Showa Financial Crisis banking regulation moves from BoJ to MoF and MoF's 'convoy system' launched



smoking regulation (i)

an embarrassment ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

still largely unrestricted in enclosed spaces cf maladministration, seido hiro

smoking regulation (ii)

LDP concerned about tobacco farmers and tax revenues

restricted in unenclosed spaces and a battle between MoF and MoHLW


regulation intervention

as beika chosetsu rice price support, chosetsuki engine governor vs konran

Convoy System

MoF regulation of the banks from 1927

with the slowest banks breaking even the fastest banks did extremely well


regulation control

regulations number tens of thousand a bureaucrat's paradise cf kisei kanwa

kisei chosei

regulation adjustment reregulation

more correct term for deregulation/liberalisation cf kisei kanwa, jiyuka

kisei kanwa

regulation relaxation translated variously

misleadingly liberalisation quite incorrectly deregulation cf kisei chosei

reputational risk

risk in untransparent regulation

bureaucratic fiat regulation represents serious risk for foreign entrants

basuketto joko

basket provision a cover all clause

Anglo Saxon financial regulation trend example in Japan vs rekkishugi

Big Bang I

UK financial services deregulation

Japan financial services regulation adjustment cf seido hiro, reform


separation principle

compartmentalised financial institution regulation continued within Allfinanz


industry boundary industry sectionalisation

something to be overcome for efficiency to be maintained for regulation

gyosai gyosei

compartmentalised administration

system of rigidified bureaucratic regulation cf paralysis, maladministration


government administration

regulation by mandarinate achieving its benefit avoiding its responsibility


Money Lending Act

part of problematic regulation of consumer finance and sarakin cf gurezon

kosei torihiki iinkai

Fair Trade Commission

rote regulation and slaps wrists for the common run of price fixing cf dango


dysfunctional bureaucracy

vested interests create bizarre transitional provisions cf smoking regulation



as gyosei no tomeisei o takameru to raise the transparency of regulation

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