1787 Sadanobu Matsudaira launches Kansei Reform of national economy creation of a professional bureaucracy



bureaucracy government by functionaries per Weber desirable rule bound form but per Sartre virtually paralysed form
impotence bureaucracy means a hierarchic serialisation those serialised become impotent and finally exhibit paralysis cf Sartre
misregulation dysfunctional bureaucracy vested interests create bizarre transitional provisions cf smoking regulation
gyosei shido administrative guidance alegal pressure by bureaucracy towards certain policy goals cf guidance
kochokka rigidification paralysis as shigo kochokka rigor mortis hence description of bureaucracy ironical
Sartre Jean-Paul Sartre 1905 - 1980 bureaucracy as exhibiting seriality, impotence and paralysis vs Weber
tatewari gyosei vertically segregated administration no horizontal co-ordination and a dysfunctional bureaucracy cf paralysis
Weber Max Weber 1864 - 1920 proponent of bureaucracy as having legitimacy and rationality vs Sartre

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