maladministration short cuts made by bureaucrats generally taking the form of robbing Peter to pay Paul cf sakinobashi
FSAP Japan IMF Financial System Assessment Programme highly unwelcome FSA competency audit cf Article IV, maladministration
goshido your honourable guidance intrusive alegal control by the bureaucrats ironic term cf maladministration
gyosai gyosei compartmentalised administration system of rigidified bureaucratic regulation cf paralysis, maladministration
hozei shonin ginko corporation tax approved banks maladministration for corporation tax revenue smoothing cf gososendan
reform therapy for system fatigue diseased institutions coping with untransparency, maladministration and parasites cf noyaki, seido hiro
sakinobashi roll forward as furyosaiken no sakinobashi NPL roll forward cf maladministration
transparency of governance/regulatory process tomeisei notably absent in Establishment tool kit cf sakinobashi, maladministration

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