2017 Abenomics Mark III and a proposed Article 9 Para (iii) recognition of the SDF on a tight amendment timetable
2015 Abe Cabinet re-interprets Article 9 to achieve Kishi Objective One 'Our own army' an Abe Entourage project



Article 9 Paragraph (i) + (ii) the heart of the peace constitution (i) renouncing the sovereign right of war + (ii) no maintenance of armed forces
Kishi Objective I Our own army jishu gunbi kakuritsu undoing Article 9 (i) + (ii) and returning Japan to a Global Power status
SDF Self Defence Force Japan's military force air, land and sea 1954 in flat contradiction to Article 9 (ii) but Kishi Objective One Our own army
Self Defence Force SDF jieitai National Police Reserve 1950 and SDF 1954 but in conflict with Article 9 (ii)

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