BoJ squeezes the monetary base to close off the Koizumi Mini Bubble but with deflationary consequences



Koizumi Junichiro 1942 -

reformist PM 2001 - 2006 JP privatisation etc

also pushed Takenaka/Takahashi work on their Flow + Stock debt reduction plan

Koizumi Mini Bubble

BoJ monetary easing led to a buoyant economy

the BoJ money supply squeeze from March 2006 led to deflationary pressures

Pension Reform 2004

a Koizumi Cabinet fudge to cope with the demographics

the slogan was 'making pensions safe for 100 years' and no offer of Sweden III

Takenaka Heizo 1951 -

held several key Koizumi Cabinet ministerial posts

Takenaka Debt Action Plan 2005 - 2020 legislated as Small Government Act


Länder System regional subsidiarity

Koizumi Cabinet failed attempt to promote the consolidation of the prefectures

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