Abe Cabinet re-interprets Article 9 to achieve Kishi Objective One 'Our own army' an Abe Entourage project


Karl Haushofer 1869 - 1946 posted to Tokyo by German Army travels in Asia and his geopolitics influence Japan



fukoku kyohei

wealthy country strong army

Meiji policy adopted by Hirobumi Ito from Bismarck's Blut und Eisen policy

Kishi Objective I

Our own army jishu gunbi kakuritsu

undoing Article 9 (i) + (ii) and returning Japan to a Global Power status


army in reserve

as jojo yobigun companies in the issue queue for their IPO market debut


Self Defence Agency in Roppongi

Kishi Objective One Our own army created the Ministry of Defence in Ichigaya

railway gauge (iv)

the job lot decided the first major line as 3ft 6 in 1872

the army wanted a regauging to 4ft 8.5 for capacity and promoted nationalisation

SDF Self Defence Force

Japan's military force air, land and sea 1954

in flat contradiction to Article 9 (ii) but Kishi Objective One Our own army

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