Great East Japan Earthquake a forecast repeat of the Jogan Earthquake 869 Tepco had ignored the forecast


Great Kanto Earthquake and post War depression impacts roll forward by BoJ easy money policy until 1927



earthquake acceleration

ground acceleration generated in ms^-2 units

shindo intensity 1 - 7 with one interval being 10^0.5 and 7 being 1G (= 10ms^-2)

earthquake energy

energy released on the Moment Magnitude scale

new scale replaced Richter with one interval 10^1.5 constant at high magnitudes


measure of energy liberated by earthquake

Moment Magnitude scale not connected to ground acceleration cf shindo


earthquake ground acceleration scale 1 - 7

at specific locations often confused with earthquake energy scale magnitude

JR Central

with the maglev Chuo Shinkansen JPY10tr+ project

a matter of national policy given the Tokai Earthquake probability cf parastatal


Meteorological Agency

Meteorological Office functions + earthquake monitoring and tsunami warnings

Meteorological Agency


has weather forecasting plus earthquake monitoring and tsunami warnings

Richter scale still so termed

the Hanks Kanamori scale Moment Magnitude

energy released by the earthquake measured as the displacement work done

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