1906 Ito appointed Resident General of Korea Ito assassinated in 1909 Korea formally annexed by Japan in 1910
1881 Okuma vs Ito clash on merits of the British vs Prussian Model and a Prussian constitution promulgated in 1889



Ito Hirobumi Ito 1841 - 1909 Meiji authoritarian promoting the Prussian model against the British vs Okuma
Diet Parliament Imperial Diet of the Prussian Meiji Constitution 1889 with Ito defeating Okuma
fukoku kyohei wealthy country strong army Meiji policy adopted by Hirobumi Ito from Bismarck's Blut und Eisen policy
Okuma Shigenobu Okuma 1838 - 1922 liberal Meiji figure promoted British model against the Prussian vs Ito

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