1906 Ito appointed Resident General of Korea Ito assassinated in 1909 Korea formally annexed by Japan in 1910
1905 Railway concession in Manchuria leads to trade penetration weakly independent Korea occupied piecemeal
1904 War with Russia over Korea defeat of Russia Treaty of Portsmouth 1905 limited concessions received
1894 War with China over Korea defeat of China Treaty of Shimonoseki 1895 Korea independent Taiwan ceded
538 Buddhism enters Japan from Baekje one of the three Kingdoms of Korea launching Asuka Period 592 - 710



nissen Japan/pre War Korea sen kanji abbreviation meaning brilliant fresh indicating pre War Korea
nitcho Japan/North Korea cho kanji abbreviation meaning morning indicating North Korea
Niigata major city on Japan Sea coast important centre for traffic with North Korea and Russian Far East by air/sea
nikkan Japan/Korea kan kanji meaning South Korea using rare radical tanned leather cf Nelson
taisei general trend as kita chosen mondai no taisei the trend of the North Korea problem

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