1542 Portuguese arrive with firearms and Christianity Spanish/Dutch arrive later warlordism disorders exacerbated



Dutch Route Inheritance Tax avoidance scheme halted in 2000 a DOI scheme with a Netherlands cum Netherlands Antilles structuring cf jusho
rangaku Dutch studies from the Dutch trading post Dejima European developments were followed through Dutch books entering Nagasaki
betsu separate known to all Occidentals in Japan as betsu betsu going Dutch on the bill
contrarian of investment style gyakubari as epitomised by Scottish + Dutch pension asset managers vs momentum
Dejima Island Nagasaki the connection between Edo Japan and the world the Portuguese trading post became Dutch in the closed Edo Japan re religion
jusho (ii) overeseas domicile undemandingly defined prior ease of establishing a favourable domicile greatly restricted cf Dutch Route
Stichting Civil Code public interest entity foundation Dutch endowment vehicle popular for inheritance tax avoidance cf Dutch Route

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