1987 'Wall of Japanese Money' hits overseas markets creating loose bank lending and a wave of frenetic M&A



adobaiza advisor M&A advisor retained by one party to the M&A transaction only vs arenja
anteika taisaku share register stabilisation measures reduce free float of equity so avoiding the confusion of M&A activity
arenja arranger conflicted M&A deal go between ill prepared to close the deal vs adobaiza
assen good offices traditional settlement of a matter as a go between origin of M&A arenja
baishu acquisition corruption A of M&A also a well developed political activity with negative connotations
jigyo shokei SME enterprise succession introducing management and inheritance tax problems a source of M&A demand
RECOF REsearch COnsulting Firm independent M&A boutique originating from the Yamaichi M&A Department

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