1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty and end of Occupation 1952 with a selective undoing of GHQ reforms launched
1947 Cold War GHQ switch from social reform to economic policy and bureaucrats pinpoint key production targets
1943 Joint Operations Act forces trust companies into banks GHQ enforces for 7 major zaibatsu stragglers in 1948



GHQ General MacArthur's General Head Quarters generally used label for Occupation Administration era 1945 - 1952
aristocrats peerage created in Meiji Era for an Upper House peerage abolished and wealth extinguished by GHQ + bureaucrats in alliance
fuyuzei confiscatory wealth tax of late 1940s GHQ + bureaucrats used it to bankrupt the pre War aristocracy cf sozokuzeiho
honcho Big Boss exceptionally surviving in financial English from GHQ era pidgin

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