seido hiro

institutional system fatigue

paradigm parallelling kinzoku hiro metal fatigue cf maneita, noyaki

institutional fatigue

modelled on metal fatigue seido hiro

institutions accrete vested interests, see budget bloating and need reform


descent from heaven

provision of padded post retirement jobs to bureaucrats etc cf seido hiro

chiho kosha

Local Authority Public Corporations LAPCs

problematic housing provision, land development, toll roads etc cf seido hiro


fuji per kunreishiki romanisation

a leading example of nomenclative challenge and decisional paralysis cf seido hiro


Local Authority Public Corporations

problematic provision of housing, industrial estates and toll roads cf seido hiro


character in Dickens' David Copperfield

relentless optimism problems will be solved/may be postponed cf seido hiro

MoFA gaimusho

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

termed by Makiko Tanaka abode of devils cf fukumaden, seido hiro


annual field burning clearing out of parasites

dealing with accumulated vested interests etc by reform figurative cf seido hiro

parasite infestation

institutions gather vested interest parasites

peculiar concept of institutional fatigue + reform cycle cf noyaki, seido hiro


therapy for system fatigue diseased institutions

coping with untransparency, maladministration and parasites cf noyaki, seido hiro

smoking regulation (i)

an embarrassment ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

still largely unrestricted in enclosed spaces cf maladministration, seido hiro

system fatigue

inevitable accretion of vested interests

institutions attract parasites requiring periodic reform therapy cf seido hiro

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