1986 Strong JPY forex impact countered by easy money and launch of the Credit Bubble with massive asset inflation
1985 Plaza Accord depreciation of USD to regulate the forex instability launched by the Nixon Shock of August 1971
1952 Kishi' Manchuria II Plan of co-ordinated post War recovery with minimum resort to forex loans via FILP funding



forex foreign exchange nicely parallelling Japanese jubako abbreviation gaitame cf gaitameshin
gaitame shijo forex market under Big Bang largely shifted to money centre foreign banks cf gaigin
gaitameho Foreign Trade and Forex Act maintaining information control for tax policy and forex emergency purposes
gaitameshin Duties and Forex Consultative Council MoF advisory committee responsible for deep long term policy cf Acu
tanshi short term money market and forex etc brokers as tanshi no sekai wa kan to keiken the tanshi are all feel and experience
Acu Asian currency unit East Asian single currency excluding investment etc forex risk cf Euro, Ecu
gaikadate foreign currency denominated often problem holding with forex risk, forex settlement and banking complications
gaikoku kawase foreign exchange as jubako abbreviation gaitame forex, gaitame soba forex market cf kawase
GGBs Government Guaranteed Bonds seifu hoshosai class of bonds issued by FILP agencies frequently the forex tranches
jitsuju gensoku real demand principle prior requirement that forex dealing had to be for bona fide exim etc purposes
jubako yomi nest of boxes pronunciation ju/on hako/kun kanji reading mixing on and kun as gaitame forex parallel to television in English
kanri control supervision as gaitame kanri forex control, keiei kanri management control
kawase exchange forex term used for analogous domestic bill/promissory note settlement business
kikinzoku precious metals closely defined as means of payment under so called liberalised Forex Act
konran confusion as gaitame shijo konran no kiwamari the height of forex market confusion
Manchuria II Plan FILP programme for Japan's post War reconstruction FILP Budgets from 1953 funded infrastructure capex with minimal forex loans
ochitsuita to have settled down as gaitame soba ga ochitsuita the forex market has steadied
shingikai council inquiry as gaikoku kawase shingikai Duties and Forex Consultative Council cf gaitameshin
yuji no sai emergency situation bureaucrat justification trotted out for Forex Act reserve powers etc

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