2018 Abe wins exceptional third three year term as LDP President to provide time to achieve Kishi Objective Two
2015 Abe Cabinet re-interprets Article 9 to achieve Kishi Objective One 'Our own army' an Abe Entourage project
2012 Abe returns as PM and launches a flurry of diplomatic activity as Kishi Objective Three 'Our own diplomacy'
2007 Pension Records Scandal hits Cabinet support ratings and PM Abe incapacitated by ulcerative colitis resigns



Abe Entourage group supporting Abe's return to the premiership policy programme is to achieve the 1952 Kishi Objectives cf Kishi School, SDF
Abe Shinzo 1954 - prior Seiwakai Faction Leader and two time PM driven to achieve the rightist Kishi Objectives of his maternal grandfather Kishi
Rising Tide Abe Cabinet I a rising tide lifts all boats with fiscal benefits Hidenao Nakagawa LDP Secretary General advocated a GDP growth policy
Abenomics Shinzo Abe + economics a portmanteau word a reaction to the Abe Cabinet I policy failure despite its Rising Tide Argument
Pension Records Scandal (ii) Abe Cabinet I promised action without any effect the political momentum for a move to Sweden Pension Model III was not exploited
boeisho Ministry of Defence MoD the old Defence Agency with a new Abe Entourage style name vs boeicho
Small Government Act 2006 detailed provisions for the Takenaka Debt Action Plan Abe Cabinet I MoF Minister interpreted the provisions to mean no action
Takenaka Debt Action Plan a sophisticated mix of Flow + Stock policy measures Flow target accepted but Stock target refused by MoF under Abe Cabinet I

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