First Oil Crisis Manchuria II Plan ends PM Tanaka's 'Remodelling Japan' infrastructure construction burden




construction boys

construction interests around MoLIT + LDP derogatory cf dango, zokugiin


construction tribe

LDP members involved in construction budget issues cf three percent


structure construction

as tatemono wa kozojo kekkan ga aru the building has structural defects

three pct

reported take for arranging a construction contract

alleged Shin Kanemaru concessionary two on the JPY1.2tr Aqualine Project

anzen daiichi

safety first

large sign to be seen on all construction sites in green on white lettering


boss leader strongman

as kensetsuzoku no don the kingpin of the LDP construction vested interest

kokudokotsusho kokkosho

Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport

Ministries of Construction and Transport became MoLIT cf Hashimoto Reform


public works expenditure PWE

lifeblood of LDP, of construction industry and of regional economies


preparation additional

as seibi shinkansen additional Shinkansen lines flavour of construction excess

State Shinto

created for reasons of Empire abolished in 1945

crusading religion for construction of Empire vs Buddhism cf Yasukuni

zeitaku shisetsu

luxury facilities

coded reference to tendency of local authorities to construction excesses

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