c 300 BC Paddy rice techniques of the Yayoi Culture create a population growth largely displacing the Jomon Culture
c 1,000 BC Influx of Yayoi agriculturists from the continent starts with paddy rice techniques later being introduced c 300 BC



Mizuho mizuho no kuni land of vigorous rice plants archaic kanji compound hiragana used cf nomenclative challenge
motorways a motorway to every rice paddy! satirical rural versus urban + military railway budget dispute revisited cf railway gauge
railway gauge (v) a railway to every rice paddy! satirical 2ft 6/3ft 6 or 4ft 8.5 rural versus urban + military conflict over railway budget
Waseda University Waseda a place name early rice paddies a technical college founded in 1882 it acquired university status in 1902
chosetsu regulation intervention as beika chosetsu rice price support, chosetsuki engine governor vs konran
kukaku seiri plot adjustment re-organisation of rice paddies for irrigation purposes or town planning related
nichibei Japan/US bei kanji abbreviation meaning rice and also read me indicating US or a'me'rika
sashimi pierce body thinly sliced premium quality raw fish if served on vinegar rice sushi cf maneita
Yayoi Period iron age approximately 1,000 BC - 250 AD time of introduction of paddy rice agriculture and rapid population growth

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