1979 Second Oil Crisis delays response to the end of Manchuria II Allfinanz + Tax Policy Reform launch delayed to 1985



Allfinanz universal banking post War German banking model adopted by Japan as was in the mid 1980s
megabank the three large banks formed in Allfinanz Reform Mizuho FG, MUFG and SMFG grouped from the then seven leading banks etc
bancassurance banking + assurance Continental European pattern of universal banking Allfinanz cf Allfinanz
BTMU Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ three bank merger under the MUFG megabank umbrella in Allfinanz Reform
bunrishugi separation principle compartmentalised financial institution regulation continued within Allfinanz
Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank DKB ichikan keiretsu Dai-ichi + Nippon Kangyo merged 1971 and tidied away into Mizuho cf Allfinanz
FHC Financial Holding Company revolutionary umbrella vehicle for universalising megabanks cf Allfinanz
Fuji Bank previously Yasuda Bank fuyo keiretsu DKB, Fuji and IBJ banks and keiretsu tidied away into Mizuho cf Allfinanz
kachigumi winning group successful leaders in any process of change as MUFG in Allfinanz vs makegumi
kokusaku national policy irrefutable justification for bureaucrat fiat viz Allfinanz Reform producing MUFG
MUFG Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group the strongest megabank emerging from Allfinanz Reform vs Mizuho FG, SMFG
nihonban bigguban Japan's Big Bang liberalisations + Allfinanz Reform in pipeline as overstated by PM Hashimoto
sarakin unsecured consumer loans sarariman kinyu problematic business, now better regulated and tidied away in Allfinanz Reform
toshi ginko prior city banks major commercial banks now in Allfinanz consolidation cf megabank
Trust Banks TBs shintaku ginko investment manager regulatory status in decline as result of Allfinanz Reform

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