2018 Abe wins exceptional third three year term as LDP President to provide time to achieve Kishi Objective Two
2009 Three short term LDP PMs and a string of problems leads to General Election 2009 with a landslide to the DPJ
1993 LDP loses Lower House majority and the unwieldy 8 party Hosokawa Coalition Cabinet launched but quickly fails
1991 Kiichi Miyazawa ineffectually draws attention to the NPL problem at the LDP Karuizawa Summer Conference



LDP Liberal Democratic Party jiyuminshuto jiminto post War Establishment party and the nexus of vested interests cf jiminto, zokugiin
LDP Faction Heiseikai Establishment Faction Yoshida School current leader Wataru Takeshita 54 Diet members 13.3 pct 2017
LDP Faction Kinmiraikai New Radical Faction no applicable school current leader Nobuteru Ishihara 12 Diet members 2.9 pct 2017
LDP Faction Kochikai Establishment Faction Yoshida School current leader Fumio Kishida 44 Diet members 10.8 pct 2017
LDP Faction muhabatsu no faction independents no applicable school no leader 77 Diet members 18.9 pct 2017
LDP Faction Seiwakai Establishment Faction Kishi School current leader Hiroyuki Hosoda 96 Diet members 23.6 pct 2017
LDP Faction Shikokai Outlier Faction Kishi School current leader Taro Aso 60 Diet members 14.7 pct 2017
LDP Faction Shisuikai Outlier Faction Kishi School current leader Toshihiro Nikai 44 Diet members 10.8 pct 2017
LDP Faction Suigetsukai New Radical Faction no applicable school current leader Shigeru Ishiba 20 Diet members 4.9 pct 2017
boryu LDP Kishi School anti mainstream conservatism Establishment Faction Seiwakai + Outlier Faction Shikokai + Shisuikai vs shuryu
habatsu LDP party political faction a policy group or clique with the leader seeking the LDP Presidency
keiseikai LDP protofaction formed by Noboru Takeshita effective hijacking of Tanaka Faction important political event in the 1980s
Kishi School LDP anti mainstream conservatism aiming at the Kishi Objectives meaning rightist conservatives vs Yoshida School
shuryu LDP Yoshida School mainstream conservatism Establishment Factions Heiseikai + Kochikai vs boryu, Seiwakai
smoking regulation (ii) LDP concerned about tobacco farmers and tax revenues restricted in unenclosed spaces and a battle between MoF and MoHLW
Yoshida School LDP mainstream conservatism accepting the US post War settlement centrist conservatives vs Kishi School
zokugiin LDP parasites infesting ministry budgets etc notably active in MoAFF, METI, MoHLW, MoLIT and MoPM affairs
dokkenya construction boys construction interests around MoLIT + LDP derogatory cf dango, zokugiin
don boss leader strongman as kensetsuzoku no don the kingpin of the LDP construction vested interest
factionalism solidarity splintering into factional groups tendency of LDP etc splitting into habatsu vs fusion cf atomisation
izoku no kai War Bereaved Association pension benefits and support for the Yasukuni Shrine against votes for the LDP
jieigyosha enterprise owner manager sole trader benefiting from favourable tax regime concessions and voting for the LDP
jiminto Liberal Democratic Party LDP as has so often been said to be neither liberal nor democratic nor a party
JMA Japan Medical Association doctors seeking health care budget benefits against support for LDP
JSP Japan Socialist Party founded 1945 hard left tinged nihon shakaito Murayama LDP + JSP Coalition Cabinet strains destroyed the JSP cf SDPJ
kensetsuzoku construction tribe LDP members involved in construction budget issues cf three percent
koseizoku welfare tribe LDP members involved in health and social welfare budget issues cf JMA
norinzoku agriculture and forestry tribe LDP members concerned with agriculture, forestry and fisheries policies/budget
PKO Price Keeping Operation pressure from LDP on FILP System to support TSE share prices at one point
Rising Tide Abe Cabinet I a rising tide lifts all boats with fiscal benefits Hidenao Nakagawa LDP Secretary General advocated a GDP growth policy
shokozoku commerce and industry tribe LDP Diet members interested in commerce and industry issues cf zokugiin
tokutei yubinkyoku privately owned post offices in the headman line wink and nod approval of office expenses against LDP votes cf yuseizoku
yuseizoku postal affairs tribe LDP members involved in JP postmaster vote gathering cf tokutei yubinkyoku

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