1940 Extension of China Invasion into SEA threatens European colonies and creates diplomatic friction with the US



EBC European Business Council representing EU business interests in Japan focused gaiatsu vs ACCJ
Ecu European currency unit the basket, the snake convergence, EMU project etc an Acu model cf Acu, Euro
Azuchi Momoyama Period a final phase of a low level civil war 1573 - 1603 impact of European culture moved Japan from the mediaeval to the early modern
bancassurance banking + assurance Continental European pattern of universal banking Allfinanz cf Allfinanz
gairaigo foreign origin word often from European languages katakana spelling and sometimes euphemisms
rangaku Dutch studies from the Dutch trading post Dejima European developments were followed through Dutch books entering Nagasaki
stakeholder value non Anglo Saxon corporate governance ex UK European + East Asian social solidarity model vs shareholder value

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