Hashimoto Reform of central government PM empowerment plus ministries rationalisation effective as of 2001



MoF name change

the Hashimoto Reform rationalised the ministries

MoF was given the modern name zaimusho Ministry of Financial Affairs cf MoJ

MoF prestige

the Ministry of Ministries at the Kasumigaseki apex

the prosaic name was accepted given a scandal and popular criticism cf mofutan

kokudokotsusho kokkosho

Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport

Ministries of Construction and Transport became MoLIT cf Hashimoto Reform

koseirodosho korosho

Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare

two low ranking ministries MoHW + MoL amalgamated cf MoHLW


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

English name echoes the pre War naimusho and teishinsho ministries cf MoPM

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