1990 Credit Bubble 1986 - 1990 punctured by forceful Bundesbank style Mieno MoF activates NPL roll forward
1986 Strong JPY forex impact countered by easy money and launch of the Credit Bubble with massive asset inflation



Credit Bubble rapidly rising asset prices 1986 - 1990 caused by a BoJ monetary easing to counter the 1985 Plaza Accord impacts
EIE Credit Bubble era company Harunori Takahashi managed, LTCB funded and failed cf shinsei ginko
eigyo tokkin securities salesman account of the Credit Bubble period notorious system of unlicensed and illegal fund management cf tokkin
Inagawakai a yakuza group previously active in financial services Susumu Ishii re-oriented business to white collar crime during the Credit Bubble
kajoyushi excessive financing pushing money down a client's throat as the banks in the Credit Bubble

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