1997 Hokutaku failure LGB market concerns 1998 and Sapporo City makes an IR presentation in Tokyo 1999
1908 Karl Haushofer 1869 - 1946 posted to Tokyo by German Army travels in Asia and his geopolitics influence Japan
1867 Tokugawa Bakufu in collapse Meiji Restoration staged by modernising samurai Edo renamed Tokyo 1868



Tokyo Edo renamed Eastern Capital nankyo Southern Capital Nanking, hokkyo Northern Capital Peking
Bank of Tokyo successor bank to Yokohama Specie Bank swept up into the now megabank MUFG as the banking arm BTMU
Tokyo Metro KK a FILP tokuho special public corporation Tokyo underground a FILP Agency supposed to be privatised vs toei chikatetsu
Tokyo University tokyo daigaku todai one of the seven pre War Japanese Imperial Universities cf Establishment
BTMU Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ three bank merger under the MUFG megabank umbrella in Allfinanz Reform
Chiba prefecture East of Tokyo socially fairly mixed residential, industrial and rural area with Narita Airport
Edo a shogunate capital of Japan renamed Tokyo third shogunate location period and name for 17th cent to 19th cent Edo Period
Hakone town 100km West of Tokyo location of Edo Period internal travel passport control barrier cf sekisho
Kamakura town 50km South of Tokyo place name of first shogunate 12th cent to 14th cent a major tourist destination
Kanagawa prefecture due South of Tokyo residential and light industry region with an exceptionally high level of HNWIs
Nikkei 225 Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section Share Index Nikkei computed price weighted not market capitalisation weighted vs TOPIX
Nikko mountain resort North of Tokyo easily accessible by train from Ueno site of Ieyasu Tokugawa mausoleum
NTIAC New Tokyo International Airport Corp known as Narita except to MoLIT as nomenclative challenge cf KIAC
Saitama prefecture North of Tokyo as dassai datsu/out of + sai(tama)) naff or Essex boy and girl
smoking regulation (i) an embarrassment ahead of the Tokyo Olympics still largely unrestricted in enclosed spaces cf maladministration, seido hiro
todai Tokyo University summit of educational system Law Department Summit of all summits
toei chikatetsu Tokyo Metropolis managed underground railway underground railway system managed as a Tokyo LAME vs Tokyo Metro
TOPIX Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section Share Index market capitalisation weighted not price weighted computation vs Nikkei 225
toritsu founded ritsu by to Tokyo Metropolis tokyoto thus todofuken prefecturally founded cf doritsu, furitsu, kenritsu, todofuken
Akasaka red slope quality entertainment now also a popular office location an area in Tokyo
Akihabara Autumn leaf field centre for discounted electrical products and components an area in Tokyo
Aoyama blue hill attractive and quiet quality residential, fashion and shopping an area in Tokyo
Azabu linen cloth now with the Oedo and Nanboku lines quality central residential an area in Tokyo
dewa then so in that case I will go Goodbye a postposition combination in Tokyo dialect dewa spoken ja goodbye familiar
Ebisu God of Plenty also inner Tokyo location and a Kirin brand name from the brewery site name
Enarques Ecole Nationale d'Administration ENA graduates French structure parallel to Tokyo University todai law department graduates
Ginza silver market central entertainment area in Tokyo and also other major conurbations
Harajuku Spring inn trendy high fashion boutiques popular among the young an area of Tokyo
Hibiya sun compare valley known for Hibiya Public Hall + Hibiya Auditorium in Hibiya Park an area of Tokyo
Hiroo wide tail embassies and quality housing popular with expatriates an area of Tokyo
Honshu main island of Japanese archipelago key population axis was Osaka to Tokyo is now Fukuoka to Sendai
honto really Tokyo dialect usage really? do you mean that? cf honma
Ikebukuro pond bag terminal station for somewhat rough unfavoured suburbs an area of Tokyo
Kabukicho kabuki township dangerously disreputable/no artistic pretension an area of Tokyo cf bottakuri
Kamiyacho god valley town originally nondescript inexpensive now a foreign office location an area in Tokyo
Kanda god field popular cheap office location for Japanese professionals an area in Tokyo
Kasumigaseki mist barrier central government office location the Japanese Whitehall an area of Tokyo
Mita three fields slightly nondescript location of Keio University an area of Tokyo
musen wireless as musen todai radio beacon, Tokyo Musen a large radio taxi company
Nihonbashi Japan bridge datum point for all national distances old commercial quarter an area of Tokyo
Otemachi big hand town financial centre and original main gate of Shogun's castle an area in Tokyo
Patent Agency tokkyocho tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku Tokyo Patent Approvals Bureau a tongue twister
railways as for Germany a key element of industrialisation Tokyo Yokohama line 1872 was a demonstration of industrialisation benefits
Roppongi six trees previously quality now increasingly louche entertainment an area of Tokyo
Shinjuku new inn louche entertainment history temporarily suppressed in 1718 an area of Tokyo
tokkyocho Patent Agency tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku Tokyo Patent Approvals Bureau a tongue twister
Toranomon tiger gate centre for amakudari + patent agents + lawyers + yakuza an area of Tokyo
Yaesu eight important state office location directly opposite Tokyo Station East Exit an area of Tokyo
Yurakucho have pleasure town conveniently located and central office and entertainment an area of Tokyo

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