1955 Economic recovery + export led growth via Manchuria II Plan under GATT termed an 'economic miracle'
1926 Showa Era 1926 - 1989 Enlightened Peace crisis, disaster, rapid growth and then 'economic miracle' prosperity
c 300 BC Paddy rice techniques of the Yayoi Culture create a population growth largely displacing the Jomon Culture



boomlet small boom 1990s freak growth under PM Hashimoto killed by a Consumption Tax increase
Edo Period the Tokugawa Shogunate 1603 - 1868 a strict social order and a closed country gave peace + limited economic growth
keizai economy as keizai jijo economic conditions, keizai seicho economic growth
Rising Tide Abe Cabinet I a rising tide lifts all boats with fiscal benefits Hidenao Nakagawa LDP Secretary General advocated a GDP growth policy
shunto Spring struggle high growth era annual strike play acting and wage round now history
Yayoi Period iron age approximately 1,000 BC - 250 AD time of introduction of paddy rice agriculture and rapid population growth

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