1996 Jusen Scandal Government injects JPY0.7tr to recapitalise the 'nokyo keito' banks amid a wave of criticism



Pension Records Scandal (i) 50m plus contributions without beneficiaries recorded a failed integration of faulty computerised databases led to the 2007 Scandal
Pension Records Scandal (ii) Abe Cabinet I promised action without any effect the political momentum for a move to Sweden Pension Model III was not exploited
MoF prestige the Ministry of Ministries at the Kasumigaseki apex the prosaic name was accepted given a scandal and popular criticism cf mofutan
mofutan MoF tanto person responsible for MoF liaison appointed MoF liaison staff invited inevitable abuse and a scandal arose cf roran
sanmen kiji third page article inner last page from days of single folded broadsheet page for scandal and NTA pressuring
zaimusho Ministry of Finance okurasho for centuries but a scandal covering name change made cf nigemichi

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