Abe Cabinet re-interprets Article 9 to achieve Kishi Objective One 'Our own army' an Abe Entourage project


Pension Records Scandal hits Cabinet support ratings and PM Abe incapacitated by ulcerative colitis resigns



Cabinet Legislation Bureau

naikaku hosei kyoku

legal review and bill drafting body available for use by cabinet members

Cabinet Office


policy etc support staff for the newly empowered PM cf Hashimoto Reform

Cabinet Personnel Bureau

politician control of Kasumigaseki naikaku jinjikyoku

launched 2014 for top 600 bureaucrat appointments and problematic cf sontaku

Cabinet Secretariat

naikaku kanbo

as naikaku kanbochokan Chief Cabinet Secretary and the official spokesman

Rising Tide Abe Cabinet I

a rising tide lifts all boats with fiscal benefits

Hidenao Nakagawa LDP Secretary General advocated a GDP growth policy

giin naikakusei

Cabinet in Parliament the parliamentary system

conventionally descrbed as Westminster Democracy vs Washington Democracy


Cabinet Order approved kanamajiri romanisation

system proposed 1885, approved 1937, re-approved 1954 vs hebonshiki

Maekawa Report

commissioned by the Nakasone Cabinet

to plot a course away from the mid 1980s trade friction in a structured fashion

naikaku hosei kyoku

Cabinet Legislation Bureau

established in current form 1962 and named in distinction vs giin hosei kyoku

naikaku kanbo

Cabinet Secretariat

as naikaku kanbochokan Chief Cabinet Secretary and Government Spokesman


Cabinet Office

major revamping for the newly empowered PM following the Hashimoto Reform

Pension Records Scandal (ii)

Abe Cabinet I promised action without any effect

the political momentum for a move to Sweden Pension Model III was not exploited

Pension Reform 2004

a Koizumi Cabinet fudge to cope with the demographics

the slogan was 'making pensions safe for 100 years' and no offer of Sweden III


Cabinet Order

as seirei shitei toshi a designated city fiscal status able to issue LGBs

Takenaka Heizo 1951 -

held several key Koizumi Cabinet ministerial posts

Takenaka Debt Action Plan 2005 - 2020 legislated as Small Government Act


Shinzo Abe + economics a portmanteau word

a reaction to the Abe Cabinet I policy failure despite its Rising Tide Argument


Länder System regional subsidiarity

Koizumi Cabinet failed attempt to promote the consolidation of the prefectures


Economic and Fiscal Policy Committee

keizaizaisei shimonkaigi a Cabinet Office committee largely under MoF control


Economic Planning Agency keizaikikakucho

the Hashimoto Reform put the EPA function into the upgraded Cabinet Office


Economic and Social Research Institute

Cabinet Office agency producing the SNA GDP statistics, GPP statistics etc

FTC Fair Trade Commission

competition regulator kosei torihiki iinkai

a Cabinet Office External Agency for Anti Monopoly Act enforcement purposes

giin hosei kyoku

Upper and Lower House Legislation Bureaux

for the drafting of Private Members' Bills and their amending of Cabinet Bills

Heisei Era

Peace Everywhere era name 1989 - 2019

a classical kanji combination announced by Chief Cabinet Secretary Obuchi

JSP Japan Socialist Party

founded 1945 hard left tinged nihon shakaito

Murayama LDP + JSP Coalition Cabinet strains destroyed the JSP cf SDPJ


Prime Minister

the PM voted by the Lower House nominates a cabinet cf giin naikakusei

SDPJ shaminto

Social Democratic Party of Japan shakai minshuto

remnant from the JSP failure following its Murayama Cabinet policy stress cf JSP

Small Government Act 2006

detailed provisions for the Takenaka Debt Action Plan

Abe Cabinet I MoF Minister interpreted the provisions to mean no action

Takenaka Debt Action Plan

a sophisticated mix of Flow + Stock policy measures

Flow target accepted but Stock target refused by MoF under Abe Cabinet I

Reiwa Era

Beautiful Harmony era name 2019 -

a classical kanji combination announced by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga

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