1997 Hokutaku failure LGB market concerns 1998 and Sapporo City makes an IR presentation in Tokyo 1999



Mizuho IT Fiasco IT systems integration failure April 2002 IT Head promised in March omune mondai nashi things largely OK cf paralysis
Sogo department store in classic full set failure 2000 the full set menu cf funshoku kessan, homan keiei, ichinin suru, kogin keiretsu
tonza standstill deadlock failure as naninani ginko ga tonza shita the So and So Bank failed
Abenomics Shinzo Abe + economics a portmanteau word a reaction to the Abe Cabinet I policy failure despite its Rising Tide Argument
gakumen kingaku supposed par value of a share considered fundamental so P/P an indicator in failure of quoted companies
homan keiei reckless management general reason given for any well anticipated business failure cf Sogo
SDPJ shaminto Social Democratic Party of Japan shakai minshuto remnant from the JSP failure following its Murayama Cabinet policy stress cf JSP
Yamaichi Securities major securities firm failed in 1997 first failure 1965 and second failure had a complex background cf MHI, tobashi

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