2004 Trust Business Act amendment re-introduces trust company incorporation after the 61 year gap since 1943
1943 Joint Operations Act forces trust companies into banks GHQ enforces for 7 major zaibatsu stragglers in 1948
1921 Trust Act + Trust Business Act to regulate trust business 488 trust companies quickly reduced to 27 by 1922
1900 Despite being a civil code jurisdiction IBJ Act includes trust business first legal use of term 'shintaku' or trust



Trust Banks TBs shintaku ginko investment manager regulatory status in decline as result of Allfinanz Reform
Trust Fund Bureau the prior MoF TFB okurasho shikin unyobu the original source of FILP funding now the FILP Fund cf TFB, zaito kikin
shadanhojin Civil Code public interest entity trust legal and regulatory framework reformed to prevent tax etc abuse cf zaidanhojin
shikin unyobu Trust Fund Bureau created in 1885 renamed FILP Fund, zaito kikin, on launch of FILP Reform Phase II in 2001
shintaku trust application is made of trusts despite being a Civil Code jurisdiction
TFB (i) 1885 - 1942 Trust Fund Bureau shikin unyobu originally set up on UK Post Office Model to manage PO Savings in bonds
tokkin special pecuniary trust segregation vehicle for portfolio holdings/cross-holdings cf eigyo tokkin
FILP Reform Phase II 2001 - 2008 preparatory action stage TFB becomes FILPF and trust deposit roll overs disintermediated with FILPBs
kessai settlement of accounts translation confusion very occasionally with settei settlement of a trust
kikin fund Civil Code jurisdiction under special provisions and not a simple trust structure
miuchi relatives in the family when of clients special trust exists cannot cause losses cf sonshitsu hoten
settei fixing settling as fudosan shintaku o settei suru to settle a property trust
shisan unyo asset management licensed managers are cf Life Assurers, Trust Banks, IACs I, SITMCs

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