1936 Nobusuke Kishi transfers to Manchuria and starts drafting a 'Manchuria I Plan' based on a German 1920s Model
1881 Okuma vs Ito clash on merits of the British vs Prussian Model and a Prussian constitution promulgated in 1889
1798 Toshiaki Honda publishes 'Secret Proposals on Political Economy' Japan should copy the English Trade Model
645 Great Reform 'taika' elevates Yamato kings to emperors on a centralising Chinese 'Decree of Heaven' model



Manchuria I Plan forced industrialisation on Germany + USSR Model Nobusuke Kishi drafted the Manchuria Five Year Plan 1939 - 1943 cf toseiha
Mizuho FG other megabanks followed HSBC four letter model scrappy three way origin has led to its serial cases of nomenclative challenge
railway gauge (vi) nationalisation was on the Prussian Model in 1906 without budget a regauging did not occur until the very different Shinkansen
Swedish Pension Models Model I 1913 Model II 1946 Model III 1999 WPI renamed Employee Pension Insurance moves to Model II in the 1960s cf EPI
tehon model exemplar as warui tehon bad example, yoi tehon good example vs handobukku
Allfinanz universal banking post War German banking model adopted by Japan as was in the mid 1980s
Ecu European currency unit the basket, the snake convergence, EMU project etc an Acu model cf Acu, Euro
IAI Independent Administrative Institute UK public agency model for FILP Reform process cf dokuritsu gyosei hojin
Ito Hirobumi Ito 1841 - 1909 Meiji authoritarian promoting the Prussian model against the British vs Okuma
keitai denwa mobile phone cell phone often Galapagos model without a smart phone touch screen vs sumaho cf garake
Okuma Shigenobu Okuma 1838 - 1922 liberal Meiji figure promoted British model against the Prussian vs Ito cf garake
Pension Records Scandal (ii) Abe Cabinet I promised action without any effect the political momentum for a move to Sweden Pension Model III was not exploited
Sparkassen saving banks a German model for keito banking systems cf Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch
stakeholder value non Anglo Saxon corporate governance ex UK European + East Asian social solidarity model vs shareholder value cf garake
Stiftung Civil Code public interest entity foundation German endowment vehicle legal model for zaidanhojin cf Stichting
TFB (i) 1885 - 1942 Trust Fund Bureau shikin unyobu originally set up on UK Post Office Model to manage PO Savings in bonds
yuseikosha Postal Services Corporation PSC listed as Japan Post in a staged privatisation following the NTT model cf NTT
zaikeinenkin Zaikei Type Personal Pension ZTPP model in Japanese-style 401(k) product debate cf kakutei kyoshutsu

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