Abe wins exceptional third three year term as LDP President to provide time to achieve Kishi Objective Two


Abenomics Mark II to counter MoF austerity and to assist achieving Kishi Objective Two 'Our own constitution'


Abe Cabinet re-interprets Article 9 to achieve Kishi Objective One 'Our own army' an Abe Entourage project


Abe returns as PM and launches a flurry of diplomatic activity as Kishi Objective Three 'Our own diplomacy'


Kishi' Manchuria II Plan of co-ordinated post War recovery with minimum resort to forex loans via FILP funding


Manchuria I Plan launched Kishi returns to Japan as Vice Minister Ministry of Commerce then Minister in 1941


Nobusuke Kishi transfers to Manchuria and starts drafting a 'Manchuria I Plan' based on a German 1920s Model



Kishi Nobusuke 1896 - 1987

pre War a toseiha bureaucrat post War a politician

responsible for the Manchuria I + II Plans and the rightist Kishi Objectives

Kishi Objective I

Our own army jishu gunbi kakuritsu

undoing Article 9 (i) + (ii) and returning Japan to a Global Power status

Kishi Objective II

Our own constitution jishu kenpo seitei

an amendment of the text more in line with Japan's perceived national traditions

Kishi Objective III

Our own diplomacy jishu gaiko tenkai

an independent diplomacy exercising a Global Power status on the world stage

Kishi Objectives

Nobusuke Kishi's policy statement made in 1952

Japan Reconstruction League programme to undo the post War US settlement

Kishi School

LDP anti mainstream conservatism

aiming at the Kishi Objectives meaning rightist conservatives vs Yoshida School


LDP Kishi School anti mainstream conservatism

Establishment Faction Seiwakai + Outlier Faction Shikokai + Shisuikai vs shuryu

LDP Faction Seiwakai

Establishment Faction Kishi School

current leader Hiroyuki Hosoda 96 Diet members 23.6 pct 2017

LDP Faction Shikokai

Outlier Faction Kishi School

current leader Taro Aso 60 Diet members 14.7 pct 2017

LDP Faction Shisuikai

Outlier Faction Kishi School

current leader Toshihiro Nikai 44 Diet members 10.8 pct 2017

Abe Entourage

group supporting Abe's return to the premiership

policy programme is to achieve the 1952 Kishi Objectives cf Kishi School, SDF

Abe Shinzo 1954 -

prior Seiwakai Faction Leader and two time PM

driven to achieve the rightist Kishi Objectives of his maternal grandfather Kishi


Self Defence Agency in Roppongi

Kishi Objective One Our own army created the Ministry of Defence in Ichigaya

Manchuria I Plan

forced industrialisation on Germany + USSR Model

Nobusuke Kishi drafted the Manchuria Five Year Plan 1939 - 1943 cf toseiha

SDF Self Defence Force

Japan's military force air, land and sea 1954

in flat contradiction to Article 9 (ii) but Kishi Objective One Our own army

Yoshida School

LDP mainstream conservatism

accepting the US post War settlement centrist conservatives vs Kishi School

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