Consumption Tax raised to 8 pct under MoF's 'Arrow Four' fiscal austerity scheme a sharp brake on Abenomics


Abenomics Mark I Arrow One 'monetary easing' Arrow Two 'fiscal stimulus' and Arrow Three 'structural reform'



Abenomics Arrow I

BoJ Quantitative and Qualitative Easing QQE

easing was launched 2013 to defeat deflation with CPI 2 pct Inflation Targeting

Abenomics Arrow II

fiscal stimulus budgeting to be adopted

the stimulus would help get the economy moving again and defeat deflation

Abenomics Arrow III

structural reform policies through the EFPC

ineffectual reversion to the 1986 Maekawa Report structural reform mantra

Abenomics Arrow IV

the key hidden MoF fiscal austerity schemes

Total Tax Burden to the German level by 2021 and the Swedish level by 2026


Bank of Japan nichigin

perceived legitimacy has been badly damaged by Abenomics Arrow One cf QQE


Consumer Price Index shohisha bukka shisu

the argument of appropriate coverage and weighting exists re Arrow One etc

FILP Reform current status

MoF preservation of bureaucrat turf predominates

not Stock privatisation more a Flow Total Tax Burden push cf Abenomics Arrow IV

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