2012 Abe returns as PM and launches a flurry of diplomatic activity as Kishi Objective Three 'Our own diplomacy'
2010 DPJ prove incompetent in government with three short term PMs voted out of office in General Election 2012
2009 Three short term LDP PMs and a string of problems leads to General Election 2009 with a landslide to the DPJ
2007 Pension Records Scandal hits Cabinet support ratings and PM Abe incapacitated by ulcerative colitis resigns
1998 Hashimoto Reform of central government PM empowerment plus ministries rationalisation effective as of 2001
1973 First Oil Crisis Manchuria II Plan ends PM Tanaka's 'Remodelling Japan' infrastructure construction burden



PM Prime Minister the PM voted by the Lower House nominates a cabinet cf giin naikakusei

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