784 Emperor Kanmu moves seat from Nara to Nagaokakyo for river transport but floods lead to a move to Kyoto 794
710 Heijokyo (Nara) seat of the Emperor is closely modelled on the Tang Dynasty Chang'an Nara Period 710 - 794
c 250 Local monarchies compete reducing down to the Yamato court in Nara during the Kofun Period c 250 - c 650



Nara Period Nara or Heijokyo seat of the Emperor 710 - 784 seat moved to Kyoto 794 while the shogunates were established elsewhere
Kinki area around Kyoto + Nara current but very old and classical name for original Yamato heartland area
MoF okurasho MoF's original name Great Storehouse Ministry the fiscal function dates back to the Nara Period and the 8th century or earlier

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