1947 Cold War GHQ switch from social reform to economic policy and bureaucrats pinpoint key production targets



alienation of bureaucrats estrangement Entfremdung sogai Sartrian non praxis in inert field of action cf seriality, impotence, paralysis
bureaucratese the language of the bureaucrats Kasumigaseki artificial language of obfuscation cf kasumigaseki bunpo
maladministration short cuts made by bureaucrats generally taking the form of robbing Peter to pay Paul cf sakinobashi
amakudari descent from heaven provision of padded post retirement jobs to bureaucrats etc cf seido hiro
aristocrats peerage created in Meiji Era for an Upper House peerage abolished and wealth extinguished by GHQ + bureaucrats in alliance
fuyuzei confiscatory wealth tax of late 1940s GHQ + bureaucrats used it to bankrupt the pre War aristocracy cf sozokuzeiho
goshido your honourable guidance intrusive alegal control by the bureaucrats ironic term cf maladministration
hiaringu chosa study of informed opinion bureaucrats ask for industry opinion at a major policy juncture by interview
sontaku acting on another's perceived intention bureaucrats dependent on politicians for advancement promote their policies
soundings discreet investigation of opinion bureaucrats research vested interests at policy junctures cf hiaringu chosa

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