Banking Crisis contained under BoJ + FSA co-operation and Takenaka manages the IMF FSAP successfully


Auditors' reservations on banking NPLs reportedly indicated 'inappropriate' by MoF given roll forward scheme


Showa Financial Crisis banking regulation moves from BoJ to MoF and MoF's 'convoy system' launched



banking crisis

resolution cost being 5 GDP percent or more

much FSA study of classic Nordic Two cf Finland, Sweden, sakinobashi

Private Banking

puraibeto bankingu

being guided by NTA into the on shore retail version only cf tax policy, mainanba


universal banking

post War German banking model adopted by Japan as was in the mid 1980s


banking + assurance

Continental European pattern of universal banking Allfinanz cf Allfinanz


classic banking crisis of early 1990s

crystallised NPLs 15 GDP percent and 20 loan book percent cf Sweden


tiered banking system

from 19th cent German co-operative ideas cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch


classic banking crisis of early 1990s

crystallised NPLs 10 GDP percent and 20 loan book percent cf Finland

Aozora Bank

blue skies bank previously Nippon Credit Bank NCB

improbable banking name via Bank of Korea, Nippon Fudosan Bank and NCB

Bank of Tokyo

successor bank to Yokohama Specie Bank

swept up into the now megabank MUFG as the banking arm BTMU


First and Second Regional Banks

kanji abbreviation for second banking tier of regional system members


First Regional Banks Association

works actively to restrict megabank encroachment on regional banking


foreign currency denominated

often problem holding with forex risk, forex settlement and banking complications


High Net Worth Individuals

slightly objectionable acronym for private banking target market individuals


Japan External Trade Organisation

overseas cover for NTA once used to study private banking in Zurich/New York

kyusai gappei

rescue merger

a notably long and established history in regional banking for floundering banks

Mitsui founder

Takatoshi Mitsui 1622 - 1694

revolutionised Edo Period retailing and entered into banking and finance


Raiffeisen style tiered keito umbrella bank

tiered banking levels cf Shinnoren, Nokyo, JA, keito


excessive number of banks

MoF post War protection of banking industry consequence cf gososendan


lending exceeding funding obaron

banking practice in the extreme form of virtually nil funding in Manchuria I Plan


Fishery Co-operative Credit Federation

intermediate umbrella body for a minor keito banking system marginal


Agricultural Co-operative Credit Federation

intermediate umbrella body for important nokyo keito banking system


saving banks

a German model for keito banking systems cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch

yoko narabi

lining up by the right all the same terms

with prior banking protected all players offered the identical terms cf gososendan

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