Railway concession in Manchuria leads to trade penetration weakly independent Korea occupied piecemeal


Toshiaki Honda publishes 'Secret Proposals on Political Economy' Japan should copy the English Trade Model


Foreign trade restricted to Nagasaki, country closed sakoku daimyo made subject to control by 'alternate residence'



Fair Trade Commission

FTC kosei torihiki iinkai

occasionally slaps wrists for yet another price fixing performance cf dango

FTC Fair Trade Commission

competition regulator kosei torihiki iinkai

a Cabinet Office External Agency for Anti Monopoly Act enforcement purposes


Foreign Trade and Forex Act

maintaining information control for tax policy and forex emergency purposes


trade journal

banking, pharmaceuticals, securities etc industry newspaper mildly derogatory


Japan External Trade Organisation

overseas cover for NTA once used to study private banking in Zurich/New York

keizaisangyosho keisansho

Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry METI

MITI and EPA loss of power via Hashimoto Reform etc a warning to MoF

kosei torihiki iinkai

Fair Trade Commission

rote regulation and slaps wrists for the common run of price fixing cf dango

METI keisansho

Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry

MITI/METI switch meant a major loss of power offering a strong warning to MoF


sharing trade name

Edo Period paying off apprentices with trade name a distant form of MBOs


a generalised globalisation impact on employment

absolute advantage of trade hollowing out employment cf globalisation, pato


those in the particular business

as gyoshakan torihiki dealing between those in the trade mildly derogatory


port city of South Hokkaido

major entrepot for the old Russia trade extremely attractive townscape


Japan Agricultural Standard

a well used pattern of non tariff trade barriers for barrier sake cf JIS


Japan Industrial Standard

well used pattern of non tariff trade barriers for barrier's sake cf JAS, PDC


Japan Securities Dealers Association

securities houses trade association launched the OTC market 1963 cf JASDAQ

Maekawa Report

commissioned by the Nakasone Cabinet

to plot a course away from the mid 1980s trade friction in a structured fashion


immediately post feudal economics

objective is a surplus in external trade for the Prince as wealth vs Cameralism


Japan Federation of Bar Associations

all Japan trade association with a progressive orientation founded in 1948


and in legalese

as gaikoku kawase oyobi gaikoku boekiho Foreign Exchange and Trade Act


mutuality reciprocity

as sogo ni tasukeau to help each other, sogo boeki mutual trade

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