorganised re-allocation of spoils on change in circumstances cf jinchi
JIPPA Japan Internet Payment Promotion Association another largely meaningless MoPM + NTT amakudari slot organisation
JIS Japan Industrial Standard well used pattern of non-tariff trade barriers for barrier sake cf JAS, PDC
jishakabu (the) company shares generally refers to the founding family's holding and treasury stock
jishu independent, autonomous as jishu haigyo voluntary closure jishu unyo independent management
jisshitsu substantial, material as zaimu no jisshitsu kaizen real improvement in the balance sheet
jitsugyo business, industry as jitsugyoka entrepreneur jitsugyo no sai a talent for business
jitsuju gensoku real demand principle prior requirement that forex dealing had to be for exim purposes only
jiyu liberal, free as gojiyu ni please feel free keizai jiyushugi economic liberalism
jiyuka liberalisation kisei kanwa mistranslated liberalisation and then back-translated jiyuka
JMA Japan Medical Association doctors seeking health care budget benefits against support for LDP
JNOC Japan National Oil Corporation with catalogue of dry wells comprehensively failed FILP agency cf maneita
JNR Settlement kokutetsu seiri Settlement I and II low profile model for FILP Reform cf zaito kaikaku
jogen advice, advisory Class II IAC unreliable sinks for securities industry employees vs ichinin
johoya information boys fly-by-night peddlers of generally pirated information (derogatory)
joi joy key Japlish element as joi suteppu arcade steps joi rain scenic road
joiben joint venture gairaigo condensation into three syllable pattern but JV also used cf VB
joi dantai superior body keito tiered organisations providing amakudari slots vs kai dantai cf hidaika
jojo listed, quoted, public (company) having credibility/social status attractive to candidate-sarariman students
jokyo condition, state as genzai no jokyo ga amari yoku nai things are not going well at present
jokyo handan decision made on the actual circumstances flying by the seat of your pants/winging it/taking an educated guess
jokyo shoko circumstantial evidence police say a suspect's confession is gold evidence of the crime is silver
Jomon straw rope pattern culture marking the Japanese neolithic (10,000 - 200BC) cf Yayoi
josui water purification as kasankasuiso shiyo josuikojo hydrogen peroxide water treatment plant
joto transfer, conveyance as joto bukken property conveyed jotonin assignor hijotonin assignee cf hi
joyosha habitual user as romen densha joyosha constant tram user mayaku joyosha drug addict
joyojidosha passenger automobile vehicle abbreviated joyosha passenger car jidosha automobile sha (kuruma) car
JPO Joint Public Offer JPO LGBs the MoPM scheme for joint issues to promote market liquidity
JR/JNR Japan Railways/Japan National Railways railways in staged privatisation JNR Settlement as FILP Reform model
JSDA Japan Securities Dealers Association securities houses trade association also managing OTC market cf JASDAQ
JSIAA Japan Securities Investment Advisors Ass'n IAC trade association membership limited to Class 1 licence holders only
jubako nest of boxes kanji reading mixing on and kun as gaitame forex (eg television in English)
juki netto jumin kihon daicho netto resident register network with 11 digit PINs cf sosebangosei, tax policy
jumin sanka resident participation as jumin sankagata kobosai ("beautiful" idea of) mini-PO LGBs cf aikensai
junbari straining with (the trend) momentum (investment) generality of Japanese investor behaviour
junbikin reserve as rieki junbikin profit reserve sonshitsu junbikin loss reserve vs hikiatekin
jusen housing finance companies non-bank banks infamously bankrupted by speculative property lending
jusho abode inheritance tax residence concept largely negated in amendment (2000)
jutaku housing as kokyu jutaku high quality housing retsuaku jutaku abominable housing
jutakuron housing loan attractive secured lending market with demise of JHLC cf FILP Reform
JV joint venture, jointo bencha katakana clumsy condensed joiben or abbreviated JV cf kakutei kyoshutsu
k first consonant in kstnhmyrw order k cf Hepburn, gojuon
k aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ka ki ku ke ko kiya (kya) kiyu (kyu) kiyo (kyo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
ka change, become, -isation as ekika liquefaction kika evaporation ogataka sizes become larger
kabu stump (of tree), interest, share as kabu o yaru to dabble in shares kabuya stock brokers (derogatory)
kabuki sing dance skill townspeople's light opera of Edo period now high culture vs Kabukicho
Kabukicho kabuki township dangerously disreputable/no artistic pretension area of Tokyo cf bottakuri
kabunushi shareholder much abused in Japanese stakeholder value corporate governance system
kabushiki gaisha limited liability company acronym KK but k of kaisha voiced g in elision cf YK, eiri hojin
kachi value as kachi no nai hito valueless person keizai kachi economic value
kachigumi winning group successful leaders in any process of change vs makegumi cf MTFG
kacho manager important first rung of management promotion ladder in many companies
kacho dairi deputy manager one rung below kacho and out of employee union in many companies
kafusoku overs and unders excesses/deficiencies (of funds in tanshi market) cf overloan, overmoney
kai dantai subordinate body tiered organisations per keito banks amakudari slots vs joi dantai cf hidaika
kaigai overseas as kaigai gyomu overseas operations kaigai shiten overseas branch
kaigi conference as tadaima daredare ga kaigichu desu So-and-So is now in a meeting
kaijohoancho Japan Coast Guard with Chinese immigrants + North Korean intruders a higher profile
kaikaku reform indicating desire to be seen to be doing something about system fatigue
kaikeikensain Board of Audit toothless auditor direct translation accounts inspection bureau cf kakaekomi
kaikeishi accountant as konin kaikeishi CPA cf JICPA, kakaekomi, professionals, benrishi
kaikin lift a ban as kinkaikin re-introducing gold convertibility kaikinki a (shooting) season
kainanshinpancho Marine Accidents Inquiry Agency form of Court of Admiralty specially investigating accidents at sea
kaisei revision, amendment (of Act) always presented as liberalisation on inspection frequently the reverse
kaishagata in form of a company SITs taking form of company not securities trust under new provisions
kaisha kosei ho Company Rehabilitation Act providing Court protection from creditors cf Ausgleich, Konkursordnung
kaishi start, commencement as shiai kaishi start of play kabu torihiki kaishi start of equity trading
kaitenritsu turnover ratio as zaiko kaitenritsu stock turnover shizai kaitenritsu equipment turnover
kaiten zushi revolving sushi take sushi plates from a conveyor belt pay by number/type of plates
kaizen improvement as bikaizen incremental improvement kaizensaku reform measure
kajoyushi excessive financing pushing money down a client's throat as the banks in the Credit Bubble
kakaekomi headlock (in wrestling) envelopment of an activity to control for ulterior motives cf Establishment
kakaku hakai price destruction competitive pricing also beginning to occur in financial service products
kakesute (money) down the drain premiums paid on insurance term assurance etc but no "return" seen
kakezan multiplication something with increase/accrual of benefits (figurative) vs hikizan cf sojo
kakuri separation, set apart from to be isolated/segregated from as jinshu kakuri apartheid vs bunri
kakuteibi fixed day as kessai kakuteibi settlement date bukken joto kakuteibi conveyance date
kakutei kyoshutsu defined contribution (pension) kyo obscure kanji so written 401(k) but without the 401(k) tax benefits
kakutei kyufu defined benefit (pension) poor yields and unfavourable demographics often heavily underfunded
kakyo overseas Chinese dominant economic force in SEA completely marginalised in Japan
Kamakura town 50km South of Tokyo place name of first shogunate 12th cent to 14th cent a tourist destination
kami no kuni country of the gods statement by PM Mori and the State Shinto positioning of Japan cf shinto
Kamiyacho gods valley township rather nondescript inexpensive now a foreign office location area in Tokyo
kan intuition, 6th sense as kan to keiken (decisions based on) feel and experience (derogatory)
kana kana syllabary letters cursive hiragana and square katakana in gojuon analysis cf kanamajiri
Kanagawa prefecture due South of Tokyo residential light industry region with exceptionally high level of HNWIs
kanai wife humble term (inside the house) indicating speaker's own wife cf keigo
Kanai Kanai Noburu (1865 - 1933) todai professor introducing many things Prussian cf Listianism, shiso zendo
kanamajiri kana mixed in standard Japanese script kanji + hiragana + katakana wrongly termed kanji
kanban signboard as kanban ni itsuwari ga ari advertisements always contain a falsehood
kancho kaikei ministry accounting single entry cash basis accounts from Prussia (1870s) vs fukushiki boki
Kanda gods field popular cheap office location for Japanese professionals area in Tokyo
kanegashigyo money lending business always ura implication of a tainted money lending operation (derogatory)
kanegashi ho Money Lending Act part of inconsistent legislation surrounding consumer finance cf gurezon
kaneru to combine, serve both as as yoji to asobi o kanete ikimashita (I) went on both business and pleasure
kaneru to hesitate (to do) as moshiagekanemasu ga naninani (I) venture to request such-and-such
kangaekata way of thinking as kangaekata ga kanari chigau way of looking at things is quite different
kani simple, convenient as kani seimei hoken easy life assurance kani tetsudo (2ft 6) light railway
kanji Chinese characters Japanese-style Chinese reading on + Japanese native reading kun
kanji radical 214 kanji building blocks classical Chinese listing now reduced and much abbreviated cf Nelson
kanjo account as kanjo ni tsukeru to put on the account tsuke ni suru to put on the tab
kankaku spacing, interval as semai kankaku closely spaced ittei no kankaku fixed interval spacing
kankei relationship, connection as missetsu na kankei closely related mattaku mukankei totally unrelated
kanko sight seeing, tourism as kankokyaku tourist kanko meisho tourist destination/famous site cf tabi
kankyosho Ministry of Environment upgraded from agency to ministry status in Hashimoto Reform process
kanmin officials and people, public + private sector as kanmin jigyo public/private business kanmin kyodotai public/private JV
kanpo simple assurance (for the everyman) PSC world's largest assurer 25,000 branches/JPY125tr approx cf yucho
kanren association, affiliation as kanren gaisha affiliated company kanren shitsumon a related question
kanri control, supervision as gaitame kanri forex control keiei kanri management control
kansa hojin auditing corporation civil code version of accounting firm partnership under the Act cf JICPA
Kansai West of barrier West Japan (Edo internal passport control barrier at Hakone) vs Kanto
kansei completion as kanseihin finished goods kansei ni chikazuku to approach completion
Kansei Reforms (1789 - 1793) under Matsudaira Sadanobu second of three economic reform programmes of Tokugawa Shogunate
kanseito (airport) control tower head of operations command centre one's better half (jocular) cf kanai
kansetsu indirect as kansetsu kinyu indirect financing/intermediation cf tochi honisei
kansetsu kinyu indirect financing, intermediation as kansetsu kinyu izon bank borrowing dependence vs chokusetsu kinyu
kanson minpi bureaucrat respect people despise Chinese Mandarinate thinking that government officials are everything
kan suru to be connected (with)/related (to) as naninani taisaku ni kan suru ho the So-and-So Measures Act
Kanto East of barrier East Japan (Edo internal passport control barrier at Hakone) vs Kansai
kantoku kancho supervising authorities responsible for supervising structured to avoid resulting responsibility
kanzainin administrator of property as hasan kanzainin receiver in bankruptcy isan kanzainin executor of a will
kanzen complete as kanzen teishi complete halt kanzen shoka (issue) completely taken up
kappo cooking, cookery as kappoya a cheap eating place kappogi cooking apron
kappu instalment payment as kappuhanbai ho Hire Purchase Act vs hikappu cf shinpan
karasawagi empty ruckus apt translation of title of Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing
karikae refinancing, refunding as karikae futan refunding burden karikaesai refinancing bonds cf FILPBs
kasai fire damage as kaijo kasai marine and fire damage/casualty/non-life cf sonpo
kashishiburi unwillingness to lend credit line reduction by balance sheet pressed banks in NPL roll-forward
Kasumigaseki mist barrier central government office location the Japanese Whitehall area of Tokyo
katakana square kana written as key radical of a homophonic kanji in square form vs hiragana
katatataki tap on shoulder, invitation to resign often legally unsound procedure claiming market forces cf yamu o enai
Katayama Plan MoPM local government tax reform central: local tax revenues 3:2 but expenditures 2:3 unclear plan 1:1 overall
kawase exchange term used also for domestic bill/promissory note settlement business
kaya no soto out of the loop when individual involved is tail end Charlie and therefore politically dead
kazei (to bear) taxation as kazei shotoku taxable income bunri kazei separately assessed tax
KDD Kokusai Denshin Denwa former monopolist of overseas calls now-KDDI rescued in kyusai gappei
keidai Keio University leading private university in Tokyo founded by Fukuzawa vs sodai
keidanren Federation of Economic Organisations largely for manufacturing industry now nomenclatively nihon keidanren
keiei management as keiei hoshin management policy keiei noryoku management ability
keigo Japanese characteristic polite language form of speech indicating social status between speaker and spoken to
keigo directionality expression of personal pronouns indirectly keigo used to express identity of speaker and spoken to by status allusion
keihanshin Kyoto + Osaka + Kobe kanji abbreviation for conurbation and segments split keihan and hanshin
keiho Criminal Code compendium of general criminal law provisions as keihojo no criminal
keika progress, course, development as keika hokoku progress report keika sochi transitional provisions
keikaku plan, project as jigyo keikaku an enterprise project toshi keikaku town planning
keikaku keizai planned economy, the Manchurian Experiments I modelled on Mussolini/Stalin 1930s II introduced to Japan proper 1950s
keiken experience as keiken no nai inexperienced keiken hofu highly experienced
Keio Bakumatsu era name (1865 - 1866) Keio Gijuku founded originally 1858 and later renamed Keio University
keioboi typical graduate of Keio well dressed/well turned out young man from a good family cf obotchan
keiretsu series vertically cartelised groups of companies originally the pre-War zaibatsu
keisatsucho National Policy Agency recruits widely from the physical education universities + todai selectively
keiseikai protofaction formed by Takeshita effective hijacking of Tanaka faction important political event (1980s)
keitai portable as keitai denwa cell phone keitai sokuteiki portable measuring instrument
keito tiered (banking) system from 19th cent German co-operative ideas cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch
keiyaku contract always short with a shingi seijitsu best efforts dispute resolution clause
keizai economy as keizai jijo economic conditions keizai seicho economic growth
keizaisangyosho Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry MITI and EPA amalgamated loss of power a warning to MoF cf MoETI
kengattai prefectural amalgamation proposed consolidation of prefectures to create Laender cf doshu, doshusei
kenkyujo research institute (a much devalued term) as naninani keizai kenkyujo So-and So Economic Research Institute
kenkyukai research meeting opportunity (for doctors and others) to get away for an agreeable weekend
kenmen face of security/note as kenmengaku face value kenmen kijutsu stated on the face of the security
kenri right, privilege as isansozoku kenri no hoki inheritance rights (tax efficiently) relinquished
kenritsu founded (ritsu) by prefecture (ken) as kenritsu koko prefectural high school cf doritsu, furitsu
kensa inspection with chosa useful route to general delay obstruction procrastination etc
kensetsuzoku construction tribe LDP members involved in construction budget issues cf three per cent
kento guess as kento ga tsukanai to have no idea kento dewa (my) guess (is that)
kessai settlement (of accounts) translation confusion occasionally with settei settlement (of a trust)
kessan (set of) accounts as kessanki accounting period akaji kessan (reporting) a loss
kessan tanshin short form securities report required by TSE etc within two months of balance sheet date cf yuho
kesubaikesu case by case deciding according to balance of vested interests involved cf rigai kankei
ketsubosho deficiency disease as settokuryoku ketsubosho no aru setsumei an unconvincing explanation
ki keigo prefix indicating second person as kisha your company kiko your bank kifujin lady kisama you! (insulting)
KIAC Kansai International Airport Corporation MoLIT FILP agency JPY1.5tr plus waste vs NTIAC cf three per cent
kiban standard, base as seikatsu no kiban base of life for inheritance/gift tax provisions cf jusho
kibo expectation, hope as kiboho Cape of Good Hope kibo o michite iru to be full of hope vs kitai
kigyo enterprise as kigyoka entrepreneur kigyo o okosu to launch a business
kihon standard, foundation viz kiban kihon kijun kikan kiso similar but subtly differentiated usages
kijun standard, criterion as handan kijun criteria kijun gokaku accredited kijunten datum point
kikan standard, nucleus as kikan sangyo basic industry kikan kodo gijutsu key high technology
kiken abstention, abandonment, default as tohyo kiken voting abstention shiai kiken match default/uncontested
kiken danger as kiken butsu mochikomi kinshi dangerous articles not to be brought in
kikin fund civil code jurisdiction under special provisions and not a simple trust
kikinzoku precious metals closely defined as means of payment under so-called liberalised Forex Act
kindai modern, recent as kindaishi modern history kindaigo modern languages vs gendai
kinki area around Kyoto + Nara current but very old and classical name for original Yamato heartland area
kinkyu emergency, urgency as kinkyu dasshutsu happyo emergency evacuation announcement
kinri interest as uketori kinri interest receivable shiharai kinri interest payable cf rishi
kinshi forbidden as kikenbutsu mochikomi kinshi dangerous articles not to be brought in
kinyu finance as kinyu kiki financial crisis kinyu kikan financial institution
kinyucho Financial Services Agency has gained much notoriety for its unstinted support for NPL roll-forward
Kinzai Institute of Financial Affairs MoF sponsored think tank producing financial perception survey data
kisei regulation, control number of regulations 10,000 a bureaucrat's paradise cf kisei kanwa
kisei chosei regulation adjustment, reregulation more correct term for deregulation/liberalisation cf kisei kanwa, jiyuka
kiseichu parasite, vested interest (figurative) infested institutions require reform therapy of heavy system fatigue disease
kisei kanwa regulation relaxation (translated variously) misleadingly liberalisation quite incorrectly deregulation cf kisei chosei
kishocho Meteorological Agency Met Office functions plus earthquake monitoring and tsunami warnings
kiso standard, foundation as bunpo no kiso elements of grammar kiso koji building foundation work
kissai seigen (LGB) bond issue restriction LGB issues not being permitted as basis of MoPM monitoring system
kita North hoku/on kita/kun as tozai nanboku North, South, East and West
kitai expectation, anticipation as muri na kitai datta (it) was an unreasonable expectation vs kibo
kitaine level of expectation as kitaine to wa kakehanaresugita to have been a complete disappointment
kitasu to cause as hidoi infure o kitashita to have caused bad inflation cf konran o kitasu
kitei regulations, provisions as horitsu no genko kitei no moto under the existing legal provisions
kitokuken established right, vested interest an identifiable vested interest against a morass of interests vs rigai kankei
KK members' liability limited to share capital AB, AS, Co Ltd, Corp, GmbH, Inc, NV, plc, SARL, SpA etc cf eiri, hieiri
ko (superior authority/state notions of) public not public political processes of scrutiny and participation vs shi cf okami
Kobe major port city in Kansai quite large Meiji foreign settlement area parallelling Yokohama in Kanto
kobo public offer as nihyakuokuen no shigatsu kobo April public offer of JPY20bn vs shibo
koboku public servant correct but use would be somewhat counterproductive cf kanson minpi
kocho favourable trend as gyoseki ga kocho (their) business results (are) more than satisfactory
kochokka rigidification, paralysis as shigo kochokka rigor mortis hence description of bureaucracy (ironical)
kodan public corporation as nihon doro kodan Japan Highway Public Corp cf FILP Reform, railways
kodoha Imperial Way Faction Manchurian Experiment I group with Imperial/mystical tendency vs toseiha
kofuzei Tax Transfer (local government) fiscal equalisation transfers administered by MoPM
kogai to chosei iinkai EDCC Environmental Disputes Co-ordination Commission a slightly tricky patch
kogin Industrial Bank of Japan, IBJ IBJ by its kanji abbreviation a small keiretsu now part of Mizuho cf Sogo
kokan exchange as butsubutsu kokan barter toka kokan (tax efficient) equal value exchange
koko high school schoolchildren are ages 16 to 18 elective education cf shogakko, chugakko
kokudokotsusho MoLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport MoT + MoC amalgamated
kokumin populace political colouring: kokumin rightist minshu neutral jinmin Marxist
kokunai domestic as kokunai jijo domestic circumstances kokunai sangyo domestic industry
kokunaiha domestic faction normally personnel main stream vs kokusaiha cf shuryuha, hanshuryuha
kokuritsu founded (ritsu) by country (koku) as kokuritsu seiyo bijutsukan National Museum of Western Art
kokusai international positive popular word in 1960s and 1970s now the threatening gurobaruka
kokusaiha international faction generally anti-main stream faction vs kokunaiha cf hanshuryuha, shuryuha
kokusaika internationalisation was a good thing within limits but strong reservations cf gurobaruka
kokusaisei internationalness suffix sei having the property/nature of as kokunaisei domesticness
kokusaku national policy ultimate irrefutable justification for bureaucrat fiat viz Mizuho formation
kokuzeicho National Tax Administration Agency, NTAA notably rough/tough/alegal/idiosyncratic administration of tax cf gurezon
kokyaku customer, client as fuyu na kokyakuso affluent client base kokyaku nizu client requirements
kokyotoshi public works expenditure, PWE lifeblood of LDP, of construction industry and of regional economies
komeito public light party votes actively gathered by Soka Gakkai machine-like system cf ikedakyo
komoku item, heading as komoku ni jijo ga gaito suru the provisions apply in the circumstances
komon advisor common sinecure slot for private sector amakudari cf seido hiro, anju suru
komuin public employee no concept of civil servant as Mandarinate thinking applies cf koboku
kondo this time confusingly uncertain as to whether past present or future in meaning
kongo from this time on as sonna taido kongo yurusanai! from now on stop that kind of nonsense!
konin officially recognised as konin kohosha official candidate (officially selected by political party)
konin kaikeishi Certified Public Accountant hopelessly mired between stakeholders and shareholders cf kakaekomi
Konkursordnung Bankruptcy Act (Austria-Hungary) 19th cent legislation with then-progressive debt composition cf Ausgleich
konnan difficulty, testing as kisai negime ga konnan impossible to agree the bond issue price
konran confusion as gaitame shijo konran no kiwamari the height of forex market confusion
koritsu founded (ritsu) by public (ko) as koritsu koko public high school koritsu hakubutsukan public museum
kosei nenkin Employee Pension Insurance public sector defined benefit scheme for employees linked to their EPF
koseirodosho Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare two low ranking ministries MoHW + MoL amalgamated cf MoHLW
kosei torihiki iinkai Fair Trade Commission occasionally slaps wrists for yet another price fixing performance cf dango
koseizoku welfare tribe LDP members involved in health pension welfare budget issues cf JMA
kotei fusai fixed liabilities (balance sheet item) as risutora de kotei fusai o herasu to slim fixed liabilities in a restructuring
kotei shisan fixed assets (balance sheet item) as kotei shisan o danko saihyoka suru to thoroughly revalue fixed assets
kotei shisanzei fixed asset tax property taxation holding burden very low transaction burden very high
kotei tesuryo fixed commissions (on equity business) totally freed and the final nail in the coffin of the securities industry as-was
koteki public as koteki ni sekinin o ou to be publicly responsible (for) vs shiteki
koteki saimu public debt as koteki saimu ga zatto nanahyakuchoen public debt (is) JPY700tr all in
koza account as futsu koza ordinary (deposit) account teiki koza term (deposit) account
kozo structure, construction as tatemono wa kozojo kekkan ga aru the building has structural defects
kudasai please with neutral polite impact as imperative of humble form kudasaru to give
kukaku seiri plot adjustment re-organisation of rice paddies for irrigation or town planning related
kukan space (in the three dimensions) as kukanteki kankei spatial relations kukan yuko riyo efficient space use
Kulturkampf (Bismarck's) culture conflict (1870 - 1878) infallibility dogma of Pius IX (1870) opposing Prussian political hegemony
kumiai association, society as rodo kumiai labour union toshi kumiai investment partnership
kun Japanese reading (of a kanji) native Japanese word of same meaning tied to kanji in on/kun pair vs on
kunaicho Imperial Household Agency slightly intrusive but highly effective minders of Imperial Family members
kunrei shiki Cabinet Ordinance System (1954) transliteration based on gojuon first introduced in 1937 vs hebon shiki
kurejitto credit gairaigo euphemism avoiding connotations of established word shinyo
kuroji in the black as okagesama de kuroji desu thankfully (we are) turning a profit
kurosu baibai cross trading (put-throughs) realising profits/losses for tax/book keeping purposes now restricted
kuruma no ryorin both wheels of the cart the two necessary and inseparable features of something (figurative)
kuzu rubbish, scrap as ningen no kuzu a good-for-nothing kuzu tetsu scrap iron
kyapitaru capital inserted y preserves diphthong pronunciation of English a more closely
kyasshingu cashing inserted y preserves diphthong pronunciation of English a more closely
kyodai Kyoto University one of the eight pre-War Imperial Universities with liberal reputation
kyodo hakko joint issue, Joint (Public) Offer (LGBs) MoPM scheme for JPO LGBs first launched in 2003/04 vs enkosai cf kobo
kyodotai community as unmeikyodotai community members bound together by a common fate
kyogi consultation, deliberation as yatto kyogi ga matomatta a conclusion was eventually reached
kyogikai council form of government consultative body to rubber stamp bureaucrat policy
Kyoho Reforms (1716 - 1736) under Tokugawa Yoshimune first of three economic reform programmes of Tokugawa Shogunate
kyoiku education as kyoiku kaikaku education reform kyoiku nesshin eager for education
kyoka strengthening as kissai seigen kyokasaku policy of further restricting (LGB) issues
kyomi interest as kyomibukai very interesting kyomiusui not very interesting
kyoppo comrade Korean word for Japanese Koreans meaning 'one of ours' cf uchinanchu
kyosai kumiai mutual aid association quasi-public sector composite insurers with life + casualty licence
kyoso competition controversial kanji compound for concept alien to neo-Confucian ideology
kyoson kyoei mutual co-existence, live and let live together exist together prosper four kanji epithegm cf mochitsu motaretsu
kyosoryoku competitiveness as kyosoryoku o kanzen ni ushinatta to have lost all competitive edge
Kyoto residence of Emperor (794 - 1867) still maintaining the veneer of a closed exclusive society but sadly reduced
kyoyo grant, provision as shakkan kyoyo grant of a loan terebi kyoyo TV set provided
kyufu payment, benefit as nenkin kyufu pension payment fuka kyufu fringe benefits/perks
kyusai gappei rescue merger ura of a takeover always described omote as a merger of nominal equals
Kyushu island South of Honshu one of four major islands of Japan others: Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku
l redundant letter l always transliterated r r that has l characteristics difficult for Occidentals cf Hepburn, gojuon
l aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations not a recognised sound none cf Hepburn, gojuon
LAs Life Assurers investment manager regulatory status now in considerable difficulty
Laender (German) states between central and local government regional subsidiarity cf doshusei
LAMEs Local Authority Municipal Enterprises drinking + industrial water hospitals sewerage underground railways etc
LAPCs Local Authority Public Corporations problematic housing provision land development toll roads cf seido hiro
LBOs Leveraged Buy Outs US-style scheme not meshing well with Japanese corporate governance
LDP Liberal Democratic Party post-War Establishment party nexus of vested interests cf jiminto, zokugiin
legitimacy of (sovereign's) title good or bad sources limited to Emperor and BoJ otherwise great distrust of authorities
legitime forced rules of succession civil code jurisdiction principle restricts scope of will provisions cf iryubun
LGBs Local Government Bonds, chihosai consolidated local government debt estimate is approx JPY235tr (2001)
LIAJ Life Insurance Association of Japan in decline statistics poorly compiled somewhat arrogant and time-warped
line being in the direct management line, rain as rain bucho line general manager (one with very great power) vs staff
Listianism founded by Friedrich List (1789 - 1846) staged socio-economic development free market end-stage vs Smithianism
Lockheed defunct US aircraft manufacturer put JPY500m in cash in packing cases into PM Tanaka's car boot
long term credit banks generic name for IBJ + LTCB + NCB financial institutions killed by intermediation cf shomi kigen ga kireta
LTCB Long Term Credit Bank, chogin spectacularly failed bank once nationalised then renamed Shinsei Bank
m sixth consonant in kstnhmyrw order m cf Hepburn, gojuon
m aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ma mi mu me mo miya (mya) miyu (myu) miyo (myo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
m million, 1,000,000 as hyakumanen JPY1m (EUR8,000 GBP5,000 USD8,000 at typical rates)
MAAs Mutual Aid Associations, kyosai kumiai managing assets for a range of financial products reform now in progress
MAAPI MAA Pension Insurance important public sector pension schemes now being folded into EPI
madogiwazoku window edge tribe unemployed sarariman on death row awaiting their dismissal cf katatataki
madohan window sales transitional provisions end-point banks able to sell SITs directly cf magashi
magashi lending space meaningless transitional provisions halfway house to SITs cf madohan
magnitude measure of energy liberated by earthquake per Richter scale not directly connected to ground acceleration vs shindo
mahi paralysis as rigai kankei no tairitsu de mahi paralysis via a morass of vested interests
mai my key Japlish element as maikazoku Sunday/family drivers cf besuto, joi, rain
mai (number of) sheets etc flat thin counter suffix as nijumai twenty sheets maisu number of sheets
majin margin as majin torihiki margin trading or more properly shinyo torihiki
makaseru to leave to somebody's discretion as hitomakase leave (decision) to another (a popular political ploy)
makegumi losing group, stragglers, losers failing followers in any process of change vs kachigumi cf binbo kuji
Makuhari Messe exposition site at Makuhari, Chiba (die Messe German meaning fair) demonstrating the enduring influence
maladministration short cuts made by bureaucrats generally taking the form of robbing Peter to pay Paul cf sakinobashi
Manchukuo Manchuria under Japanese occupation created 1932 and Henry Pu-yi installed Emperor 1934 cf manshu
Manchuria North East China vital key to most major Japanese decisions and developments post-1932
Manchurian Experiments economic planning (I pre-War and II post-War) I from Italy/USSR for Empire and II from I for civilian economic growth
maneita chopping board (for preparing sushi) as maneita ni sarasu to lay out on chopping board (figurative) cf kaikaku
maneshita imitated in reference to Matsushita MEI and its then-copying of proven products
manshu Manchuria second post-Edo economic planning experiment first Meiji cf Cameralism
market capitalisation share price x number of shares, jika sogaku notional value placed by the equity market on a company cf jika sogaku
marupeke circle or cross checking of items in a listing/multiple choice exam sheet (derogatory)
MBOs Management Buy Outs PE vehicle to revolutionise Japan making some slow progress cf norenwake
McDonald's joint ventured junk food operator high fat + salt + sugar intake leading to deterioration of Japanese diet
McKinsey US management consultancy important repository of conventional foreign analysis of Japan cf ACCJ
MEBs Municipal Enterprise Bonds generally issued on LGB account with pass-through to the LAMEs
megabank large banks regrouped in Allfinanz down to BoTM, Mizuho, (SM/MS)BC, R(e/i)sona, UFJ and possibly lower
MEI Matsushita Electrical Industries often otherwise known by the confusing National/Panasonic/etc brands
meigara brand, issue (securities jargon) as unyo meigara no sentei selection of issues for portfolio cf gyoku, kabuya
Meiji enlightened government world-unparalleled economic catch-up era name (1868 - 1911) cf nengo
meishin myth as nezuyoi tochidakka meishin the firm belief that land prices always go up
mekura hanko blind signature senior management agreeing to something without hands-on knowledge
Mencianism founded by Meng Tzu (372 - 289BC) Reform Confucianism emphasising economic welfare and rule by consent
mentsu face, social standing as mentsu ni kodawaru to insist on maintaining one's social standing
Mercantilism immediately post-feudal economics objective is surplus in external trade for the Prince vs Cameralism
Meteorological Agency kishocho Met Office functions plus earthquake monitoring and tsunami warnings
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry amalgamation of EPA + MITI loss of power a strong warning to MoF
MHFG MizuHo Financial Group (FHC I) unusual FHC tiering I (for Group) so artificially raising Basel Ratio
MHHD MizuHo HolDings (FHC II) unusual FHC tiering II (for megabank) so artificially raising Basel Ratio
MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nomura led underpriced issue (1986) ultimate cause of Yamaichi collapse
Micawber character in Dickens' David Copperfield relentless optimism problems will be solved/may be postponed cf seido hiro
microregulation bureaucrat form over substance detail etc busy regulating for job security but always avoiding any final responsibility
mikaitaku shijo (Japan as an) undeveloped market (for) an overseas development/product/technology to be introduced into Japan
mikokaikabu unlisted/unquoted shares as kogijutsu kanren mikokaikabu toshi fando a hitech private equity fund
Mikuni Mikuni Akio and founder Mikuni & Co proponent of concept of Japanese socialisation of risk cf itanji, JCR, R&I
minami South nan/on minami/kun as tozai nanboku North, South, East and West
mineika privatisation as nandemo kandemo mineika to iu ryuko the privatise-everything fad
minshu people, masses as minshu gekijo popular theatre (slightly dated) cf kokumin, jinmin
miokuru to postpone, decide not to (do) as zaigen ijo no meiki o miokuru to avoid fiscal resource transfer matters
mirai future (yet-to-come kanji not as actuality) as miraigaku futurology miraikei future tense mirai next world vs shorai
misregulation dysfunctional bureaucracy vested interests create bizarre transitional provisions cf maladministration
missetsu intimately connected as missetsu na torihiki kankei ga aru there is a close business relationship
Mita three fields slightly nondescript location of Keio University area of Tokyo
Mitbestimmung co-determination/stakeholder empowerment German corporate governance collective consent vs shareholder value
mitchakugata intimately connected (to its market) type viz third tier financial institution specialising in small savers/borrowers
mitsubishi three water chestnuts Mitsubishi keiretsu logo three diamond device prominently used cf mitsui
mitsui three wells Mitsui keiretsu logo stylised well with kanji three device cf sumitomo
Mittelstand middle ranking (companies), chuken kigyo a major sector in Germany significantly marginalised by keiretsu in Japan
miuchi relatives, in the family when of clients special trust exists cannot cause losses cf sonshitsu hoten
Mizuho mizuho no kuni (land of vigorous rice plants) archaic kanji compound hiragana used cf nomenclative challenge, MHHD
Mizuho IT Fiasco IT systems integration failure (April 2002) until March reported as omune mondai nashi things largely OK cf paralysis
MMFs Money Market Funds higher yielding near-deposits originally monopoly of securities houses
MoAFF M of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry vested interests persisting in food security argument cf norinzoku
mochibunho equity method accounting method for consolidating results of affiliated companies
mochimawari buggin's turn administrative function responsibility rotated around cartel etc members
mochitsu motaretsu to support and be supported key concept of mutual support robbing Peter to pay Paul cf kyoson kyoei
MoE Ministry of Environment upgraded from agency to ministry status with a difficult remit cf kakaekomi
MoEE Ministry of Everything Else, zatsumusho ragbag ministry MoPM created in Hashimoto Reform (critical) cf sonota
MoETI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry old EPA + MITI amalgamated loss of power a strong warning to MoF
MoEXT M of Educ'n, Culture, Sports, Science, etc near-MoPM look-alike cf Ministry of Everything Else, Hashimoto Reform
MoF Ministry of Finance, Ministry of ministries zaimusho name change cover taken MoETI loss of power a strong warning
MoFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gaimusho termed by Tanaka Makiko abode of devils cf fukumaden, seido hiro
mofutan MoF tanto, MoF representative prior system of posting staff to MoF inviting inevitable abuses cf roran
mogura tataki beating down the moles mallets + wooden moles game management by firefighting (figurative)
MoHLW Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare weak MoHW + MoL amalgamated notably prone to health care accidents
moho homo back slang inversion of kana spelling as common slang usage cf shoba, yob
MoJ Ministry of Justice, homusho direct translation slightly less ambitiously legal affairs ministry cf homusho
mokunin silent approval bureaucrat implicit acceptance but with explicit responsibility avoided
MoLIT M of Land, Infrastructure and Transport the leading example of vested interest parasite infestation cf three per cent
mom month-on-month, zengetsuhi the statistical percentage change measurement formulation cf qoq, yoy
momentum (of investment style) junbari as epitomised by Japanese and going-to-the-races investors vs contrarian
monbukagakusho MoEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology cf MoEE
mondai problem, issue as tochi mondai the land issue jinshu kakuri mondai the apartheid issue
MoPM Ministry of Public Management, somusho nicknamed zatsumusho Ministry of Everything Else cf Hashimoto Reform
motorways a motorway to every rice paddy! (satirical) urban/rural railway budget dispute revisited post-War cf gauge controversy
MTFG Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group BoTM FHC comparatively strong megabank vs Mizuho etc cf kachigumi
muimi no meaning as hotondo muimi practically no meaning kanzen muimi no meaning at all
mujinko mutual savings scheme as mujin ni ataru to win credit allocation in the mujin scheme lottery
mujirushi ryohin (keikaku) no-brand quality goods (programme) brand Seibu's no-brand brand overseas abbreviated to muji Japan full name
mukau to confront, face as pasokon o mukau to confront a PC (not a positive psychology)
mura ishiki village consciousness closed vested interest circle thinking of LDP factions (figurative) cf zoku
Muromachi area of Kyoto second shogunate location period name 14th cent to 16th cent cf Ashikaga
musen wireless as musen todai radio beacon Tokyo Musen a large radio cab company
n fourth consonant in kstnhmyrw order initial, medial either initial or final, final nasalised cf Hepburn, gojuon
n aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations na ni nu ne no niya (nya) niyu (nyu) niyo (nyo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
nado and other such things, etc as tail to listings reduplicated toto (legalese) nado nado (normal speech)
nagare flow, trend, development as nagare no kaerazaru kawa a river whose flow cannot be reversed
nai inside, we/us/ours, Japanese, domestic on/kun readings of key conceptualisation antithesis nai/uchi vs gai/soto
naikakufu Cabinet Office support staff for the newly empowered PM following Hashimoto Reform
naikaku gikaisei cabinet (Westminster) system democracy principle of a cabinet enjoying the confidence of the elected lower house
naikaku hosei kyoku Cabinet Legislation Bureau drafting body for the newly empowered PM following Hashimoto Reform
naikaku kanbo Cabinet Secretariat as naikaku kanbochokan Chief Cabinet Secretary (Official Spokesman)
naimusho Ministry of the Interior slightly sinister pre-War ministry of which MoPM is the weak successor
naka inside, within as the wish fuku wa naka oni wa soto prosperity inside the devils outside
nankai dentetsu Nankai Electric Railway (Incident) a socially complicated stock cornering damaging foreign brokers in 1980s
narabi ni and (legalese) as gomi narabi ni soon kogai taisaku waste and noise pollution measures
nariyuki as it goes equity order placed at best in LSE parlance considered unreliable on TSE
NCB Nippon Credit Bank, nissaigin quietly failed bank once nationalised only to be renamed Aozora Bank
nehosho base guarantee required personal guarantee in shokoron agreement with fraudulent intent
Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary Andrew Nelson's definitive reference work revolutionary in its time (1962)
nemawashi binding the roots (of a tree to be transplanted) to gain informal agreement well ahead of the formal decision (figurative)
nengo year number, era name confusing custom of dating by reigning Emperor/his posthumous name
nenkan annual (reference work) as naninani gyokai nenkan Such-and-Such Industry Annual cf nenpo
nenkin annuity, pension introduced from early Meiji in funded form as part of War effort (1941)
nenkin shingikai Pension Consultative Committee working on pension consequences of quinquennial demographic projections
nenkojoretsu according to seniority salary progression according to years served in company cf puropa
nenpo annual (reference work) as kokusai hikaku tokei nenpo International Comparative Statistics Annual
nenpuku Pension Welfare Service Corporation then-nenpuku with then-MoHW being worsted by MoF now-nenun/GPIF
nenun Government Pension Insurance Fund maladministration example due for FILP Reform surgery cf maneita, GPIF
Neo-Confucianism current eclectic mix of concepts Shintoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Christian and Secular values cf shi, ko
nezumiko rat (pyramid) scheme form of mujinko mutual (savings) scheme but with fraudulent intent
nezuyoi firmly rooted as nezuyoi henken firm prejudice soba wa nezuyoi market tone is firm
nichi sun, Japan ni, nichi, nipp, nit/on hi/kun prefix abbreviation meaning Japan
nichia Japan/Asia a kanji abbreviation meaning rank next, come after indicating Asia
nichibei Japan/US bei kanji abbreviation meaning rice indicating US
nichiboku Japan/Mexico boku kanji abbreviation meaning ink, China ink indicating Mexico
nichidoku Japan/Germany doku kanji abbreviation meaning alone, single indicating Germany
nichiei Japan/UK ei kanji abbreviation meaning gifted person, wit indicating UK
nichietsu Japan/Vietnam etsu kanji abbreviation meaning cross, go beyond indicating Vietnam
nichifutsu Japan/France futsu kanji abbreviation meaning Buddha, Buddhism indicating France
nichifu Japan/Prussia fu kanji abbreviation meaning widely, generally indicating Prussia
nichigin Bank of Japan kanji abbreviation of nippon ginko unimpugned legitimacy cf Emperor
nichigo Japan/Australia go kanji abbreviation meaning powerful, excelling indicating Australia
nichii Japan/Italy i kanji abbreviation meaning that one indicating Italy
nichiin Japan/India in kanji abbreviation meaning seal, stamp indicating India
nichijo everyday, daily as nichijo sahanji everyday common occurrences nichijo seikatsu daily life
nichio Japan/Europe o kanji abbreviation meaning Europe, Europa indicating Europe
nichiran Japan/Netherlands ran kanji abbreviation meaning orchid indicating The Netherlands
nichiro Japan/Russia ro kanji abbreviation meaning dew, dewdrop indicating Russia
nigemichi escape route, bureaucrat evasion routine usefully shedding light on extent of problem and responsibility involved
nigiri grasp, grip often illegal off-contract undertaking made to win a deal (securities jargon)
nihonban bigguban Japan's Big Bang liberalisations + Allfinanz in bureaucrat pipeline as hyped by Hashimoto
Nihonbashi Japan bridge datum point for all national distances old commercial quarter area of Tokyo
nihonjinron theory of being Japanese previously popular inchoate ruminations on the meaning of being Japanese
Niigata major city on Japan Sea coast important centre for traffic to North Korea by sea and Russia by air
niji sonshitsu secondary (newly crystallised NPL) losses deterioration of a bank's loan book after first bail-out cf contingent NPLs
nikka Japan/Canada ka kanji abbreviation meaning addition, increase indicating Canada
nikka Japan/China ka kanji abbreviation meaning flower, ostentation indicating KMT China
nikkan daily publication as nikkan supotsu Nikkan Sports nikkan gendai Daily Tabloid
nikkan Japan/Korea kan kanji meaning South Korea using very rare No 178 radical cf Nelson
nikkei of Japanese descent as nikkei beijin Japanese American nikkei sansei third generation Japanese
Nikkei leading stable of business publications as nikkei sangyo Nikkei Sangyo (industry) Nikkei Weekly (in English) etc
Nikkei (Average) TSE First Section stock price index using original quite outdated Dow unweighted computation vs TOPIX
Nikko mountain resort North East of Tokyo easily accessible by train from Ueno site of Tokugawa Ieyasu mausoleum
ninidantai voluntary association civil code form of common law limited partnership substance legally weak
ninka approval, permission as ninka kyokasho authorised textbooks ninka gakko recognised school
Ninomiya Ninomiya Sontoku (1787 - 1856) agrarian economist practical social reformer promoting savings cf chochiku
ninsho certification, validation as ninshoshiki (Imperial) accreditation/formal investiture ceremony
nippi Japan/Philippines hi kanji abbreviation meaning ratio, comparison indicating The Philippines
nippo Japan/Portugal ho kanji abbreviation meaning grape, wild grape indicating Portugal
nishi West sei, sai/on nishi kun as tozai nanboku North, South, East and West
nissei Japan/Spain sei kanji abbreviation meaning West, westering (of sun) indicating Spain
nissei Nippon Life the leading assurer name impermissibly romanised Nissay cf R(e/i)sona
nissen Japan/Korea sen kanji abbreviation meaning brilliant, fresh indicating pre-War Korea
nissenren Japan Federation of Specialist Retailers small traders' association for specialist shops notably under pressure now
nisshin Japan/China shin kanji abbreviation meaning clean, pure indicating Qing China
nisshoren Japan Federation of Retailers small traders' association for generalist shops notably under pressure now
nitcho Japan/Korea cho kanji abbreviation meaning morning indicating North Korea
nitchu Japan/China chu kanji abbreviation meaning centre, middle indicating PRC
nittai Japan/Taiwan tai kanji abbreviation meaning stand, pedestal indicating Taiwan
NMAA Nokyo Mutual Aid Association managing financial products for the agricultural co-operatives not marginal
NMAAPP NMAA Personal Pensions personal pension products offered by Nokyo Mutual Aid Association
no Noh classical opera of Edo Period now elite high culture vs kabuki
nogare escape, evasion as kancho no sekinin nogare bureaucrat responsibility evasion cf nigemichi
nokyo agricultural co-operative, nogyo kyodo kumiai lowest tier of organisational burden on farmers cf norinzoku, seido hiro
nomenclative challenge inability to choose appropriate names decisional paralysis usefully exposed internal form over external substance
nomenklatura listed names selected civil servants/fast track sarariman 'Princes' with great privileges
nopan (young female staff wearing) no panties developed in the Nanba Osaka entertainment R&D incubator cf roran
norenwake sharing trade name Edo paying off apprentices with trade name allegedly early form of MBOs
norinchukin Raiffeisen-style tiered keito umbrella bank tiered structure of banking levels: norinchukin shinnoren nokyo cf keito
norinsuisansho M of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ministry playground for zoku and agricultural vested interests cf MoAFF
norinzoku agriculture and forestry tribe LDP members concerned with agriculture, forestry and fisheries budget
noruma work norm monthly sales level to be met by pressured salesman of financial products
noyaki annual field burning, clearing out parasites dealing with vested interests etc by reform (figurative) cf seido hiro
nozomashii desirable as sore o suru no wa nozomashikunai doing that is not a very good idea
NP(I) National Pension (Insurance) basic level public sector scheme for the self-employed sponsor MoHLW
NPA National Personnel Authority independent entity for determining Government personnel guidelines
NPA National Police Agency recruits widely from the physical education universities + todai selectively
NPFA National Pension Fund Association parallelling the PFA umbrella organisation for EPFs but for NPFs
NPFs National Pension Funds semi-public sector and parallelling EPFs but for the self-employed cf NP
NPL Non-Performing Loan, furyo saiken Establishment in denial of existence of contingent NPLs cf sakinobashi
NPL roll-forward not booking credit costs as they accrue MoF maintaining pre-tax so smoothing tax revenues cf hozei shonin ginko
NTAA National Tax Administration Agency tax collection and information under MoF political control cf kokuzeicho
NTIAC New Tokyo International Airport Corp known as Narita except to MoLIT nomenclative challenge vs KIAC
NTQRP Non-Tax Qualified Retirement Pension unfunded customary scheme generally as RLS and not approved by NTAA
nukemichi loophole as setsuzei no nukemichi o fusegu to plug a tax avoidance loophole
o fifth vowel in aiueo order pure vowel as in Italian not diphthong as in English cf Hepburn, gojuon
o kstnhmyrw permitted combinations ko so to no ho mo yo ro lengthened as oo, ou, oh, o- etc cf Hepburn, gojuon
o keigo prefix indicating general politeness as obento packed lunch omakase selection otosan father ouisuki whisky
O-157 O-157 infection in Japan saga MoHW denial of unsafe slaughterhouses route cf AIDS, BSE, press clubs
OB Old Boy neutral except as amakudari OBs negative re structural corruption
obaasan grandmother, older woman neutral as ojiisan to obaasan old boys and old girls/the (generally active) elderly
obasan aunt, middle aged woman neutral as obatarian queue jumping, pushing and shoving woman (slang)
obfuscation intentionally confusing the issues standard bureaucrat misinformation uttered with perfect aplomb
obotchan young man (from good family) as obotchama the young man (of the house) (ironical) cf keioboi
oburato (medicinal) wafer (for powdered drugs) as oburato ni tsutsumu to make acceptable for consumption (figurative)
ochita fallen, failed as shiken ni ochita failed an exam hashi ga ochita the bridge is down
ochitsuita to have settled down as gaitame soba ga ochitsuita the (unsettled) forex market has steadied
ODR Official Discount Rate still employed Bank Rate system BoJ prime commercial bill discount rate
oei OA, Office Automation, IT kit as oei furo (raised) IT floor oei toshi keikaku IT investment programme
ofubara off-balance sheet as naninani o ofubaraka suru to remove such-and-such from balance sheet
ojiisan grandfather, old man neutral as ojiisan to obaasan old boys and old girls/the (generally active) elderly
ojisan uncle, middle aged man as shomi kigen ga kireta ojisan a man past his consume-by date (jocular)
okami Emperor, government, public authorities, ko as okami no goyo official/government business vs shi cf civil society
okamisan wife, lady, a good woman as onsen ryokan no okamisan the landlady of the hot spring spa hotel
Okinawa island chain between Japan and Taiwan originally independent, then suzerainty and then annexed cf Ryukyu
okiwasurete iru to have left (best) forgotten to (conveniently) have forgotten/glossed over (some awkward facts)
okonomiyaki meat vegetables batter pan cooked at table popular and convenient party dish cf shabushabu sukiyaki teppanyaki
Okuma Okuma Shigenobu (1838 - 1922) colourful Meiji figure promoted British model against the Prussian vs Ito
omae you (derogatory) as ome you! yakuza style address and threatening language cf ihaku gendo
omakase (leave to your) discretion as omakase menyu the Chef's own devised menu cf makaseru
omote front, expedient facade presentational fiction covering awkward truth vs ura cf honne, tatemae
omowareru to be thought (that) generally correct facts stated by media without attribution of source
on benefit, obligation as oya no on parental love on o shiru to be grateful vs giri
on Chinese reading (of a kanji) as then heard second/third hand little relation to now-Mandarin vs kun
on keigo prefix indicating the second person less common than go as onko your bank onsha your company vs hei cf go
onakeieisha owner-manager (of a business) HNWI social element target for noruma driven financial product salesmen
on o uru to earn gratitude, impose oneself as on o urarete being set up and obliged (in the circumstances to help out)
Ordoliberalism Freiburg School, Sozialmarkt combining principle of freedom in market place with that of social balance
Osaka centre of Kansai region commercial capital Naniwa renamed Osaka (1492) serving Kyoto cf Sakai
OSE Osaka Stock Exchange quite eager to launch novel quotations/products in competition with TSE
osoroi complete set (of matching plates etc) as osoroi desu (you) are all here/birds of a feather flock together (ironical)
otaku nerd psychologically somewhat withdrawn person now applied to PC devotees
OTC Over the Counter, tento shijo third securities market managed by JSDA now trendily termed JASDAQ
Otemachi big hand town financial centre and original main gate of Shogun's castle area in Tokyo
outsourcing sub-contracting new and relatively clean name for the old and problematic shitauke
overbanked excessive number of banks MoF post-War protection of banking industry consequence cf gososendan
overloan lending exceeding funding banking practice first used (with nil funding) in Manchurian Experiment I
overmoney funding exceeding lending regional banks overmoney city banks overloan intermediated by tanshi
oyobi and (legalese) as gaikoku kawase oyobi gaikoku boeki ho Foreign Exchange &Trade Act
p fifth consonant in kstnhmyrw order h plosivised p cf Hepburn, gojuon
p aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations pa pi pu pe po cf Hepburn, gojuon
pa nothing, stupid as pa desu (he's) stupid pa ni natta (it) came to nothing/was cancelled
pachinko vertical bagatelle, vertical pinball vast pinball halls and popular form of unprosecuted gambling cf tobaku
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors 1980s memorably failed then-MoE attempt at kakaekomi cf shadanhojin
Paekche SW Korean kingdom (18BC - 660AD) included Kayu partly occupied by Japan as Minama and early friction
paralegals benrishi, shihoshoshi, zeirishi facilitating patent, legal and tax affairs below lawyers cf professionals
paralysis bureaucrat inertia in Sartrian analysis alienated non-praxis in inert field cf kochokka, impotence, seriality
parasite infestation institutions gather vested interest parasites peculiar concept of institutional fatigue + reform cycle cf kiseichu, reform
parastatal of PRC entities but also appropriate for major Japan entities in a national policy arena
par value the portion of the capital, gakumen kingaku Commercial Code revision has abolished but retains impact cf P/P multiple
pasokon personal computer gairaigo condensation into two/three syllables cf biru, defure, infure
Patent Agency tokkyocho tokyotokkyokyokakyoku Tokyo Patent Approvals Office (tongue twister)
Pauschal Swiss tax scheme offering efficiencies flexibility deeply challenging and impossible for MoF Tax Bureau/NTAA
pay-off JPY10m bank deposit guarantee ceiling to be introduced(?) after many delays as part of Big Bang but controversial
pay-out ratio dividend distribution against net profits otherwise dividend cover but expressed reciprocally/the other way around
PAYE Pay-As-You-Earn sarariman income tax paid out of wages/more commonly monthly salary
PAYG Pay-As-You-Go public sector pension schemes being operated on an unfunded basis
PDC NTT/MoPT version of TDMA (1991) neither GSM nor CDMA so barring mobile phone imports but also exports
PER P/E Ratio, P/E multiple unnecessary R when P/E not a ratio but a multiple (of years' earnings)
PFA Pension Fund Association EPF umbrella body providing technical assistance and limited portability
PFA Personal Financial Assets SNA basis flow of funds balance prepared by BoJ JPY1,400tr/1.4qr (2001)
Pfandbriefe German-style covered bonds attracting some attention as a liquidity mechanism for the LGB market
PFI Private Finance Initiative funding LAME developments at the more progressive municipalities
PKO Price Keeping Operation pressure from LDP on FILP-related to support TSE share price level
PM Prime Minister with lower house confidence nominates cabinet cf naikaku gikaisei
PM's Official Residence apparatus of executive government Japanese No 10 Downing Street recently and quite expensively rebuilt
PO LGBs Public Offer Local Government Bonds offered by "Group of 29" local authorities in open market vs enkosai cf JPO
POPI Post Office Pension Insurance kanpo pension product and approx 10 per cent of kanpo balances
Postal Services Agency yuseijigyocho transitional provisions in privatisation of postal services cf yusei kosha
postposition function marker positioned after word characteristic of subject/object/verb order languages vs preposition
P/P price/par multiple corporate indicator failing syndrome below 2 failed syndrome below 1
PPI Personal Pension Insurance pension scheme category offered by private financial institutions
PPP Purchasing Power Parity suspect adjustment of GDP per capita to express standard of living
praxis conduct in non-inert field of action Sartrian/Marxian analysis where man may realise his being vs alienation
preposition function marker positioned before word characteristic of subject/verb/object order languages vs postposition
press clubs kisha kurabu (sophisticated self-censorship) media + media source preventing confusion of public cf Kanai, shiso zendo
professionals impartial specialists in civil society envelopment by vested interests impartiality so compromised cf kakaekomi
PSA Postal Services Agency, yuseijigyocho transitional halfway house in privatisation of postal services vs PSC
PSC Postal Services Corporation further transitional provisions in privatisation of postal services vs PSA
puraibeto bankingu Private Banking being guided by NTAA into the on-shore retail version only cf tax policy
puropa proper (employee hired out of university) full sarariman eligible for promotion ladder vs chuto saiyo cf shokutaku
PWE Public Works Expenditure, kokyotoshi lifeblood of LDP, construction, regional economies etc cf three per cent
q redundant letter always transliterated kuw + vowel cf Hepburn, gojuon
q aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations not a recognised sound none cf Hepburn, gojuon
qoq quarter-on-quarter, zenshihankihi the statistical percentage change measurement formulation cf mom, qoq
qr quadrillion, 1,000,000,000,000,000 as issenchoen JPY1qr (EUR8tr, GBP5tr, USD8tr approx at typical rates)
r eighth consonant in kstnhmyrw order r has l characteristics difficult for Occidentals cf Hepburn, gojuon
r aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ra ri ru re ro riya (rya) riyu (ryu) riyo (ryo) cf Hepburn, gojuon
R&I Rating and Investment Information goyotatsu credit rating agency out of koshasai shinbun vs JCR cf Mikuni
Raiffeisen Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818 - 1888) founded credit unions with umbrella co-operative banks in rural Rhineland
Raiffeisenbanken agricultural co-operative banking members of German third tier of co-operative banks cf nokyo, Raiffaisen
railways with motorways strong PWE attractions large budget justifiable transport networks perennial disputes cf zokugiin
ramp to (illegally) manipulate (a stock price) higher Ichiwakai's Ishii ramping Tokyu famously via Nikkei/Nomura cf aoru
ranmyaku keiei chaotic management as ranmyaku keiei o kiwamete iru to be a management chaos cf homan keiei
R(e/i)sona quasi-megabank based on Asahi/Daiwa Bank branding romaji Resona hiragana Risona cf nomenclative challenge
RECOF REsearch, COnsulting Firm independent M&A boutique specialising in conventional arenja function
reductionism the whole is the sum of its parts Occidental economic rationality priority over social solidarity vs holism
reform therapy of fatigue diseased institutions coping with untransparency + maladministration + parasites cf noyaki
rekkyoshugi principle of cataloguing everything bureaucrat microregulation penchant for specific listings vs basuketto joko
rengokai joi dantai umbrella for kai dantai entities (national) umbrella for (regionally/locally) tiered organisations cf keito
renkei in co-operation, in concert as beidoru renkei tsuka USD linked currency renkei pure team play
renketsu kogaisha consolidated subsidiary IAS-style effective management control criterion being introduced cf IAS
renketsu zaimushohyo consolidated financial statements introduction over 20 years ago but still resistance re implicit transparency
repo gensaki repo market was active before the word repo had even been invented
reputational risk risk in untransparent regulation bureaucratic fiat regulation represents serious risk for foreign entrants
reregulation kisei kanwa translated variously liberalisation misleading deregulation worst reregulation best cf kisei chosei
restructuring risutora selective firing of employees claiming market forces cf yamu o enai
revitalisation saisei implication that now dying lost in this Japanese usage cf restructuring
ri reason, logic as ri ni kanau to stand to reason ri ni han suru to be quite illogical
R(i/e)sona quasi-megabank based on Asahi/Daiwa Bank branding hiragana Risona romaji Resona cf nomenclative challenge
riboringu revolving (credit) fixed amount monthly settlement but credit costs thought untransparent
Richter scale absolute energy at earthquake epicentre confused with more meaningful Japanese ground acceleration scale shindo
rieki profit, advantage as sorieki gross profit eigyo rieki operating profit junrieki net profit
rigai kankei interests relationship, vested interests a morass of vested interests not single identifiable interests vs kitokuken
rigidification kochokka, paralysis as shigo kochokka rigor mortis (bureaucratic logjam of interests) cf Sartre
riman sarariman, salaried employee recently adopted two syllable abbreviation Japlish compound cf sarariman
rimawari yield as yoso rimawari forecast return unyo rimawari achieved return
ringisho ringisho, circulated proposal circulated for everybody's hanko nobody responsible cf mekura hanko
rinnocho Forestry Agency left operating forestry roads, forestry projects and other hopeless cases
rishi interest as rishi o toru to charge interest rishi o harau to pay interest
risoku interest least used variant form of rishi also kinri a lesser used form
risuku risk as risuku ritanu risk and return (a concept introduced in Big Bang)
risuto list once listed always listed despite any changed circumstances cf rekkyo shugi
risutora restructuring selective firing of employees claiming market forces cf yamu o enai
Ritsumeikan Kansai leading private university Doshisha and Ritsumeikan parallelling Keio and Waseda in Kanto
RLS Retirement Lump Sum customary pension system funded (if funded) in balance sheet no sponsor
ROCS rokin bank ATM network approximately 2,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
rodo joken labour conditions, terms as shugyo kisoku ni yoru rodo joken terms per rules of employment
rodo kyoyaku Labour Agreement important labour contract signed between employer and employees' union
RoE Return on Equity a concept introduced by Big Bang along with shareholder value
rokin Labour Credit Association Bank low profile financial institution and marginal in the extreme
romaji romanisation of kanamajiri Hepburn used generally kunrei shiki used officially cf fuji, huzi
ron theory suffix noting any hypothesis/theory as shinkaron Theory of Evolution
rongai out of the question as sonna nedan o teiji suru no wa rongai da suggesting that price is crazy
ronri logic as ronri tenkai ga umai having the knack of making a logical explanation
Roppongi six trees previously quality now increasingly louche entertainment area of Tokyo
roran cherry orchid nopan shabushabu restaurant for MoF staff + their mofutan sadly closed
rosenka hoshiki (bizarre) urban land tax valuation method strange notional frontage value then adjusted for plot shape and location
ryoko travel mass travel existed in Edo period hence special psychology of tabibito
ryudo fusai liquid liabilities Japanese balance sheets characterised by bills payable shiharai tegata
ryudo shisan liquid assets Japanese balance sheets characterised by bills receivable uketori tegata
Ryukyu lapis lazuli spheres Okinawa poetically but sad actuality of US bases, MoLIT PWE, tourism etc
ryutsu distribution as ryutsugyo distributive trades ryutsu senta distribution depot
s second consonant in kstnhmyrw order s cf Hepburn, gojuon
s aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations sa si (shi) su se so shiya (sha) shiyu (shu) shiyo (sho) cf Hepburn, gojuon
sa young men's sentence interjection as sa iku zo (I'm) getting out of here takai sa (that's) pricey vs wa
sabisu free product/gift/voucher as sabisu desu on the house sabisu zangyo overtime worked not claimed
saeki (arbitrage) margin (spread sa profit eki) as bontore saeki bond trader margin haba no aru saeki a decent spread
saibungata detailed (insurance premium) type Big Bang impact on tariff insurance market premiums according to risk
saiken loan (assets) as furyo saiken NPLs saiken juni order of creditor priority (in bankruptcy)
saikensha creditor as saikensha hogo no gensoku protection of creditors principle
saimu loan (liabilities) as yurishi saimu borrowings bearing interest saimu furiko loan default
saimusha debtor as taju saimusha multiple debtor (deeply related to sarakin problems)
saisei revitalisation as kinyu saisei iinkai then-FRC now-FSA (as MoF cover) cf revitalisation
Saitama prefecture North of Tokyo as dassai (datsu/out of + sai(tama)) naff /Estuary Essex
saizen o tsukusu to do one's utmost political phraseology deconstructed as to do nothing in actuality
Sakai old port city in South Osaka mid-16th cent merchant city state suppressed by Hideyoshi cf civil society
sakinobashi roll-forward as furyosaiken no sakinobashi NPL roll-forward cf maladministration
sakoku closed country Tokugawa Shogunate policy of isolation of Japan (1635 - 1853)
sakugo error, mistake, misconception as jidai sakugo anachronistic thinking shiko sakugo trial and error
sakura cherry blossom classic ideograph kanji tree with woman below and petals above cf dai
sakura dummy customer as sakura ni naranai ka won't (you) help boost numbers (at the bar)?
SANCS shinkumi bank ATM network approximately 3,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
sangaku renkei industry and academia liaison mid-1990s concept for promoting high tech ventures now having impact
sanin mountain shadow, Northern slope Sea of Japan coast Southern section notably depopulated vs sanyo
Sankei major daily newspaper belonging to Fuji Sankei Group from Osaka substantially right wing
sanmen kiji third page article, inner last page from days of single folded broadsheet page for scandal used by NTAA
sanwa three harmonies Sanwa keiretsu claimed founded in 1656 actually in 1930s cf UFJ
sanyo mountain sun, Southern slope Pacific coast Southern section heavily industrialised vs sanin
Sapporo prefectural capital of Hokkaido highly unusual kanji spelling preserves Ainu original name pronunciation
sarakin sarariman kinyu, unsecured consumer loans confused grey zone legislation maintenance against contributions to LDP
sarariman company employee member of the post-War lifetime employment system (derogatory) cf riman
Sartre Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980) bureaucracy as exhibiting paralysis, impotence and seriality vs Weber
sashimi pierce body, sashimi thinly sliced premium quality raw fish if served on rice sushi cf maneita
sashine indicated price equity order placed at given price considered most advisable vs nariyuki
satei assessment as furyo saiken o kibishiku satei suru to rigorously assess NPLs
satori enlightenment, Nirvana, Buddhahood as kare wa satori ga osoi he is slightly slow on the uptake (ironical) cf somi
satoru to comprehend, achieve Nirvana as kimi satotta no ka have you understood? (jocular) cf somi, satori
Schuldschein debt note, kariire shosho instrument of zero to inconveniently limited assignability vs Wertpapier
Schulze-Delitzsch Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch (1808 - 1883) Prussian nationalist politician promoted co-operative movement legislation
SCS Second regional bank ATM network approximately 12,500 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
Seagaia Miyazaki Pref extensive resort facility TSP classic failed TSP bought by Ripplewood for restructuring and sale
sei nature, character kanji suffix as kokusaisei internationalness danryokusei elasticity
seibi preparation, additional as seibi shinkansen additional Shinkansen flavour of construction excesses
seido hiro (institutional) system fatigue paradigm parallelling kinzoku hiro metal fatigue cf maneita, noyaki
seigen restriction, limit as seigen jikan time limit suryo seigen quantitative restrictions
seiho life assurance kanji abbreviation of seimei hoken vs sonpo cf seisonpo
seikatsu life, existence, livelihood as seikatsuhi living expenses seikatsu kankyo living environment
seikyo consumer co-operative also offering a limited variety of financial services marginal in the extreme
seimei life as seimei iji sochi o hazusu to disconnect life support equipment
seirei ordinance, Cabinet Order as seirei shitei toshi a designated city (fiscal status of a prefecture)
seiri arrangement, re-organisation as seiri bango reference number seiri gaisha a company in liquidation
seisonpo casualty and life insurance kanji abbreviation of seiho + sonpo composite insurance (not licensable)
seiyo Western Ocean, Occident as seiyojin an Occidental seiyo shokoku the West vs toyo cf reductionism
seizen while still alive, inter vivos as seizen zoyo gift inter vivos (inheritance tax loophole now largely closed)
Sekigahara battlefield SE of Lake Biwa Tokugawa Ieyasu won (1600) to found Tokugawa Shogunate cf Edo
sekinin mondai responsibility problem, finding guilty party once a sanmen kiji issue all hope lost for hapless individual/organisation
sekisho control barrier historically Hakone now any informational chokepoint (figurative)
sekkyokuteki vigorous (action promised) every politician's empty undertaking to do something cf reform
Sendai city in North-West Honshu still benefiting from town planning of Date Masamune (1567 - 1636)
seninrodoiinkai Labour Relations Commission for Seafarers amakudari slot organisation now quite stranded by industrial change
senkotoshi investment for the future ura implication of immediate burden and somewhat uncertain return
sennen suru to give undivided attention (to) as shigoto ni sennen shigachi desu (he) tends to be given over to work
sensabanbetsu 1,000 differences 10,000 distinctions as hito wa sensabanbetsu desu it takes all sorts to make the world
sentaku kijun criteria often much post facto argument about basis of a (personnel etc) decision
sente o utsu to make the first move as kyokumen no sente o utte iru to retain the initiative in a situation
senzairyoku latent capabilities, potentiality as toji no senzai kobairyoku latent purchasing power at that time
seriality structured impotence in inert field of action alienated impotence of bureaucrat superiors and subordinates cf Sartre
serusu sales as serusupointo selling point vs sorudo bargain sales cf soldes
SESC Securities and Exchange Surveillance C commission to upgrade supervision but also cover for MoF cf nigemichi
setai household as setai chochiku chosa tokei household savings survey statistics
setchi suru to establish, found, set up as shikin no setchi kijun available funds requirement to set (it) up
setsu theory, opinion as gakusetsu an academic interpretation (of legal point for Court guidance)
setsuzei tax efficiency, tax avoidance often termed evasion by NTAA through co-operating media vs datsuzei
settei fixing, settling as fudosan shintaku o settei suru to settle a property trust
settokuryoku power of persuasion as settokuryoku no aru gohatsugen (he made) some persuasive comments
SGA Sales and General Administration (expenses) eigyo ippan kanri hi between gross profit and operating profit lines
shabushabu thinly cut meat parboiled at the table popular and convenient party dish cf okonomiyaki sukiyaki teppanyaki
shadanhojin civil code public interest entity, trust form of amakudari slot organisation for kantoku kancho cf zaidanhojin
shain company members legally speaking shareholders but colloquially speaking employees
shakai fukushi social welfare Meiji Establishment's great fear of socialism ensured its early adoption
shakaihokencho Social Insurance Agency, SIA handling the nitty gritty of welfare ie SIA/MoHLW as to NTAA/MoF
shakkan loan as taiki shakkan standby credit endate shakkan JPY denominated loan
shareholder value Anglo-Saxon corporate governance implying high transparency + low social solidarity vs stakeholder value
shi (selfishness/misconduct notions of) private not privileged value in Neo-Confucianism as shii bias vs ko cf civil society
shichoson cities, towns and villages, municipalities as shichoson gappei no sokushin promotion of municipal amalgamation
shido guidance, leadership as daredare no shido no moto under the guidance of So-and So
shigenenerugicho Agency of Natural Resources and Energy left operating the oil stockpile etc on demise of JNOC etc in FILP Reform
shiho shoshi legal agent, judicial scrivener facilitator of legal applications (in the bureaucrat interest) cf paralegals
shikiho four seasons (quarterly) report Japan Company Handbook Japanese version as published by Toyo Keizai
shikin capital, funds as shikinnan shortage of funds unten shikin working capital
shikin unyobu Trust Fund Bureau (created 1885) renamed FILP Fund, zaito shikin, on launch of FILP Reform (2001)
shikkaku loss of qualification, disqualification as yakubutsu shiyo de shikkaku suru to fail the drugs test (in sports event)
Shikoku island off Honshu smallest of four major islands of Japan others: Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu
shikumi scheme, plot, contrivance gairaigo euphemism sukimu used to avoid the negative connotations
Shimane prefecture in Sanin coded allusion to late ex-PM Takeshita's political/financial practices
shinai (within the) city as shinai kyokuban local number shinai romen densha city trams
shinazoroi line-up of goods as asoko wa shinazoroi ga hofu they have an excellent selection of articles
shinbun newspaper as shinbun ni yoru to according to the papers vs denbun
shinbutsu bunri no rei Shinto and Buddhism Separation Ordinance State Shinto created and then-established Buddhism disestablished (1868)
shincho ni cautiously, carefully as shincho ni taio suru to cope with circumspectly/be in opposition to
shindo earthquake ground acceleration scale at specific locations frequently confused with Richter scale magnitude
shingikai council, inquiry as gaikoku kawase shingikai/gaitameshin Council on Foreign Exchange
shingyoren Fishery Co-operative Credit Federation intermediate umbrella body for a minor keito banking system marginal
Shinjuku new inn louche history (bordellos temporarily suppressed in 1718) area of Tokyo
shinkansen new main line, standard gauge trunk routes 1930s plan being realised from 1960s cf dangan ressha, Breitspurbahn
shinkin Credit Associations, shinyo kinko third tier banks no social complications vs shinkumi cf Schulze-Delitzsch
shinku vacuum as shinku hatchaku vacuum sputtering shinku jochaku vacuum deposition
shinkumi Credit Unions, shinyo kumiai third tier banks with social complications vs shinkin cf Schulze-Delitzsch
shinnichiha Japanophile faction as zentaisei no shinnichiha prior regime's pro-Japan group vs hannichiha
shinnoren Agricultural Co-operative Credit Federation intermediate umbrella body for important nokyo keito banking system
shinpan credit sales (company) buys sales debtor accounts from retailers for settlement by instalment
shinrai reliance, dependability as shinrai kankei fiduciary relationship shinrai dekinai untrustworthy
Shinsaibashi new Buddhist food bridge parallelling Akihabara the discounted electrical goods etc area of Osaka
shinsei ginko new life bank, Shinsei Bank improbable name given to failed LTCB after bail-out in Ripplewood stable
shintaku trust limited application made of trusts despite being a civil code jurisdiction
shinto way of the gods, harmless Japanese Taoism as though Druids had survived Christianity vs State Shinto cf Emperor
shinyo credit as shinyo chosa credit enquiry shinyo kahei fiat money shinpan credit sales
shinyo kinko Credit Associations, shinkin form of third tier financial institution cf shinkin, Schulze-Delitzsch
shinyo kumiai Credit Unions, shinkumi form of third tier financial institution cf shinkumi, Schulze-Delitzsch
shinyo torihiki margin trading (equities) recently restricted (2002) by FSA to support bank shares cf PKO
Shiodome tidal basin old marshalling yard East of Shinbashi Station now massively redeveloped
shiritsu founded (ritsu) by city (shi) as shiritsu koko city high school shiritsu hakubutsukan city museum
shiritsu founded (ritsu) by individual (shi) as shiritsu koko private high school jubako watakushiritsu distinguishes
shiryo material, (objective) data as shiryo shussho data source shiryo teikyo provision of data vs zairyo
shisan assets as junshisan net assets/shareholders' funds shisanka wealthy man
shisan unyo asset management licensed managers are: life assurers, trust banks, IACs I & II, SITMCs etc
shisan unyo shingikai Council on Asset Management drew up portfolio asset allocation model prior to FILP Reform 2001/08
shisho obstacle, impediment as shisho naku without a hitch shisho o kitashita to have obstructed
shiso zendo correct guidance of (popular) thought media omote for Establishment and social complication ura cf Kulturkampf
shisutemu system gairaigo euphemism indicating doubtful to louche services payment fee
shitauke sub-contracting now outsourcing the modern word for a quintessentially Japanese practice
shiteitan designated pecuniary trust vehicle enabling portfolio diversification for public sector assets
shiteki private as shiteki seikatsu private life shiteki zaisan private wealth vs koteki
shiteki nenkin Personal Pension Plan plans tiered public eg EPI, corporate eg EPF and personal eg POPI
shizenjin a natural person in civil code jurisdiction rational codification: individuals at law vs hojin cf bukken
shoba place, back slang inversion of basho as shobadai rent (for a market street stall) position cf ingo, moho, yob
shobocho Fire-Defence Agency fire, ambulance and disaster prevention under the one original roof
shobun dispose of, punish as gomi shobun rubbish disposal genju na shobun severe punishment
shodaku assent, compliance as tojisha soho shodaku no ue by mutual consent of the parties
shogai obstacle, impediment as seishin shogaisha mentally handicapped person noshogai brain damaged
shogakko elementary school schoolchildren are ages 6 to 12 compulsory education cf chugakko, koko
shogun generalissimo military dictator nominally subject to authority of Emperor in Kyoto
Shogunate military dictatorship Kamakura 12th-14th Muromachi 14th-16th Tokugawa 17th-19th cent
shohi consumption as shohisha a consumer tairyo shohi shakai the mass consumption society
shohin goods (for sale) as shohin chinretsu goods display kinyu shohin financial products
shohisha kinyu consumer finance covering large number of sins in particular sarakin cf ihaku gendo
shohizei consumption tax (half-way house to EU VAT) EU-style invoice tax audit trail resisted by SMEs cf shokozoku, tax policy
shokan redemption as manki de ganpon shokan redemption of principal on maturity
shoken bills, bonds, securities as shogyo shoken commercial instruments funani shoken bill of lading
shoken gaisha securities company/house LDP protected structure now in terminal decline re TSE trends + Allfinanz
shoken sogo koza Wrap Account introduced as part of Big Bang can be amusingly misspelt Rap Account
shoken toshi shintaku Securities Investment Trusts, SITs divided by licensing into domestic dSITs and equivalent foreign fSITs
shoki early, initial as shokigan early stage cancer meiji no shoki ni in early Meiji
shoko commerce and industry as shoko kumiai chuo kinko Shoko Chukin Bank cf shokozoku
shoko evidence as butteki shoko material evidence jokyo shoko circumstantial evidence
shoko lull, respite, breathing space as tanki kinyu shijo ga shoko jotai the money market is now quiet
shokoron enterprise loans financing of failing small businesses and quasi-fraudulent in intent
shokozoku commerce and industry tribe LDP Diet members interested in commerce and industry issues cf zokugiin
shokuin roku (highly detailed) annual register of staff usefully published by Diamond in public and private company editions
shokuryocho Food Agency still operating the immediate post-War anachronism of rice price support
shokutaku contract employee typically one year renewable employer avoiding welfare costs vs puropa
shometsu extinguishment, extinction as shometsu gaisha non-surviving company (in merger of nominal equals)
shomi kigen ga kireta past consume-by date to have been on the shelf for too long and to be unwanted/unloved (jocular)
Shonan trendy resort area West of Kamakura as shonanboi beach boy shonan nanba Shonan (car registration) number
shorai future (soon-to-come kanji actuality) as chikai shorai the near future toi shorai the distant future vs mirai
shoraizo future image, (desirable) outlook as chihozaisei no shoraizo local government finance the way ahead vs tenbo
shosu kabunushi minority shareholders more than most shareholders set upon without much protection
shotei fixed, stated as shotei no yoshi prescribed form shotei no jikan appointed time
shoten nushi (small) shop owner previously important class now economically sidelined cf kakaku hakai
shotoku income as shotokuzei income tax shotoku satei income assessment
shotorishin Securities Industry Consultative Council kanji abbreviation of shoken torihiki shingikai amakudari slot organisation
Showa brilliant peace era name (1926 - 1989) saw both Manchurian Experiments I and II
shuchu concentrate, focus as shuchu bakugeki saturation bombing shuchu suru to concentrate
shudan means, device as saigo no shudan final resort iho na shudan illegal means
shueki gains, proceeds as shueki kanjo revenue account shuekidaka revenues
shufuren Housewives' Federation important and powerful consumer grouping subject to kakaekomi
shugyo kisoku Rules of Employment in absence of individual contracts a compendium for all employees
shukanshi weekly magazine moonlighting journalists writing the occasional quality expose article
shukei (data) aggregation as shukei suji aggregated figures shukeizumi already fully compiled
shunto Spring struggle high growth era annual strike play-acting and wage round now history
shuryuha mainstream faction factionalisation creates distinctions by origins/specialities vs hanshuryuha
shushin koyosei lifetime employment system basis of sarariman household finances now under great pressure cf risutora
shusho kantei PM's Residence Japanese No 10 Downing Street recently and expensively rebuilt (2002)
shussho release (from a place) as shussho nikkei source Nikkei kari shussho release on parole
shuyo kabunushi leading (top ten) shareholders favoured group of major shareholders key part of anteika taisaku
shuyokoku leading countries as shuyokoku no zaisei jijo fiscal situation of leading countries
shuzeikyoku Tax Bureau (of MoF) brains behind tax policy and NTAA relegated to tax collection
SITMC SIT Management Company investment manager regulatory status now meeting poor demand
SITs Securities Investment Trusts Japanese mutual funds (US) unit trusts (UK) divided into dSITs and fSITs
SMAA Seikyo Mutual Aid Association managing financial products of the seikyo movement marginal in extreme
SMAAPP SMAA Personal Pension scheme personal pension products offered by SMAA marginal in extreme
SME Agency chushokigyocho, Small and Medium Enterprises the agency for the ineffectual but politically necessary protection of SMEs
SMEs Small and Medium (sized) Enterprises Japanese Mittelstand is subjugated to interests of large keiretsu companies
Smithianism founded by Adam Smith (1723 - 1790) individual agents produce macrophenomenal good of whole vs Listianism
(SM/MS)BC Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation borderline with BoTM kachigumi and Mizuho, UFJ, R(e/i)sona makegumi
(SM/MS)FG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group megabank (SM/MS)BC FHC per R(e/i)sona order in romaji/kanamajiri
smokescreen method of avoiding responsibility erroneous arguments change of names reform of responsibilities etc
SNA System of National Accounts UN mandated/IMF imposed national macro-economic statistics system
SNS shinkin bank ATM network approximately 18,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
sochi apparatus, installation as reibo sochi air-conditioning equipment anzen sochi safety device
sochi measure, action as kare ga kyonen komyo na sochi o totta he made a clever move last year
Social Insurance Agency shakaihokencho, SIA handling the nitty gritty of welfare ie SIA/MoHLW as to NTAA/MoF
SOCS trust bank ATM network approximately 1,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
sodai Waseda University large and leading private university in Tokyo founded by Okuma vs keidai
sogai alienation as daigakusei no jiko sogai university student self-alienation
sogo mutuality, reciprocity as sogo ni tasukeau to help each other sogo boeki two-way trade
Sogo failed department store (classic full-set failure) as homan keiei + funshoku kessan + kogin + dongame + ichinin suru
sojo (koka) multiplication/conjoint (effect) as osake to chintsuzai to no sojo saiyo alcohol + analgesics potentiation
Soka Gakkai basic value study group neo-Buddhist sect implicated in a wide range of questionable activities
sokaiya AGM boys yakuza corporate extortion specialists active in AGM protection rackets
sokosoko fair, passable as shohin no sokosoko no suberidashi a reasonable product launch
sokosoko only about as gojuen sokosoko no mono something (costing) just about JPY50
sokuno immediate settlement (of tax liability) as sozokuzei sokuno prompt cash settlement of inheritance tax liability
sokushin promotion, acceleration as keitai shiyo o sokushin suru to accelerate the use of mobile phones
soldes bargain sales fully acculturated exceptional gairaigo vocabulary item cf Makuhari Messe
somi whole body as somi ni satori ga mawaranai no ka still not fully up to speed? (jocular)
somusho Ministry of Public Management often termed zatsumusho Ministry of Everything Else MoEE (ironical)
songai baisho compensation as kotsu jiko no songai baisho seikyu a traffic accident damages claim
sonkin kaikei loss accounting (principles) inconvenient prompt recognition of material losses on assets in accounts
sonkin kanjo (tax allowable) expense accounts as sonkin kanjo keijo posting in the accounts as an expense (item)
sonota other items (not detailed in a listing) often concealing material items extending as far as sonota no sonota
sonota no sonota other other vague final entry to a list showing nomenclative challenge of classification
sonpo casualty insurance kanji abbreviation of songai hoken cf seiho, seisonpo
sonshitsu loss as torikaeshi no mattaku tsukanai sonshitsu a totally irrecoverable loss
sonshitsu hoten loss supplementation/covering (illegal plugging) of client losses post-Bubble cf miuchi, nigiri, tobashi
sontoku losses and profits as sontoku kanjo account of the profits and losses (of an event)
sonzoku surviving, continuing as sonzoku gaisha surviving company in merger of nominal equals
sosebangosei universal player number tax identification number for all tax payers cf juki netto, tax policy
soshisan gross assets as soshisan de sekai ichi largest in the world by gross assets cf Mizuho
soto outside, they/them/theirs, foreign, alien on/kun readings of key conceptualisation antithesis gai/soto vs nai/uchi
soundings discreet investigation of opinion bureaucrats research vested interests at policy junctures cf hiaringu chosa
Sozialmarkt system applied by Ludwig Erhard an explicit description of implicit Japanese system cf Ordoliberalism
sozokuzeiho Inheritance Tax Act tightened under cover of owner-manager succession concessions (2000)
Sparkassen savings bank institutions a German model for keito banking systems cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch
SPCs Special Purpose Companies specialised corporate vehicles for derivative product financial engineering
staff being off direct management line, sutaffu as sutaffu bucho staff general manager (with zero power) vs line
stagflation stagnation + inflation counter intuitive but possible economic conjuncture viz UK in late 1970s
stakeholder value non-Anglo-Saxon corporate governance ex-UK European + East Asian social solidarity model vs shareholder value
Starbucks junk food operator high fat + salt + sugar intake leading to deterioration of Japanese diet
State Shinto form of Shinto created for reasons of State crusading religion for construction of Empire vs Buddhism cf Yasukuni
Stichting civil code public interest entity, foundation Dutch Route endowment vehicle was popular for inheritance tax avoidance
Stiftung civil code public interest entity, foundation German endowment vehicle legal model for zaidanhojin cf Stichting
straightline unconservative depreciation computation tax allowable however useful life determined per Tax Code
suberidashi launch (down the slipway) as suberidashi ni jakkan mondai ga atta (it) was a problematical launch
substance over form common law pattern of legal interpretation broad interpretation of circumstances vs form over substance cf urisenba
suii change, trend as sosenkyo undo no suii the progress of the general election campaign
suijun level, standard as sengo seikatsu suijun no suii trend of living standards post-War
suisancho Fisheries Agency firmly in favour of commercial whaling cf Institute of Cetacean Research
suishin propulsion, drive as suishin kyogikai promotion association suishinryoku (engine) thrust
sukigirai likes and dislikes as sukigirai no hageshii hito a person with strong (food) preferences
sukimu scheme as sukimuappu suru to draft a (financial) vehicle structure cf shikumi
sukiyaki meat and vegetables stewed at the table popular and convenient party dish okonomiyaki shabushabu teppanyaki
sumitomo dwelling friend Sumitomo keiretsu stylised well frame logo moderately used cf mitsui
Sweden classic banking crisis of early 1990s crystallised NPLs 10 GDP per cent and 20 loan book per cent cf Finland
system fatigue (inevitable) accretion of vested interests institutions attract parasites requiring periodic reform therapy cf seido hiro
t third consonant in kstnhmyrw order t cf Hepburn, gojuon
t aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations ta ti (chi) tu (tsu) te to cf Hepburn, gojuon
tabi travel on compounds practical while kun compounds are romantic cf tabibito
tabibito a (questing) traveller kun compound romantic but on compound practical vs ryokoka cf tabi
taiki shoki title of column in Nikkei occasionally very revealing analysis and blunt description of ura actuality
taiki suru to be waiting, be on standby (for a meeting) as taiki meirei an order to be on alert joji taiki constant alert
taio suru to cope (with) as taiki kogai mondai ni taio suru to tackle air pollution problems
taisaku (counter) measure, policy as nezuyoi defure taisaku measures to counter persistent deflation
taisei general trend as kita chosen mondai no taisei the trend of the North Korea problem
taisei regime, system as kyutaisei ancien regime hantaiseiha anti-Establishment faction
Taisho big correctness era name (1912- 1925) nengo adverse economy killed Taisho Democracy
taishoku retirement as taishoku ichijikin (customary) retirement lump sum benefit cf RLS
taiyo nensu useful life (of fixed assets) as zeiseijo no taiyo nensu Tax Code determined period for depreciation
taju multiple as taju hoso multiplexed broadcasting taju saimusha multiple debtor
takuru to snatch, gather as bottakuri gathering in and ripping off (customers) cf Kabukicho
tankan (BoJ) economic survey leading survey of business confidence using diffusion index methodology
tanki kinyu shijo short term money markets business involving close BoJ/tanshi liaison hit by zero interest rate policy
tanpo security, mortgage as mutanpogashi unsecured lending yutanpogashi secured lending
tanshi short term money market and forex etc brokers as tanshi no sekai wa kan to keiken the tanshi are all feel and experience
tanshiki boki single entry (cash basis) bookkeeping so-called ministry accounts from Prussia (1870s) vs fukushiki boki
tataki seared as katsuo tataki seared bonito wagyu tataki seared Japanese beef
tatemae constructed facade the presentational fiction of the hidden agenda vs honne cf omote, ura
tatemono building often quite fancifully named origin of building/bldg/bld in addresses cf biru
tatewari gyosei vertical administration no horizontal co-ordination and a dysfunctional bureaucracy cf paralysis
tax policy MoF tax policy programme 1985 - 2020 1. ring fence Japan, 2. introduce tax PIN, 3. raise tax burden cf juki netto
Tax Transfer (chiho) kofuzei (local government) fiscal equalisation transfers administered by MoPM
TB Trust Bank investment manager regulatory status in decline as result of Allfinanz
tegata note, bill as shiharai tegata bills payable uketori tegata bills receivable
tehon model, exemplar as warui tehon bad example yoi tehon good example cf handobukku
teigaku fixed amount as teigaku shoken baibai tesuryo flat sum equity commission vs teiryo
teikei co-operation, agreement as gyomu teikei commercial agreement shihon teikei equity agreement
teiki fixed term, stated period as teikibin scheduled flight teikiken season ticket teiki kensa routine check
teiko seiryoku forces of resistance, anti-reform forces Establishment system fatigue beneficiaries cf amakudari, kiseichu, zokugiin
teikyo suru to offer, tender, make available as jippi teikyo offered at cost bangumi teikyo programme sponsorship
teiritsu fixed rate as teiritsu shoken baibai tesuryo fixed rate equity commission vs teigaku
teito eidan Imperial Metropolis (Tokyo) undertaking underground railway system managed by the FILP agency TRTA vs toei
teki mark, target, (adverbial) suffix as jikanteki timewise (how long?) kingakuteki moneywise (how much?)
tekiho statutory as tekiho gesuido chiho koeikigyo statutory sewerage LAMEs vs hitekiho
tekikaku eligibility, competency as tekikaku nenkin TQRP kyujin tekikakusha qualified applicant
tekio adaptation, accommodation as tekiosei ga nai lacking adaptability tekio hosen adaptive radiation
tekiya street vendor, stall holder Edo low life with bakuto professional gamblers becoming modern yakuza
temochi in hand, holdings as temochigyoku shares held (securities jargon) cf gyoku, kabuya
tenbo outlook as yuki ieru paneru no tenbo organic EL panel outlook vs shoraizo
tenkan shasai convertible bonds, CBs CHF denominated a fountain of money for all involved 1960s to 1980s
tennosei Imperial System along with BoJ the two largely unimpugned sources of legitimacy in Japan
tenpo shop as tenpo o kamaeru to run a shop tenpo suken several shops
Tenpo Reforms (1841 - 1843) under Mizuno Tadakuni third of three economic reform programmes of Tokugawa Shogunate
tento shijo OTC market TSE third market now given the NASDAQ modelled JASDAQ name
teppanyaki meat and vegetables fried at the table popular and convenient party dish okonomiyaki shabushabu sukiyaki
tesuryo commission as kotei shoken baibai tesuryo haishi abolition of fixed equity commissions
tetsudo kikan railway gauge 2ft 6 light, 3ft 6 JNR/JR, 4ft 6 tram/tram-originated, 4ft 8.5 shinkansen
TFB Trust Fund Bureau, shikin unyobu TFB renamed FILP Fund, zaito shikin, for MoF's FILP Reform 2001/08
tobaku (strictly forbidden) gambling bicycle/horse/lottery/pachinko/soccer/speed boat variously condoned
tobashi causing to fly, hiding losses juggling securities losses between companies with different year-ends
tochi honisei land standard parallelling gold standard justification for excess bank lending cf meishin
todai Tokyo University summit of educational system Law Department Summit of summits
todofuken (all 47) prefectures to (Tokyo-to) do (Hokkai-do) fu (Kyoto-fu, Osaka-fu) and other-ken (43)
todokede registration simple registration process as opposed to approval process cf ninka, fujuri
toei (Tokyo) Metropolis managed underground railway system managed as a Tokyo LAME vs teito eidan
Tohoku Northern part of Honshu remote, quaint and slightly backward with quite distinctive regional dialect
tohokudai Tohoku University one of eight Imperial universities amd well respected for technology
tojisha a concerned person, a concerned party as sosho tojisha party to an action rigai tojisha interested party vs daisansha
Tokai central Honshu on Pacific coast main city Nagoya heavily influenced by Toyota presence cf Chubu
tokei statistics as tokeigakuteki ni ieba statistically speaking tokei nenpo statistics annual
tokkin special pecuniary trust segregation vehicle for portfolio holdings/cross-holdings cf eigyo tokkin
tokkyocho Patent Agency tokyotokkyokyokakyoku Tokyo Patent Approvals Office (tongue twister)
tokubetsu giketsu extra-ordinary resolution proposed to EGM (involving materiality per Commercial Code provisions)
Tokugawa virtue river family name of Edo shogunate 17th cent to 19th cent cf Sekigahara
tokusei specificity, property as kin no tokusei properties of gold kojin no tokusei idiosyncrasies
tokutei specific, defined as tokutei gyoshu designated industries tokutei ryokin special charge
tokuteikyoku privately owned (post) offices (in headman line) wink-and-nod approval of office expenses against LDP votes cf yuseizoku
tokuyaku special contract as tokuyaku sakaba a tied house (serving house alcoholic beverages)
Tokyo Edo renamed Eastern Capital nankyo Southern Capital (Nanking) hokkyo Northern Capital (Peking)
tomeisei transparency as gyosei no tomeisei o takameru to raise the transparency of regulation
tomen for the time being as tomen no taisaku (frequently long maintained) temporary measures
tonza standstill, deadlock as naninani ginko ga tonza shita the So-and-So Bank failed
TOPIX Tokyo (Stock Exchange) Price Index TSE computed fully weighted comprehensive index vs Nikkei Average
Toranomon tiger gate centre for amakudari + patent agents + lawyers + gangsters area of Tokyo
toseiha Control Faction Manchurian Experiment I group with strong planning tendencies vs kodoha
toshi city as toshi keikaku city planning toshi kokka city state toshi ginko city bank
toshi investment as setsubi toshi capex shoken toshi shintaku Securities Investment Trusts
toshiginko then-city banks major commercial banks now in Allfinanz consolidation cf megabank
toshiginko investment bank unrecognised and not a licensed form of financial institution in Japan
toshijigyo kumiai investment partnership civil code jurisdiction Private Equity etc partnerships cf ninidantai
toshin SITs kanji abbreviation of shoken toshi shintaku divided into dSITs and fSITs
toyo Eastern Ocean, Orient as toyojin an Oriental toyo igaku Oriental medicine vs seiyo cf holism
tozai nanboku East/West South/North the compass directions on-compounded or higashi, nishi, minami, kita/kun
TQRPs Tax Qualified Retirement Pensions old corporate sector schemes NTAA remains unwilling regulator by default
tr trillion, 1,000,000,000,000 as itchoen JPY1tr (EUR8bn GBP5bn USD8bn approx at typical rates)
transparency of governance/regulatory process, tomeisei notably absent in Establishment tool kit cf sakinobashi, maladministration
Trinity (of Issues) Local Government reform hurdles programme hurdles: 1. fiscal resources transfer, 2. subsidies, 3. tax transfer
TRTA Teito Rapid Transit Authority Tokyo's larger underground railway a FILP agency to be privatised vs toei
TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE JPY250tr at 10 per cent of total world market JPY2,500tr approx
TSPs Third Sector Projects failing public sector ventures being bundled into private/public partnership
tsuba o tsukeru to put your spit on something to lay down a claim at an early stage in competition with others (figurative)
tsuka currency as kokusai tsuka kikin IMF tsuka boraku currency collapse
tsumori intention, belief as tsumori hazure stymied bijin no tsumori fancying (herself) beautiful
tsushin communications as idotai tsushin mobile communications tsushingyo telecoms industry
tsutatsu notification as kihon tsutatsu (NTAA) tax interpretation guidelines but no legal force
three per cent take for arranging a construction contract alleged Kanemaru Shin concessionary two on JPY1.2tr Aqualine Project
u third vowel in aiueo order pure vowel as in Italian not diphthong as in English cf Hepburn, gojuon
u kstnhmyrw permitted combinations ku su tu (tsu) nu hu (fu) mu yu ru lengthened as uu, uh, u- etc cf Hepburn
uchi inside, we/us/ours, domestic on/kun readings of key conceptualisation antithesis nai/uchi vs gai/soto
uchinanchu our (Okinawan) people, Okinawans Okinawan dialect for our folk against Yamato folk vs yamatonchu cf uchi
UFJ United Financial of Japan Tokai/Toyo Trust/Sanwa megabank nomenclative challenge cf MHHD
ugoki movement as ugoki ga mattaku torenai to have absolutely no room for manoeuvre
ukeru to receive, accept, obtain as uketsugu to inherit uketsuke reception ukemi passive voice
uketomekata (impression) received as uketomekata ga yoi to wa ienai not to be favourably impressed
ukezara saucer, receptacle as ukezara kino function of a sink (for a generally unwanted/excess supply)
unyo use, employment, management as shisan unyo asset management unyo kekka management results
unyo rimawari achieved return life assurer's actual portfolio performance achieved vs yoso rimawari
ura behind, reality of situation awkward truth covered by presentational fiction vs omote cf honne, tatemae
ureru to sell, be in demand as urekko a popular person yoku ureru to be a good seller/in demand
urisenba rent boy bar not intercourse hence not criminal prostitution cf form over substance
v redundant letter v transliterated b irregularly transliterated voiced u to retain v-ness cf Hepburn, gojuon
v aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations not a recognised sound none cf Hepburn, gojuon
VB venture business romaji acronym used as katakana somewhat clumsy parallelling 401(k)
vested interests rights by association providing advantage parasite infestations causing institution system fatigue cf kiseichu, zokugiin
w ninth consonant in kstnhmyrw order w cf Hepburn, gojuon
w aiueo/yayuyo combinations wa wo (only as the postposition wo (o)) cf Hepburn, gojuon
wa women's sentence ending interjection as iku wa (I'm) leaving takai wa surprisingly expensive vs sa
waga my, our as wagakuni Our Country wagamama selfishly wagaken our prefecture
wakimaeru to discriminate, understand, comprehend as wakimaenai jodan a joke inappropriate to one's social status/position
wariate allotment, allocation as wariate shuhasu allocated frequencies shukusha wariate (troop) billeting
Waseda early rice paddy name of university founded by Okuma a rather nondescript area of Tokyo
watakushiritsu privately founded to distinguish from homophonic shiritsu municipally founded cf jubako
Weber Max Weber (1864 - 1920) proponent of bureaucracy as having legitimacy and rationality vs Sartre
Wertpapier securities, yuka shoken (debt etc freely assignable financial instrument) security vs Schuldschein
Wimbledon effect overcome by foreigners All England Lawn Tennis but notable long absence of any local champions
WPI Wholesale Price Index, oroshiuri bukka shisu bureaucrat inertia means constituents lag on actual business behaviour
x redundant letter x transliterated variously initially z medially and finally kusu cf Hepburn, gojuon
x aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations not a recognised sound none cf Hepburn, gojuon
Xavier St Francis Xavier (1506 - 1552) Jesuit missionary active mid-16th cent with notably high opinion of Japan
xenografting inter-species grafting, ishu ishoku with many rejection and cross infection problems (figurative) cf donyu
y seventh consonant in kstnhmyrw order y cf Hepburn, gojuon
y aiueo permitted combinations ya yu yo cf Hepburn, gojuon
Yaesu eight heavy state office location directly opposite Tokyo station East Exit area of Tokyo
yaku doshi critical age (for men) as yonjuni ga otoko no yaku doshi da forty-two is a man's critical age cf eto
yakuza 8 + 9 + 3 (a poor hand of cards/deficient) privatised social coercion police condone to prevent disorganised crime
yama mountain, pile, heap, speculation as yama hodo hoshii really wanting (something) yamakan pure guesswork
Yamaichi Securities major securities firm failed 1997 first failure 1965 second failure had complex background cf MHI
Yamato great peace original Japanese state now the literary and classical name for Japan
yamatonchu (they the) Yamato people, mainlanders Okinawan dialect for Yamato folk not our folk vs uchinanchu cf Yamato
yamawake suru to divide the spoils politicians splitting up the benefits of a budget programme (derogatory)
yami pitch black as issun saki wa yami one step ahead is pitch black (in political life)
yamu o enai unavoidable, force majeure (fuka koryoku) (often engineered/foreseen) events decide a policy decision cf nigemichi
yarase put-up-job, sham bogus TV programmes showing carefully rehearsed scenes as the actuality
Yasukuni enshrinement of war dead in State Shinto fighting religion Yamato Empire against Christian Powers cf izoku no kai
yatoware employed as yatoware gaijin hired foreigners (as technical experts in early Meiji)
yaya little, slightly, in a way as yaya shin ni chikai not far from the truth yaya anzen fairly safe
Yayoi Japanese bronze age (200BC - 200AD) time of introduction of paddy rice agriculture and rapid population growth
yob boy back slang romaji spelling reversal exactly parallelling moho, shoba etc
yobigun army in reserve as jojo yobigun companies in the issue queue (for their IPO market debut)
yoi good, fine (variant of ii) as ikeba yokatta you should have gone itta yokatta it is good that you went
yokin deposit as yokin koza deposit account teiki yokin koza term deposit account
yoko guruma o osu to be difficult/behave badly as kare ga yoko guruma o oshita he managed to upset everything
yoko narabi lining up (by the right) with banking protected all players offered the identical terms cf gososendan
yokyoku anode as tomei na injium suzu yokyoku transparent InSn anode vs inkyoku
yomi reading, judgement, calculation as kare wa soba no yomi ga umai he can read the market trend very well
YONS PSC ATM network approximately 24,000 machines installed throughout Japan cf ATM
yoran manual, survey as kaisha yoran company guide gyokai yoran industry overview
yoron public opinion as yoron chosa public opinion survey (however yo kanji often misread se)
yoroshii keigo term indicating second person as nasaru no wa yoroshiku gozaimasen not appropriate action for you Sir
yosei positive as kankohen no kensa kekka ga yosei a positive cirrhosis test result vs insei
yosei suru to demand, request to be the weaker party/the supplicant asking for something to be done
yoshi OK (familiarly abrupt form of yoi) as yoshi iku zo OK I'll go sore de yoshi I'll take it yoshiyoshi well done!
yoso expectation, forecast as yoso gyoseki forecast results yoso shukakudaka estimated crop yield
yoso rimawari forecast return life assurance actuarially assumed portfolio performance vs unyo rimawari
yotakukin deposit as beikoku yotaku shoken ADR keiyaku yotakukin contract deposit
yoteigaku budgeted cost as yoteigaku ga dangoya ni moreta the budget price got to a fixer cf dango
yoy (same period) year-on-year, zennen(doki)hi the statistical percentage change measurement formulation cf mom, qoq
yubin post, mail as yubinbutsu piece of mail yubin tohyo postal voting yucho postal savings
yucho postal savings, yubin chokin world's largest deposit taker 25,000 branches/JPY250tr approx cf kanpo
yugen gaisha (simplified) limited liability company acronym YK but k of kaisha voiced g in elision modelled on Kommandit
yugen sekinin limited liability goshi gaisha (GK) kabushiki gaisha (KK) yugen gaisha (YK) cf eiri hojin
yuho long form securities report required by FSA within four months of balance sheet date cf kessan tanshin
yuigon will subject to civil code jurisdiction forced rules of succession cf legitime
yuji no sai emergency situation bureaucrat justification trotted out for Forex Act reserve powers etc
yukan evening edition major newspapers all appear in morning and evening editions vs chokan
yukashoken valuable instrument, security modelled on German word and legal concept Wertpapier vs Schuldschein
yuko validity, availability as yuko denatsu effective voltage yuko yubin tohyo valid postal ballot
Yurakucho have pleasure town conveniently located and central office and entertainment area of Tokyo
yuseijigyocho Postal Services Agency, PSA transitional provisions in postal services privatisation as PSC cf yuseikosha
yuseikosha Postal Services Corporation, PSC eventual listing on TSE in a staged privatisation following the NTT model
yuseizoku postal affairs tribe LDP members involved in PSC postmaster vote gathering cf tokuteikyoku
yushi financing, funding as kajo yushi excessive funding yushi joken financing terms
yutangumi U-turn crowd making an eventual return to original region/company/occupation etc
z second consonant in kstnhmyrw order s voiced z cf Hepburn, gojuon
z aiueo/yayuyo permitted combinations za zi (ji) zu ze zo cf Hepburn, gojuon
zaibatsu finance clique, the pre-War cartels family owned and managed: mitsubishi mitsui sumitomo yasuda etc
zaidanhojin civil code public interest entity, foundation was popular vehicle for inheritance tax avoidance cf shadanhojin
zaigen ijo fiscal resources transfer sine qua non of local government reform programme cf bunken, zeigen ijo
zaikei wealth formation employee savings scheme important in 401(k) debate cf kakutei kyoshutsu
zaikeinenkin Zaikei Type Personal Pension ZTPP model in Japanese-style 401(k) product debate cf kakutei kyoshutsu
zaimusho Ministry of Finance okurasho for centuries but covering name change made cf nigemichi
zairyo material, (stock market) news as tsuyoki zairyo bullish news yowaki zairyo bearish news cf shiryo
zaisan fortune, property as ichiokuengurai no zaisan ga aru to be worth around JPY100m
zaiseitoyushi (zaito) Fiscal Investment and Loans Programme, FILP as zaito kaikaku FILP Reform zaito shikin FILP Fund (previously TFB)
zaitech financial technology speculative hype of bubble era now decently forgotten cf okiwasurete iru
zaitokikansai FILP Agency Bonds, FILPABs (corporate-style) bonds issued by FILP agencies en route to privatisation
zaitosai FILP Bonds, FILPBs quasi-JGBs refinancing FILP Fund on model of JNR Settlement I and II
zandaka balance as zenki kara no kurikoshi zandaka balance b/fwd from prior period
zatsumusho Ministry of Everything Else the ragbag ministry MoPM (derogatory) cf MoEXT, Hashimoto Reform
zehi by all means as zehi ikitai (I) definitely want to go zehi sansei definitely in agreement
zehi right and wrong as danjo kyogaku no zehi o tou to consider the suitability of co-education
zei tax, duty as muzei tax free zei futan tax burden zeiritsu tax rate zei taino tax arrears
zeiho Tax Code as zeiho no bappon kaisei thorough-going reform of the Tax Code
zeikin tax as zeikin o nogareru to evade tax zeikin nofu tax liability settlement
zeirishi tax accountant, tax attorney facilitator of tax returns/reporting (in the bureaucrat interest) cf paralegals
zeitaku shisetsu luxury facilities coded reference to tendency of local authorities to construction excesses
zeni arahen We're clean broke (Osaka dialect) MoF's Shiokawa graphically describing Japanese unhappy fiscal outlook
zenkoku All-Japan common compound in titles abbreviated zen cf zenshinkumiren, zenshinren
zenshinkumiren Federation of Shinkumi Banks shinkumi banks national umbrella organisation cf keito, Schulze-Delitzsch
zenshinren Federation of Shinkin Banks shinkin banks national umbrella organisation cf keito, Schulze-Delitzsch
zokaichiku extension/rebuilding of a house housing land is always held and houses are cheaply and nastily rebuilt often
zoku tribe (of those specialising in an activity) as bosozoku speedster gangs maikazoku Sunday/family drivers cf zokugiin
zokugiin LDP parasites infesting ministry budgets etc notably active in MoAFF, MoETI, MoHLW, MoLIT and MoPM affairs
zoshi increase in capital as musho zoshi bonus issue (of shares) wariate zoshi rights issue vs genshi
ZTPP Zaikei Type Personal Pension private sector pension scheme with assets held in zaikei account cf zaikei
Zug Swiss Canton noted for an especially advantageous and flexible corporation tax regime