1998 Hashimoto Reform of central government PM empowerment plus ministries rationalisation effective as of 2001



Hashimoto Reform central government total re-organisation in 2001 also producing clumsy and gargantuan MoEXT, MoHLW, MoLIT, MoPM etc
MoF name change the Hashimoto Reform rationalised the ministries MoF was given the modern name zaimusho Ministry of Financial Affairs cf MoJ
Cabinet Office naikakufu policy etc support staff for the newly empowered PM cf Hashimoto Reform
EPA Economic Planning Agency keizaikikakucho the Hashimoto Reform put the EPA function into the upgraded Cabinet Office
kankyosho Ministry of Environment upgraded from agency to ministry status in Hashimoto Reform process
keizaisangyosho keisansho Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry METI MITI and EPA loss of power via Hashimoto Reform etc a warning to MoF
kokudokotsusho kokkosho Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport Ministries of Construction and Transport became MoLIT cf Hashimoto Reform
MoEE zatsumusho Ministry of Everything Else ironic ragbag ministry MoPM somusho created in the Hashimoto Reform cf sonota
MoEXT Ministry of Education Culture Sports etc etc kanji abbreviated to monkasho a Hashimoto Reform result cf MoEE, PADI
MoPT Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications existed from 1982 - 2001 when it was bundled into MoPM cf Hashimoto Reform
naikakufu Cabinet Office major revamping for the newly empowered PM following the Hashimoto Reform
zatsumusho Ministry of Everything Else the ragbag ministry MoPM derogatory cf MIC, MoEXT, Hashimoto Reform

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