1936 Nobusuke Kishi transfers to Manchuria and starts drafting a 'Manchuria I Plan' based on a German 1920s Model
1908 Karl Haushofer 1869 - 1946 posted to Tokyo by German Army travels in Asia and his geopolitics influence Japan



Breitspurbahn German 3m super broad gauge railway 1940s diesel electric network plan for the new Europe cf dangan ressha
Cameralism German Mercantilism Kameralwissenschaft objective is state enterprise profits for the Prince cf Alteuropa, Mercantilism
Girozentralen umbrella banks of the German third tier the norinchukin, zenshinkumi, zenshinren etc function cf Schulze-Delitzsch
Länder German states between central and local government key to regional subsidiarity cf doshusei
Pfandbriefe German style covered bonds at one point attracted attention as a legal framework for the LGB market
yugen gaisha modelled on the German GmbH format with the Companies Act 2005 new incorporations ceased as of May 2006
Abenomics Arrow IV the key hidden MoF fiscal austerity schemes Total Tax Burden to the German level by 2021 and the Swedish level by 2026
Allfinanz universal banking post War German banking model adopted by Japan as was in the mid 1980s
doitsuha Deutsche Schule German faction members notably strong as BoJ puropa cf Ordoliberalism, puropa
Farben IG Farben pre War German Mother of all Cartels post War BASF, Bayer, Hoechst
HBG Hypothekenbankgesetz German Mortgage Bank Act 2002 extending Pfandbrief cover to Japan
keito tiered banking system from 19th cent German co-operative ideas cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch
Makuhari Messe exposition site at Makuhari Chiba from die Messe German meaning fair demonstrating the enduring influence
Mitbestimmung co-determination/stakeholder empowerment German corporate governance collective consent vs shareholder value
Raiffeisenbanken agricultural co-operative banks members of German third tier of co-operative banks cf nokyo, Raiffeisen
Sparkassen saving banks a German model for keito banking systems cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch
Stiftung Civil Code public interest entity foundation German endowment vehicle legal model for zaidanhojin cf Stichting
yukashoken valuable instrument security modelled on German word and legal concept Wertpapier vs Schuldschein

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