1881 Okuma vs Ito clash on merits of the British vs Prussian Model and a Prussian constitution promulgated in 1889



railway gauge (vi) nationalisation was on the Prussian Model in 1906 without budget a regauging did not occur until the very different Shinkansen
Bismarck Prince Otto von Bismarck 1815 - 1898 author of late 19th century Prussian sociopolitics strongly influencing Japan
Diet Parliament Imperial Diet of the Prussian Meiji Constitution 1889 with Ito defeating Okuma
Ito Hirobumi Ito 1841 - 1909 Meiji authoritarian promoting the Prussian model against the British vs Okuma
Kanai Noburu Kanai 1865 - 1933 todai professor introducing many things Prussian cf Listianism, shiso zendo
Kulturkampf Bismarck's culture conflict 1870 - 1878 infallibility dogma of Pius IX 1870 in conflict with Prussian political hegemony
Okuma Shigenobu Okuma 1838 - 1922 liberal Meiji figure promoted British model against the Prussian vs Ito
Schulze-Delitzsch Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch 1808 - 1883 Prussian nationalist politician promoted co-operative movement legislation

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