1984 Ex MoF bureaucrat Sumita appointed BoJ Governor notably replaced by the BoJ puropa Mieno in late 1989



bureaucrat inertia alienation classic Sartrian seriality non praxis in inert field of action hence impotence and paralysis vs Weber
FILP Reform current status MoF preservation of bureaucrat turf predominates not Stock privatisation more a Flow Total Tax Burden push cf Abenomics Arrow IV
guidance bureaucrat control unwanted guidance given verbally/indirectly so avoiding responsibility cf goshido
kanson minpi bureaucrat respect people despise Chinese Mandarinate thinking that government officials are everything
Kishi Nobusuke 1896 - 1987 pre War a toseiha bureaucrat post War a politician responsible for the Manchuria I + II Plans and the rightist Kishi Objectives
microregulation bureaucrat form over substance detail etc busy regulating for job security but always avoiding any final responsibility
nigemichi escape route bureaucrat evasion routine usefully shedding light on extent of problem and the responsibility involved
paralysis bureaucrat end state in Sartrian analysis alienated non praxis in inert field of action cf seriality, impotence, kochokka
atomisation of responsibility tendency to creation of an anarchic mess of bureaucrat fiefs cf factionalism
benrishi patent agent patent attorney facilitator of patent applications in bureaucrat interest cf professionals
Cabinet Personnel Bureau politician control of Kasumigaseki naikaku jinjikyoku launched 2014 for top 600 bureaucrat appointments and problematic cf sontaku
chosahi study costs small budget to launch and establish bureaucrat momentum for a pet project
fujuri non acceptance bureaucrat refusal by non acceptance of a nevertheless valid application
gaiatsu foreign pressure foreign pressure applied or exploited to break bureaucrat paralysis cf Sartre
hyogikai council conference advisory body suitably chosen and guided to support bureaucrat policy
kokusaku national policy irrefutable justification for bureaucrat fiat viz Allfinanz Reform producing MUFG
kyogikai council form of government consultative body often to rubber stamp bureaucrat policy
MAAPI Mutual Aid Association Pension Insurance bureaucrat pension schemes now being co-ordinated cf koteki nenkin ichigenka
mokunin silent approval bureaucrat implicit acceptance but with explicit responsibility avoided
nogare escape evasion as kancho no sekinin nogare bureaucrat responsibility evasion cf nigemichi
obfuscation intentionally confusing the issues standard bureaucrat misinformation uttered with perfect aplomb and confidence
rekkishugi principle of cataloguing everything bureaucrat microregulation penchant for specific listings vs basuketto joko
seriality structured impotence in inert field of action alienated impotence of bureaucrat superiors and subordinates cf Sartre
shihoshoshi legal agent judicial scrivener facilitator of legal applications procedures in the bureaucrat interest cf paralegals
yuji no sai emergency situation bureaucrat justification trotted out for Forex Act reserve powers etc
zeirishi Certified Tax Accountant CTA facilitator of tax returns/reporting in the bureaucrat interest cf paralegals

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